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Heather Fazio talk to Texas Hemp Reporter

Interview with Heather Fazio of Texans for Responsible Marijuana Policy by Sana v’Ritzvah TEXAS HEMP REPORTER: Heather what occurred in the Texas Legislature in May? HEATHER:Texas...

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  • Amazing: Psychedelics & Phantom Limb Pain July 26, 2021
    Scientists are studying the therapeutic potential of psilocybin, the magic mushroom compound, for severe phantom limb pain.
  • Cannabis & Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome July 21, 2021
    Cannabis is a safe and effective way to manage the complex symptoms of ehlers-danlos syndrome, a painful connective tissue disorder.
  • Mexico: High Court Decriminalizes Cannabis July 14, 2021
    The Mexican Supreme Court has decriminaized cannabis for personal use, but this may have little impact on Mexico’s murderous drug war.
  • Marijuana and the Mexican Revolution July 13, 2021
    The tumultuous Mexican Revolution catalyzed the emergence of marijuana smoking in early twentieth-century America as hundreds of thousands of migrants fled to the U.S. Southwest in search of safety and work.

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