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The Difference between Hemp Gummies & CBD

In the recent years, there has been observed an upsurge in the demand for CBD products. This increase in demand is primarily because of increase in awareness about the CBD benefits. CBD, the acronym for cannabidiol is highly beneficial for relieving stress, anxiety, pain, soreness, etc. CBD is a product of hemp and can be termed as the sister of marijuana.

However, the content of THC in CBD is very less. THC is the substance that gives you the feeling of ‘high’. In CBD, its content is restricted to .3%. this makes CBD very safe for consumption. If you intend to explore CBD, you must consider buying from JUST CBD. It is USA based online store, which is the market leader of CBD.

JUST CBD offers a wide range of CBD products ranging from gomitas de CBD to CBD vapes, tinctures, oils and creams. If you are looking for a safe source of CBD, you must ensure that the company is transparent in its approach. JUST CBD gets its products tested in third-party laboratories, which make them reliable and safe for use.

CBD Gummies Vs Hemp Gummies

CBD gummies are sweet gummies that contain CBD in them. These gummies offer the tase of gummies and the health benefits of CBD. The two types of CBD gummies are full-spectrum gummies and broad-spectrum gummies. The full spectrum gummies contain traces of THC however, the broad-spectrum CBD contains no trace of THC.

The broad-spectrum CBD has all the beneficial phytochemicals and the full spectrum CBD gummies contain phytochemicals as well as terpenes and cannabinoids. Hemp gummies on the other hand have no content of CBD. Instead, they contain fatty acids and those vitamins that the hemp seed oil features.

Effects of CBD Vs Hemp Gummies

The major benefits of CBD gummies include:

1- Mood upliftment – CBD is significantly impactful when it comes to dealing with anxiety and stress.

2- Increased focus – CBD is reported to increase the focus of individuals. This is the reason for high demand for CBD in people who are required to focus for long duration.

3- Relief from pain – CBD comes with anti-inflammatory properties. This allows the consumers to get relief from pain and soreness.

Now, the benefits of Hemp gummies are:

1- Better digestion – hemp gummies are impactful when it comes to improving your digestive health. They reduce gut inflammation and thus increase your gut efficacy. Those who suffer from chronic gut disorders are recommended to consume hemp gummies.

2- Reduction in inflammation – as discussed earlier, hemp gummies have anti-inflammatory properties. Hemp oil has omega-3 fatty acids. These compounds reduce inflammation in the body.

3- Pain relief – hemp gummies are also known to abate bodily pain and discomfort.


Do not be confused between hemp and CBD gummies, you must first introspect your need. The choice of gummy must be driven by your expectation from the gummy product. If you want to reduce anxiety and pain, always consume CBD gummies.

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