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  • Specializing in bulk hemp cannabinoids, available globally. CoFounder & CEO of PurIsoLabs LLC, & Rave Exoticsjoins the Texas Hemp Show with Russell to discuss market trends and his business as Texas continues to grow in thealternative hemp products space nationwide.:35 mins.Also Available on
  • John from Looper came in to talk with us about the California based brand and confided about how Texas is definitely one of their biggest markets and how the partnership with Raj  Shetty of AWS Wholesale has been instrumental in their success here in the Lone Star State. “ We will be back to Texas' […]
  • AWS 2nd Annual Trade Show: Brands & Retailers compete for raffle with prizes and Slingshot up for Grabs.This past November the Texas Hemp Reporter magazine was invited out to the AWS Annual Trader show for vendors and retailers.We hosted our podcasts # 151 & 152 on site at the event where we spoke with brand owners […]

Cannabis Law News

  • by Sean Hocking
    NPR Oregon JUANA SUMMERS, HOST: Marijuana is now legal in some form in most states, but it is still illegal to transport it across state lines. As a result, several states are facing an unusual problem – too much marijuana. Amanda Aronczyk of our Planet Money team looks at how one entrepreneur and his lawyer […]
  • by Sean Hocking
    Green Market Report The judge also ruled that the agency may carry a surplus from cannabis-related income. Florida regulators’ decision to increase the medical marijuana business permit fee to $1.33 million is completely legal and within the state’s authority, a judge ruled this week. The lawsuit, filed by Sanctuary Cannabis, came to naught when Administrative Law Judge […]


  • by HempToday®
    Japan’s House of Representatives has signed off on an amendment that would loosen up rules for hemp while tightening regulation of marijuana. Central to the amendment is a provision that … Changes in Japan likely to limit cannabinoid production to medical hemp only Read More »
  • by HempToday®
    Maryland consumers will remain at risk from unregulated and potentially dangerous psychoactive hemp products after the state’s Supreme Court declined to review a lower court’s injunction. The state high court decision … Court decision leaves hemp-derived THC products on sale in Maryland Read More »

RSS Project CBD

  • Dr. Andrew Weil on Cannabis and Integrative Medicine November 11, 2023
    An Interview by Naoko Miki of Green Zone Japan, a Project CBD affiliate, which was screened at CannaCon 2023 in Tokyo. The post Dr. Andrew Weil on Cannabis and Integrative Medicine appeared first on Project CBD.
  • The Cannabis Cancer Connection October 26, 2023
    How THC, CBD, and other cannabis compounds kill cancer. The post The Cannabis Cancer Connection appeared first on Project CBD.
  • From MMJ to Special K September 12, 2023
    Federal cannabis patient uses ketamine to escape from the Land of Pain. The post From MMJ to Special K appeared first on Project CBD.
  • Memo to Congress: Fix the Farm Bill August 24, 2023
    Ideas for fixing the Farm Bill and advancing a robust CBD market that prioritizes public safety. The post Memo to Congress: Fix the Farm Bill appeared first on Project CBD.