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David Downs

What’s legal, where to buy it, what to smoke, and […]

David Downs

Including Dunkz, Moon Valley Cannabis, and Humo. The post Leafly […]

Leafly Staff

Fast Buds autoflower seeds are well on their way to […]

Cannabis Law Report

Sean Hocking

I suppose they have minted so much money they might […]

Sean Hocking

A Pierre-based smoke shop that sells hemp related products is […]

Sean Hocking

The Des Moines Register reports A group of Iowa hemp […]

Cannabis Industry Journal

Devon West

In the realm of consumer safety, minimum standards form a critical […]

Devon West

Cannabis Industry Journal had a quick call with Ryan Chaffin, Director […]

High Times

A.J. Herrington

An investigation has revealed the presence of potentially dangerous pesticides […]

Nicole Potter

House Bill 563 contains 17 pages of restrictions on hemp-derived […]

Nicole Potter

Following strong public comments from local cannabis advocates and patients […]


Harrison Bard

Ever wonder what makes a perfect puff? As cannabis culture […]

TG Branfalt

A Texas district court judge last week dismissed a lawsuit […]

TG Branfalt

New Yorkers are buying 50% more cannabis than the national […]

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Clip from Episode #166 of the Texas Hemp Show Podcast this week with Cody Sandone from Elevated Trading Co.
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