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2024 Counter Culture Awards

Bahama Mama & Ropeace: Redefining Excellence in the Counter
Culture Industry with Best Retailer in the Central USA Award


In an era where the counter culture industry is burgeoning, with new brands and stores
popping up at every corner, standing out from the crowd is no small feat. Yet, Bahama
Mama & Ropeace CBD Wellness has done just that. Established in 2020 by a
management team with a combined 25+ years of retail experience, it quickly rose to
prominence, expanding to 65+ locations by the end of 2023. This rapid growth and
commitment to excellence culminated in a significant accolade at the beginning of 2024:
Bahama Mama / Ropeace was awarded Best Retailer in the Central USA at the Counter Culture Awards, held during the CHAMPS trade show in Las Vegas on February 14th.


The Counter Culture Awards are known for recognizing the best in the industry—those
who push the boundaries, innovate, provide exceptional service to their customers and
contribute to the betterment of the industry. Winning such a prestigious award is a
testament to Bahama Mama & Ropeace dedication to creating an unparalleled
shopping experience. Unlike typical smoke shops & CBD retailers, Bahama Mama &
Ropeace prides itself on creating a luxurious, product-rich environment that puts
customers first. This customer-eccentric approach, combined with a constant curation of
the highest-quality products and knowledge-based sales approach, has set Bahama
Mama & Ropeace apart in the competitive landscape of counter culture retail.
What makes Bahama Mama / Ropeace victory at the Counter Culture Awards even
more remarkable is the company’s history. In just three years, Bahama Mama, which
started in Houston has not only expanded its footprint across multiple cities (with
Ropeace launching in Austin in 2021) but has also created a strong, family-like
relationship with all vendors across every vertical of its supply chain. The keen attention
to detail on their execution has created a “customer-first” company culture that is
embodied by even the most junior staff members who have successfully retained this
culture as it scaled over the past three years.



For those in Houston, Austin and Dallas looking to experience what makes Bahama
Mama /  Ropeace the Best Retailer in the Central USA the options are plentiful. With
several locations in and around the city, customers can easily find a store near them.
For those in Austin, Ropeace locations are found on both sides of the river. Each
location is designed to offer a unique shopping experience that reflects the brands
commitment to luxury and quality. Whether you’re a connoisseur of the counter culture lifestyle or new to the scene, Bahama Mama /  Ropeace knowledgeable staff and wide
range of products ensure that every visit is both educational and enjoyable.

Bahama Mama & Ropeace victory at the Counter Culture Awards is not just a win for
the brand but a win for the industry at large. It signifies a shift towards more customer-
focused, experience-driven retail environments in the counter culture market. As
Bahama Mama / Ropeace continue to grow and evolve, it sets new standards for what
consumers can expect from their retail experiences. The award for Best Retailer in the
Central USA is just the beginning for Bahama Mama & Ropeace brand, and the industry will undoubtedly be watching what they do next with great interest.

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