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Lawsuit Dismissal: A Major Win for Texas Cannabis Industry

In a landmark decision, a Travis County judge has dismissed the lawsuit filed by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton against Austin’s progressive marijuana decriminalization ordinance. This ruling represents a significant victory for the cannabis industry, signaling a potential shift towards more lenient cannabis policies and enhanced local control across Texas.


The lawsuit, brought forward by Paxton’s office, sought to invalidate Austin’s 2020 ordinance, which decriminalized the possession of small amounts of marijuana. The ordinance, which received overwhelming support from Austin voters, prioritizes law enforcement resources away from low-level marijuana offenses. It prohibits city funds from being used to test substances suspected to be marijuana, effectively reducing the enforcement of possession laws.

District Judge Jan Soifer’s ruling emphasized that Paxton’s office did not have the authority to challenge the ordinance, stating that the power to enforce state laws lies with local prosecutors. This decision upholds the autonomy of cities like Austin to establish their own cannabis policies, reflecting the desires of their residents.


The dismissal of this lawsuit is a game-changer for the Texas cannabis industry, carrying several key implications:

Enhanced Local Control

The ruling empowers local governments to enact cannabis policies that align with the values of their communities. This could pave the way for more Texas cities to adopt decriminalization measures, fostering a more favorable environment for cannabis businesses.


Market Expansion

With reduced enforcement of minor marijuana offenses, consumer interest in cannabis products is likely to rise. This presents an opportunity for the cannabis industry to expand its market, driving innovation and growth.


Regulatory Clarity

The decision may prompt state legislators to reconcile state and local cannabis laws, providing clearer guidelines for the industry. This legal clarity can help businesses navigate the regulatory landscape more effectively.


Advocacy Success

The success of Austin’s ordinance underscores the power of advocacy and community engagement in shaping cannabis policy. It demonstrates that concerted efforts by industry stakeholders and voters can lead to significant policy changes.


Economic Benefits

As decriminalization and regulation of cannabis gain traction, the economic potential for the industry increases. This could result in job creation, investment opportunities, and the development of new businesses within the cannabis sector.


The dismissal of Paxton’s lawsuit is a monumental win for the cannabis industry, marking a shift towards more progressive and locally-driven cannabis policies in Texas. This ruling sets a precedent for other municipalities to follow suit, potentially leading to widespread decriminalization and a more robust cannabis market.


For the Texas cannabis industry, this decision represents a new era of opportunity and growth. By continuing to advocate for sensible policies and supporting local initiatives, industry stakeholders can help shape a more favorable legal and regulatory environment.


As Texas navigates the evolving cannabis landscape, the cannabis community must remain engaged and proactive. This victory is a testament to the power of collective action and the potential for positive change within the industry.


Alternative Products Expo: Houston June 20-22

Introducing the best industry event for smoke shop professionals.

Texas Hemp Reporter invites you to Alternative Products Expo!

This June 20th at Houston’s George R. Brown Convention Center, experience a 3-day gathering of the best from the world of Hemp, Vape, CBD, Kratom and everything smoke shops

Whether you’re a smoke shop owner, product manufacturer, distributor, retailer or even just a curious enthusiast, everyone can be part of this once-a-year event bringing the world of alternative products to the people of Houston

Texas Hemp Reporter has partnered with Alternative Products Expo to offer our listeners complimentary entrance passes to this year’s Houston event.

Visit, and for a limited time, use code TEXASHEMP on checkout to claim your complimentary tickets!

Alternative Products Expo Miami Show Marks a New Era of Industry Success

Miami, FL – The latest installment of the Alternative Products Expo, held from March 14-16, 2024, at the vibrant Mana Wynwood Convention Center, has once again set a benchmark in the smoke shop and alternative products industry. This year’s Miami show, a spectacle of innovation and networking, wrapped up with unprecedented success, drawing in an eclectic mix of vendors, buyers, and industry enthusiasts from across the globe and beyond, thanks to the innovative flight voucher program provided by AltPro.

As the first significant industry event of the year, the Alternative Products Expo in Miami showcased a myriad of breakthrough products and technologies, setting a strong pace for the industry’s direction in 2024. With over 300 exhibitors and thousands of industry attendees, the expo has not only exceeded expectations but has also amplified the buzz surrounding the potential of alternative products in the mainstream market.

Unparalleled Engagement and Opportunities

This year’s event featured an impressive lineup of exhibitors ranging from established market leaders to innovative startups, each bringing something unique to the table. From cutting-edge vape technologies to the latest in CBD, the expo served as a premier platform for showcasing the newest trends and products.

