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Your Step-by-Step Guide to Launching a Successful CBD/Smoke Shop in Texas

Starting a CBD/Smoke Shop in Texas can be a rewarding business venture, especially with the growing acceptance and legal status of hemp-derived products. This comprehensive guide is designed to help you navigate through the initial setup process, from obtaining the necessary licenses to stocking …

Beverage Challenge Coming Soon

The 2nd Annual Texas THC Challenge is coming up this May and Texas Hemp Reporter is gathering all the beverages and preparing to launch the  blind-taste challenge on Saturday April 20th. We will be accepting ad-space for these beverages companies through April 26th .

The New Hemp Industry Landscape; More than Moving Pounds

From Texas to Maine, California to Florida, it’s nearly impossible to walk into a retail, grocery, or convenience store without seeing a THC-infused beverage, hemp-derived gummies, or CBD oil.   What was once known as modern-day snake oil, CBD, and hemp in general, is here to stay. In today’…

Exploring the Lone Star State’s Green Frontier of Texas Hemp Farms, by Grace Gonzales

As the cultivation of hemp continues to grow, Texas is emerging as a frontier for innovation in the hemp industry.  With the legalization of hemp cultivation in Texas, there has been a rapid expansion of the industry which includes a surge of curiosity among consumers, entrepreneurs, and enthusia…

Meet Elevated Trading

Meet Cody Sandone, Founder & CEO of Elevated Trading Why did you get into the hemp industry?   In 2019, I was introduced to the industry by a family friend, and we invested in a large outdoor farm in Southern Oregon. I was expecting a capital return, but the farmer was having trouble sel…

 The Rise of Texas-Made THC Beverages

Welcome to the frontier of refreshment, where the spirit of Texas meets the innovation of hemp-derived THC beverages. Across the Lone Star State, a revolution is brewing, one tantalizing sip at a time. From the rolling hills of Dripping Springs to the bustling streets of Austin, Texans are embrac…

Anthocyanins: Nature’s Antioxidant is Also Found in Hemp

Texas A&M Student MJ Clay Takes a Closer Look at This Pigment-Producing Compound   By Rachel Nelson   College is a place where students prepare for future careers while transitioning into full-blown adulthood. For MJ Clay, it’s a time to conduct groundbreaking hemp research and help…

Legal Maverick Adam Reposa

  In the vibrant city of Austin, Texas, where the boundaries of legal interpretations and personal freedoms often blur, Adam Reposa stands out as a figure of defiant clarity. Known for his unyielding and audacious presence in the courtroom, Reposa has navigated the legal system’s intricacie…

“Reggae Under the Stars”: A Rhythmic Journey in the Heart of Texas

This May, the serene landscapes of Texas will sway to the soulful rhythms of reggae music as the “Reggae Under the Stars” festival makes its much-anticipated return. Nestled near the tranquil waters of Canyon Lake, this 4-day, 3-night camping extravaganza, scheduled from May 16-19, 20…

Up in Texas: Cheech & Chong’s Cannabis Co.

Get ready to light up your humor because Cheech & Chong are rolling into the Lone Star State blazing with: Cheech & Chong’s Cannabis Co. Brands! This dynamic duo has been sparking joy and laughter for decades, and now they’re taking their high times to a whole new level, expan…

420 Anniversary for Go Green Botanicals Inbox

Elevate Your 4/20 with Go Green Botanicals’ 6th Anniversary Party at Faust Brewery! Join us for an electrifying 4/20 celebration at Faust Brewery this April 20th, from 4:20 PM to 10:00 PM. Go Green Botanical’s is marking its 6th year with a bang, featuring legendary performances, celebrity …

Bayou City Hemp Co. Beverages in 2024

The Texas beverage scene is buzzing more than ever in 2024, thanks to an exhilarating wave of THC and CBD-infused drinks that promise not just refreshment but a novel sensory experience. Leading this vibrant surge are innovative Texas-based brands like HOWDY, 8th Wonder, and Beach Break. Each bra…

SXSW Outlaw Party: Championing Cannabis Justice with Art, Music, and Advocacy

Austin, TX – The SXSW Outlaw Party, a beacon of hope and activism in the heart of Austin, is set for March 12th at Pour Choices Bar, from 8 PM to 2 AM. This event, proudly presented by Cheech & Chong’s Cannabis and Dreamz Cannabis Investments, invites attendees to a night dedicated to c…

2024 Counter Culture Awards

Bahama Mama & Ropeace: Redefining Excellence in the Counter Culture Industry with Best Retailer in the Central USA Award   In an era where the counter culture industry is burgeoning, with new brands and stores popping up at every corner, standing out from the crowd is no small feat. Yet,…

Innovative Dispensary by Freeway Ricky Ross

As the United States progresses with cannabis legalization, a transformative wave is reshaping perceptions and uses of this plant. Despite federal hesitations, state-level advancements are paving the way for a renewed understanding of cannabis, emphasizing its medicinal benefits and reducing long…

Cannabis Meets Fine Dining

Chef Tavis Petersen Tours the U.S. Serving Infused Dinners at Luxury Air BnBs Travis Petersen was a long-time professional in the oil and gas industry when his love of the culinary arts led him to sign up for a show called Masterchef Canada. He appeared in two episodes in 2016. “I had fun with th…


David Downs
America’s hottest cannabis of 420 ’24

Including Blue Lobster, Toad Venom, and Banana Zoap. The post […]

Leafly Staff

California’s cannabis market is renowned for its quality and innovation, […]

Leafly Staff

As Massachusetts continues to flourish as a hub for premium […]

Cannabis Law Report

Sean Hocking

The Alabama Political Reporter In a lengthy new filing, a […]

Sean Hocking

A cannabis grower jailed after killing and dissolving a friend […]

Cannabis Industry Journal

Devon West

On average, cannabis operators are visited one to two times each […]

Devon West

History of GMPs and why it’s important for the cannabis and […]

High Times

Keegan Williams

Advocates in North Dakota are taking another stab at recreational […]

Thomas Edward

Good news for Sonoma County growers. The post California County […]

A.J. Herrington

A group of doctors advocating for drug policy reform is […]


Graham Abbott

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear (D) announced on Thursday that officials […]

Graham Abbott

Local officials in Bavaria — the southern German state that […]

TG Branfalt

Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey (D) on Tuesday awarded 50 grants […]