Noteworthy was the engagement level seen at the show, with exhibitors reporting record-breaking interactions and transactions. The strategic timing of the show, post-Q1, allowed vendors to gauge current market dynamics deeply, making it a critical checkpoint for adjusting annual business strategies.

Catalyst for Business Growth

The expo not only provided a platform for showcasing products but also acted as a catalyst for forging substantial business relationships. Many exhibitors and buyers finalized deals directly on the show floor, highlighting the expo’s role in driving direct trade and opening new channels for distribution.

Testimonials from participants echo the sentiment of success and satisfaction. Luke from Hidden Hills mentioned, “This show was the perfect opportunity to launch our new product line. The reception was beyond our expectations, and the connections we’ve made are invaluable.”

Highlights and Incentives

The show’s innovative buyer incentives included the AltPro flight voucher program, which saw buyers flying in from all over the nation and even from abroad to partake in the event. The climax of the show was the thrilling giveaway where two lucky store owners won over $50,000 each in wholesale inventory, significantly enhancing the excitement and engagement at the event.


Continuing the Momentum in TEXAS!

Building on the success of the Miami show, Alternative Products Expo is already gearing up for its next stops in Medellín, Houston, and Atlanta. These upcoming events promise to carry forward the momentum, with each location tailored to capture the unique aspects of their respective regional markets.

The Alternative Products Expo continues to not only meet but exceed the needs and expectations of the industry, solidifying its position as a leader in the trade show circuit for alternative products.

About Alternative Products Expo

Starting in 2017 as Vape Conventions and evolving through its rebranding as USA CBD EXPO, and finally to its current identity as Alternative Products Expo, the organization has been at the forefront of showcasing everything the alternative product industry has to offer. With a history of facilitating industry growth and innovation, Alternative Products Expo is committed to advancing the interests and success of all its participants.


For Industry Buyer tickets:

For media inquiries:

For Booth inquiries visit:

Website: Alt Pro Expo


TX Banning Delta-8 THC?

In a pivotal move this week, the Texas Senate State Affairs Committee convened to explore potential pathways for banning Delta-8 THC, following a directive from Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick. The hearing laid bare a host of issues that have thrust this hemp-derived compound into the eye of a growing storm.

Given its current legal status in Texas under the temporary injunction in the Sky Marketing case, Delta-8 THC products have become ubiquitous, which some witnesses said foster a dangerous misconception among consumers who believe they are purchasing a safe, regulated product. This situation stands in stark contrast to other states, even conservative ones, that have established comprehensive medical cannabis programs. Law enforcement finds itself in a quandary, as current technology struggles to distinguish between legal hemp and illegal cannabis products.


While cannabis earns praise for its superior efficacy in managing nerve pain compared to traditional medications, Delta-8 THC raises red flags, particularly concerning children’s health. A troubling surge in pediatric cases involving accidental ingestion has resulted in severe health issues. Experts and activists also sounded alarm bells about the potential for psychosis, especially among chronic users and children, underscoring the urgent need for stringent safety measures.


The hearing exposed gaping holes in the current regulatory framework. Many manufacturers self-report certificates of analysis, a practice that often leads to inaccurate product labeling. Enforcement is largely hamstrung, limited to food safety violations and products exceeding the 0.3% Delta 9 THC threshold. The state’s lack of jurisdiction over out-of-state labs further muddies the waters of quality control.

Ironically, the proliferation of Delta-8 THC is undermining Texas’s own highly restricted medical cannabis program. These products, which navigate fewer regulatory hurdles, are more affordable and accessible, causing a worrying decline in the state’s patient base. An influx of out-of-state products further complicates the market, making regulation an increasingly uphill battle.


A particularly disquieting issue is the proximity of Delta-8 THC sales in proximity to schools and other child-centric areas. This accessibility, paired with the alarming rise in accidental ingestion cases among children, has ratcheted up public safety concerns. Advocates are pushing for stricter regulations on packaging and marketing to prevent these products from appealing to minors.

In response to these challenges, the committee is weighing several consequential actions. They are considering revising Delta-8’s legal status to align with other states’ medical cannabis frameworks, enhancing product testing and certification standards, and bolstering enforcement mechanisms and of course, banning it outright. Additionally, they’re looking at regulating the influx of out-of-state products, launching targeted public health initiatives to protect children, and establishing proximity restrictions near schools.


Looking ahead, the committee plans to gather more data on Delta-8’s public health impact and engage a broad spectrum of stakeholders. Law enforcement, medical professionals, and industry representatives will all have a seat at the table as Texas works to forge a consensus on these critical changes. As the Lone Star State grapples with this complex issue, its decisions could reverberate across the nation, influencing the future of cannabis regulation in America.


The New Hemp Industry Landscape; More than Moving Pounds

From Texas to Maine, California to Florida, it’s nearly impossible to walk into a retail, grocery, or convenience store without seeing a THC-infused beverage, hemp-derived gummies, or CBD oil.


What was once known as modern-day snake oil, CBD, and hemp in general, is here to stay. In today’s modern world, consumers are able to access THC and other cannabinoids more easily than ever before. Even expanding to wellness shops on every corner, with hemp flower sales in storefronts that aren’t just legal dispensaries.


Of course, what consumers don’t know is what it takes behind the scenes to navigate a complex hemp supply chain system to offer quality, safe hemp products to consume.


“Literally, everyone has pounds,” explains Justin Sandone, co-founder of Elevated Trading “Store owners are getting approached, all day every day, by every Joe Blow that has a friend with a farm.”


In such a burgeoning industry, you wouldn’t expect retailers to have to navigate the wild, wild west of hemp buyers. From those who bait and switch on quality products, leaving their customers hanging. Or, being unreachable when shipping issues arise instead of getting the type of support they need to succeed.


In an oversaturated market, it’s easy for retailers to get swindled by what looks like high profit margins, only to hurt their business even more by selling poor-quality flower, to potentially longtime, loyal customers.


An unfortunate fact that lends itself to the unprofessionalism of the current market. Fortunately, industry leaders like brothers Justin and Cody Sandone are taking it upon themselves to repair the broken hemp supply chain and breathe a level of professionalism into a market that so desperately needs it. Working behind the scenes to build farm-to-retail relationships that support quality, consistency, and reliable products reaching the shelves.


What’s Happening in Hemp


Since the 2018 Farm Bill legalized the cultivation, processing, and sales of hemp-derived products, the market has been flourishing – frantically. Regardless of the global hemp industry commanding $1.8 billion in sales in 2023, it’s an industry that is highly unregulated due to a lack of infrastructure.


Leaving retailers, who are responsible for distributing the industry’s main commodity, without much guidance or education on how to do so safely, legally, and, of course, profitably.


“There’s no good roadmap; there’s not a lot of information for retailers to know how to succeed,” Sandone explains, “Like, how to vet these people, how to vet these products, how to know whether they’re from licensed hemp farms or not, to maintain compliance and the legalities around having these products in your store.”


And leaving consumers without retailers to rely on for consistent, reliable, quality products. That’s why two retail pioneers and consumers themselves, set out to bridge the gap between farms producing quality flower, and retailers distributing it.

Two Brothers, One Goal


Elevated Trading co-founders Cody and Justin Sandone were no strangers to the wholesale and retail worlds when they started Elevated Trading.


“We had an electronic cigarette store and started seeing CBD come on. Once we started to see flower come on to the market, it became very evident, very quickly, how broken the supply chain was – it was hard to get good suppliers, ” says Sandone.


The brothers were also no strangers to the hemp industry after investing in a hemp farm located in Oregon. Only to be thrown into the thick of the market, needing to move 1,000 pounds of flower to recoup their investment, quickly thereafter.


With that experience in their pocket, they set out to create the best buying experience they could for the retailers they related to, with a few core values they related to even more. Like one value, “create raving fans” that they’re already clocking success with, serving thousands of retail stores across the US.


“We’re not here to be in the spotlight. We’re here to support our customers,” Sandone points out, “We’re here to put their brand in the spotlight by offering the best products we can at the right price point for them to be in line in the market and deliver a high value, fair price product to the customer. ”


Today, Elevated Trading does just that by sticking to their expertise in sourcing premium THCA flower, while supporting their retail customers with the network they’ve built over the years.


“We have a background in retail. We get it. We understand what consumers are looking for, and we know what it’s like to run a retail business. So working together to help round out their product set—the right pieces for their store, at the right price points where they can be competitive—that’s what we do,” affirms Sandone.

Bridging the Farm to Retail Gap


Where the hemp industry has especially struggled is building connections between the farms growing the hemp and the retailers selling it. Leaving farmers struggling to know what retailers are seeking and leaving retailers struggling to find a reliable, compliant source for product.


As soon as this gap became glaringly obvious to the retail pros, the Sandones, they knew they had the knowledge, network, and drive to fix it.


“It was a broken chain. So we saw an opportunity to come into it on the wholesale side, with an understanding of how to operate a business that’s focused on customer service and build something that could bridge the gap between farms and retailers to create the best buying experience possible.”


For consumers included. Over the years, Elevated Trading has helped bring thousands of products to the shelves, supporting large scale retail operations with reach across the nation.


“Behind the scenes, Cody and I work very closely with the farms we’re partnered with. We’re constantly bridging the gap between retailers and farms, with conversations like, ‘Hey, a lot of retailers are looking for this strain.’ Or, ‘retailers are looking for this indoor flower’, Sandone continues.


“We’re making sure those lines of communication are open.”


Changing the landscape of wholesale hemp

As we’ve seen in history, it only takes one or two players to shape the way an industry operates. Until now, the hemp industry has lacked a sense of professionalism that the Sandones are seeking to breathe back into the market.


In an industry where there are still “tons of brokers out there, just selling material they don’t own yet, promising the moon and not being able to deliver,” Sandone describes, Elevated Trading’s operations were specifically designed to operate differently.


“It’s not enough to have a satisfied customer. We want our customers to be so happy and so thrilled to be working with us – they can’t wait to tell someone else and that drives everything we do in our company,” continues Sandone.


A mission that’s glaringly obvious for any first-time retailer placing an order with the company.


“From the initial introductory call, to the sales process, to the delivery, to the handling of any issues, to following up to make sure the product is the right fit, and checking in to make sure it’s working for their store,” explains Sandone “We emphasize so much on creating raving fans – on providing excellent customer service and an amazing buying experience for customers.”


So, what’s the future of hemp look like for Elevated Trading?


Looking forward, the Sandones will continue to nurture relationships with the network of farms and retailers they work with to shape the future of the cannabinoid market. Serving as the trusted partner that bolsters the hemp supply chain for shared success across its players.


As consumers increasingly seek out unique strains or as minor cannabinoids ebb and flow, Elevated Trading seeks to stand out as a wholesale partner that retailers can rely on.



Meet Elevated Trading

Meet Cody Sandone, Founder & CEO of Elevated Trading

Why did you get into the hemp industry?


In 2019, I was introduced to the industry by a family friend, and we invested in a large outdoor farm in Southern Oregon. I was expecting a capital return, but the farmer was having trouble selling the material, so my brother and I stepped in to sell the material and recover our investment.


While moving thousands of pounds of CBD flower, we saw a huge gap in the supply chain between farmers and retailers and quickly knew we could fix this problem. At the time, the industry was heavily plagued with bad actors, inconsistent products, failed business dealings, and a lot of frustrated retailers left holding the bag…literally.


We formed Elevated Trading in January 2020 on a mission to elevate the supply chain and build a reliable, trusted bridge from the farm to the retailer. I left my corporate sales gig in Cybersecurity in September 2020 to pursue Elevated Trading full-time, and I haven’t looked back. This industry is incredibly exciting, and I’m glad to be a part of it.


What do you think are the main challenges within this industry?


I see two big challenges in this industry. Legislation and infighting.


In such a regulated industry, there is always an underlying concern of business impacting legislation that could make it impossible to operate with the hemp industry. We fully support sensible legislation around consumer safety and age restrictions, but the vast majority of legislation that’s been introduced is seemingly done out of ignorance or malice.


The second issue is the infighting within cannabis (both marijuana and hemp). The fact is that we’re all participating in the cannabis industry in different capacities. There’s room for everyone, but, surprisingly, the vast majority of negativity surrounding the hemp industry seems to be launched directly from the marijuana world. Everyone needs to stay in their lane and focus on their customers instead of fighting so hard against other businesses that are all promoting access to cannabis.


What is the most important advice that you would give individuals who are looking to get involved in this industry?


Most people underestimate this industry. I’m a capitalist and believe in competition so I welcome anyone to the industry, but the vast majority of folks entering the cannabis space seem to believe this is a quick way to make a lot of money. There is a blindness for a lot of business owners entering this space because they are so connected with the plant. Having passion for the plant is a great attribute, but you need some business chops to play in this arena.


This industry is exciting and lucrative, but you need to differentiate yourself and your product set if you’re going to enter at this stage of the game. There are too many copycat vendors and products, and the consumers are starting to get wiser about the quality they expect from their products. Biggest advice is to do extensive market research, figure out exactly where you want to play, and go all in on that particular domain. Don’t try to be everything to everyone…that’s not how you win.


What do you hope to see for the future of the hemp industry in Texas?


Texas has a booming hemp market today, and I hope to see us continue to flourish and lead the charge on how a robust, mature hemp market should be operating. There are a lot of companies in the Texas market operating with integrity and putting the consumer first.


Everyone deserves the freedom to choose what they consume, and I firmly believe that the hemp program in Texas is a testament to watching the consumers vote with their dollars. Hemp is a game changer for Texas residents, and I’m stoked to be a part of it.


As the industry matures in Texas, we’re continuing to see the level of products and integrity among brands really increase which is exciting and encouraging for us who’ve been operating in Texas for a long time.


How to Utilize Elevation Trading:


At Elevated Trading, we’ve always specialized in wholesale bulk flower products, and we’re hyper-focused on our customer’s success. We have a very high touch sales process that allows us to learn a lot about our customers and really formulate a partnership that drives real revenue and growth to their bottom line. We look forward to learning more about your business.


Find Elevated Trading online at or call 972-373-4240 and mention Texas Hemp Reporter.


The Texas Hemp Coalition’s goal is to provide industry specific information to growers, processors and entities that are involved in the Texas Hemp Industry. We will serve as an advocacy, educational and networking liaison to reputable entities within the hemp industry. Visit for more information.


Texas Freedom Wholesaler: Pioneers in CBD Manufacturers

Nestled in the vibrant city of Texarkana, approximately 180 miles from Dallas, Texas Freedom Wholesalers has quickly become a symbol of the state’s burgeoning hemp and CBD industry as one of the first manufacturers in Texas.  With a commitment to high-quality CBD products derived from organically grown hemp. Texas Freedom Wholesalers has become a usual source for those seeking to distribute CBD products. Texas Freedom stands by its name and is more than just a supplier of CBD products, its products are very competitive in the wholesale market as they market and ship across the United States.

Customers can discover the benefits and wellness through the potential of CBD, offering a wide range of products that are tailored to each company’s needs including the latest edibles or products for micro-dosing. They offer state-of-the-art production facilities and stringent quality control processes to ensure products meet the highest standards of excellence and compliance.

As a leading manufacturer, they offer competitive pricing, efficient production capabilities, and a commitment to maintaining consistent product quality.  They even offer Military and First Responders discounts to their customers near and far.  Their goal is to distribute the highest standards of purity and potency and deliver consistency and quality control.

As the hemp and CBD industry continues to grow in Texas, Texas Freedom Wholesalers leads the way in offering accurate reliable information in a rapidly evolving industry. They are dedicated to promoting a healthier future for Texas, one CBD product at a time.

-Michael Sutton, Owner

“With a solid background in management and degrees in industrial electronics, robotics, and calibration, I am able to develop a diverse line of high-quality quality affordable hemp-derived products from a business development perspective. Being the sole manufacturer, I am privileged to have complete quality control in-house.”

-We are looking to make Texas Freedom a trusted household name.

-Brian Baker, Owner

As an East Texan native, currently residing in Rockwall, TX. I have an extensive background in business space sales, marketing, and scaling varied companies which allows me to contribute my field expertise.

Texas THC Beverage Challenge: 2024

In a delightful display of taste and aroma, the Texas Hemp Reporter hosted its premier THC Beverage Challenge, bringing together flavors from across the state in a spirited contest of the senses. Held in a lively, yet meticulously controlled blind taste test, six volunteers embarked on a four-hour journey to crown the finest THC-infused beverage. Judging was based on a series of criteria including packaging, intensity, nose complexity, taste complexity, and taste finish, with a perfect score totaling 180 points. The participants, all over the age of 21, were kept in the dark about the brands until the very end to ensure a fair and unbiased evaluation of each entry. This event not only highlighted the creativity and innovation within the industry but also celebrated the unique characteristics that make each entry special. Stay tuned as we dive into the flavorful results of this exceptional competition.

1st Houston Juice (140 pts.)
Houston Juice is the OG THC-infused drink that delivers a potent punch, embodying the essence of Houston’s unstoppable spirit. Each sip combines zesty apple, fiery ginger, and refreshing lemonade, infused with 12 mg of emulsified hemp extract for a cool, relaxing breeze on a hot Texas day, perfectly capturing the grit and grace of its vibrant community.

2nd Honey Suckle – Strawberry Lemonade (139 pts.)
HoneySuckle Brand NECTAR Seltzer offers a refreshing escape with its sparkling blend of sweet strawberry lemonade, infused with 5mg of Delta-9 THC for a gentle, uplifting experience. Perfect for any occasion, this carefully crafted seltzer promises a quick onset of relaxation and joy, making it a must-have that quickly flies off the shelves.

3rd Studio TBD – Green Tea Lemonade – Intense (135 pts.)
Studio TBDs Green Tea Lemonade is an expertly crafted, organic beverage designed for the experienced user, offering a potent blend of 25mg THC and 25mg CBD per can. This low-sugar, low-calorie, gluten-free, and vegan refreshment is infused with fast-acting hemp extract, providing a swift and powerful effect while staying federally compliant and suitable for those over 21.

4th Sweet Sensei – Pineapple Kiwi Express – Fizzy Lifters (127 pts.) (tied)
Sweet Sensi Fizzy Lifters offer an invigorating alcohol-free experience with their Pineapple Kiwi Lemonade, crafted from estate-grown hydroponic flowers using organic nutrients. These refreshing beverages are infused with a full-spectrum, strain-specific, high THC hash rosin, delivering a fast-acting, gentle buzz. Perfect for enhancing your day or relaxing your evening, each sip is a low-dose delight designed to elevate without the effects of alcohol.

4th Studio TBD – Green Tea Lemonade – High (127 pts.) (tied)
This organic single origin green tea lemonade is a refreshing, low-sugar, and low-calorie beverage, perfect for health-conscious consumers. Infused with 10mg THC and 20mg CBD per can, this fast-acting, gluten-free, and vegan drink offers anti-anxiety benefits and complies with federal regulations, available only to those aged 21 and up.

4th Texas Hippie Cooler (127 pts.) (tied)
The Texas Hippie Cooler seltzer is a refreshing journey through the heart of Texas, combining the distinct flavors of peach, grapefruit, and cucumber with a mellow dose of 4.20mg emulsified hemp extract. This low-calorie, low-sugar beverage brings a taste of Texan orchards, groves, and cool waters directly to your lips, ensuring a chill experience that’s as soothing as a summer breeze. Whether you’re enjoying a sunset in Big Bend or dancing in Fort Worth, this
drink is your perfect companion for any Texan adventure, embodying the spirit of freedom and the laid-back vibe of the Lone Star State.

7th Studio TBD – Green Tea Lemonade – Mellow (125 pts.)
Experience the refreshing taste of organic single origin green tea lemonade, a low-sugar, low-calorie option that’s both gluten-free and vegan. Each can contains 4mg THC and 25mg CBD, infused with fast-acting, sun-grown hemp extract, ensuring a calming, anti-anxiety effect while remaining federally compliant. Designed for wellness-focused adults, this beverage requires purchasers to be 21 years of age or older.

8th Hi – Wild Berry (124 pts.) (tied)
Wild Berry Hi Seltzer redefines refreshment with its pure, vibrant blend of natural berry flavors. Each 12oz can harmoniously mixes the seedy essence of raspberries, the ripeness of strawberries, and the tartness of blueberries, infused with 5mg of hemp-derived THC for a zero sugar, zero calorie, and zero alcohol experience. This 100% natural seltzer offers a unique, thirst-quenching taste that’s as functional as it is delicious, making it hard to put down once you start sipping.

8th Ease Up – Watermelon Lime – Oak Cliff Cultivators (124 pts.) (tied)
Introducing Ease Up, a non-alcoholic Watermelon Lime THC Seltzer that elevates your beverage experience with the perfect blend of botanical goodness and captivating flavor. Each 12 oz can combines the natural essence of ripe watermelon and zesty lime, offering a symphony of flavors that tantalize your taste buds while delivering a refreshingly crisp and invigorating sensation. With 10mg each of hemp-derived Delta 9 THC, CBD, and CBG, this sugar-free, zero-calorie beverage allows you to indulge guilt-free, enhancing both relaxation and social moments without compromising your health-conscious lifestyle. Perfect for those seeking tranquility and balance, Ease Up is your ideal companion, committed to well-being with every sip.

10th Sweet Sensei – Purple Tangie – Fizzy Lifters (123 pts.)
Sweet Sensi Fizzy Lifters present a revolutionary approach to refreshment with their alcohol-free, plant-based beverages, enhanced by a patented formula from owner Greg Autry. Crafted from estate-grown hydroponic flowers and all-organic nutrients, these drinks feature a potent, solvent-free Hash Rosin, delivering a gentle, fast-acting buzz. The Purple Tangie variety offers a low-dose cocktail infused with a balanced, full-spectrum, strain-specific, high THC blend, perfect
for enlivening your days and chilling your nights. Enjoy the delightful natural flavors in each sip, designed for a sublime, guilt-free experience.

11th Cannajuice – Mango Pineapple Lemonade (122 pts.)
Cannajuice brings a tropical twist to your refreshment routine with their Mango Pineapple Lemonade, infused with 25mg of hemp-derived Delta 9 THC. This vibrant beverage combines the lush sweetness of mango and pineapple with the crisp tang of lemonade, creating a perfectly balanced and invigorating drink. Each sip offers a potent infusion of THC, ensuring a relaxing and enjoyable experience that’s both delicious and potent. Ideal for those looking to enhance their relaxation with a fruity, flavorful escape.

12th PowerHouse – Lemon Lime – Power Biopharms (118 pts.)
Discover the zesty refreshment of Lemon Lime, a fizzy, sugar-free beverage infused with 5mg of D9 THC per 12-ounce can. Designed to enhance your plant wellness journey, this invigorating drink blends the crisp, clean tastes of lemon and lime for a delightful, bubbly experience. Perfect for sipping on a relaxing day, this product is meticulously crafted to meet legal standards with less than .3% delta-9 THC, ensuring a safe and enjoyable session. Please note: this product is intended for adults over 21, and caution is advised against mixing with alcohol, drugs, or medications, and operating vehicles or machinery after consumption.

13th Hi – Real Cherry (116 pts.)
Experience the bold and luscious taste of Real Cherry, a unique beverage crafted from domestically sourced American cherries. This drink offers a familiar yet distinctly unique flavor profile, combining sweet and dark cherry notes for a fruit-forward taste and a refreshing finish. With 0 sugar, 0 calories, and 0 alcohol, its a guilt-free indulgence. Each 12-ounce can contains 5mg of THC, derived from hemp and compliant with legal standards of less than 0.3% THC. Dive into the deep cherry flavors you’ve always loved, now enhanced with a tantalizing secret that makes each sip irresistibly refreshing.

14th PowerHouse – Strawberry – Power Biopharms (111 pts.)
Indulge in the refreshing taste of this Strawberry-flavored, fizzy beverage, a sugar-free delight infused with 5 mg of D9 THC in each 12-ounce can. This drink offers a vibrant, fruity experience designed to enhance your plant wellness with each sip. Perfectly balanced for enjoyment at any time, it contains 0 sugar, 0 calories, and is free from alcohol, making it a guilt-free choice for those seeking a subtle, relaxing effect.

15th Delta Light – Tropical Mango (103 pts.)
Tropical Mango offers a blissful blend of euphoria, relaxation, and calm with each sip, featuring 5mg of Delta 9 THC and 1mg of CBD in a sugar-free, zero-calorie formula. Perfect for social settings, this beverage allows for easy micro-dosing with its minimal, plant-based ingredients, enhancing any gathering without the guilt.

16th Tejas Tonic – Agarita Berry (100 pts.)
Tejas Tonic introduces the Agarita Berry flavor, capturing the essence of this native Texas bush. Enjoy the distinct, sweet-tart taste of the vibrant red berry that blooms across Texas, especially poignant on 4/20. With no need to brave the prickles of hand harvesting, this beverage brings 25mg of CBD and 5mg of THC to your glass, making it the perfect choice to celebrate the day with a taste true to Tejas.

17th Sweet Sensei – Mellow Melon Berry (99 pts.)
Sweet Sensi Fizzy Lifters deliver a mellow melon berry experience crafted with Greg Autry’s patented formula, using heavenly plant-based ingredients and high THC, solvent-free Hash Rosin. These alcohol-free beverages are made from estate-grown hydroponic flowers and all-organic nutrients, offering a fast-acting, gentle buzz to brighten your day and relax your night.


18th  | Blood Orange – Live Resin (97 pts.)
Experience the invigorating taste of Blood Orange, an expertly crafted beverage designed for & users with its robust blend of 20mg Delta 9 THC and 10mg CBD. This zero sugar, zero calorie drink offers euphoric, relaxing, and calming effects, infused with live resin terpenes and made from minimal, plant-based ingredients.

19th Tejas Tonic – Natural Lime (96 pts.)
Tejas Tonic combines natural lime flavor with a potent mix of 25mg CBD and 5mg THC, enhanced with boosted terpenes for a full-bodied experience. This refreshing drink offers a balanced blend for relaxation and well-being, perfect for those seeking a subtle yet effective way to unwind.

20th Hi – Lemon Lime (76 pts.)
Experience the unparalleled taste of Lemon Lime, where flavors are freshly extracted just days before canning, delivering a clean, crisp, and refreshing beverage. Zesty lime greets you first, evolving into a sweet and juicy limeade finish, with a fruit-forward taste that’s complemented by a sharp tartness, all in a bright, bubbly sip that contains zero sugar, zero calories, and zero alcohol.

21st OnlyDank Drink (70 pts.)
Introducing OnlyDank’s Revolutionary THC-Infused Drink, a passport to pure bliss and a world-first in legal beverages. Enjoy the unique blend of terpenes and hops infused with 20mg of THC in this refreshing, vibrant drink that contains zero carbs, sugars, or calories. This alcohol-free beverage is the ultimate way to elevate any occasion, providing an uplifting and guilt-free moment of relaxation.

Congratulations to Houston Juice for emerging as the standout in the Texas Hemp Reporter’s Top THC Beverage Challenge! We extend our heartfelt thanks to all participants who entered their unique and flavorful beverages into this exciting competition. Your creativity and commitment to quality have truly enriched this event. As we close out this thrilling taste test, we celebrate not only the winners but everyone who contributed, making this a memorable and enjoyable experience for all involved. Here’s to more such spirited competitions in the future! Cheers!

DEA Rescheduling of Cannabis and Its Broader Impact on Texas

In a landmark decision by the Biden administration, marijuana is set to be reclassified from a
Schedule I to a Schedule III controlled substance, reflecting a significant shift in the federal
stance on cannabis. This pivotal change, stemming from recommendations by the U.S.
Department of Health and Human Services and propelled by President Biden’s directive,
acknowledges marijuana’s medicinal benefits and promises to reshape research and regulation

The proposed reclassification by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) would not only
relax federal restrictions but also align national policy more closely with the evolving public and
scientific perspectives on cannabis. In Texas, where the legal cannabis industry is nascent yet
promising, this reclassification could catalyze state-level legislative adjustments, fostering
growth and innovation in hemp and marijuana markets.

The proposed shift in cannabis classification marks a watershed moment in American drug
policy, reflecting a broader national trend towards the legalization and acceptance of
marijuana. Several factors drive this shift, including increased public support, as recent surveys
show a majority of Americans favor legalizing marijuana for both medicinal and recreational
use. Additionally, economic analyses suggest that a more relaxed regulatory framework could
significantly bolster the national economy through job creation and increased tax revenues.
Federal recognition of marijuana’s medical potential aligns U.S. policy with those of many other
countries that have already embraced the drug’s therapeutic benefits. This change at the
federal level could also pave the way for enhanced scientific research, enabling more
comprehensive studies on cannabis’s efficacy and safety, which have been restricted under its
Schedule I classification.

Moreover, the shift could have a profound impact on federal criminal justice policies,
potentially leading to decreased incarceration rates for cannabis-related offenses and
addressing racial disparities in drug-related arrests. This is seen as a step towards correcting
historical injustices associated with the war on drugs.

For Texas businesses, this shift could reduce significant tax burdens under IRS code Section
280E, which has long stifled the financial viability of legal cannabis enterprises. By potentially
introducing tax deductions and credits typical to other businesses, Texas could see an influx of
investment and development in the cannabis sector. Additionally, easing research restrictions
could spur pharmaceutical innovation and broader acceptance of cannabis in medical
communities across the state.

DEA Online

The reclassification is expected to influence Texas’s approach to cannabis-related criminal
justice. With federal acknowledgment of cannabis’s medical applications, state policymakers

might be encouraged to reform punitive laws that disproportionately affect minority
communities. This could lead to broader discussions about expungement of past convictions
and more equitable legal frameworks, aligning with a growing national recognition of the need
for criminal justice reform in the context of cannabis.

While the federal shift is a significant advance, it introduces new challenges for regulatory
adaptation and market readiness in Texas. The state must navigate these changes amidst
existing legal frameworks and public opinion, which varies widely across its diverse population.
Community leaders and advocates emphasize the need for a thoughtful approach that balances
economic benefits with social justice and public health considerations.

As Texas and the rest of the nation anticipate the official enactment of these changes following
a public comment period, the cannabis industry remains poised at the threshold of a new era.
Stakeholders, including local businesses, healthcare providers, and legal experts, will need to
collaborate closely to ensure that the transition supports sustainable growth and reflects the
complex, nuanced needs of Texans.

The rescheduling of cannabis marks a significant milestone in the journey towards more
rational, science-based drug policies. For Texas, it represents an opportunity to redefine its
cannabis landscape, promising economic prosperity, enhanced medical research, and progress
in social justice. As federal and state policies continue to evolve, the dialogue between
policymakers, industry leaders, and communities will be crucial in shaping a balanced approach
to cannabis regulation.

Dear Grandma, Lt. Gov Dan Patrick is coming after your Hemp Products

I hope that this finds you doing well, but your grandson has some concerns about your near future.


I’ve tried telling you in the past that he was looking into ways he could do this. I remember you telling me that there was nothing on the news about it, so it must be my wild imagination. Well, it’s on the news now if you didn’t see.


Our Lt Governor just put out a written list of legislative priorities for the next legislative session. One of them is exactly this grandma. Banning Delta 8 and 9:  Examine the sale of intoxicating hemp products in Texas. Make recommendations to further regulate the sale of these products, and suggest legislation to stop retailers who market these products to children.


Nana, we both know you’re no kid. And I hope you know better than to believe that anybody in this state was making products with the hopes that children would get their hands on them. And nobody is trying to argue that the retailers should even be allowed to sell to children. I know that you like the packaging that reminds you of some of your favorite candies, but it’s not like that to get kids involved. It’s like that because it reminds you of your favorite candies and it helps you decide which ones better suit your taste.

AI generated Image

And it’s not just the gummies and Dan and his senators will be going after. They will go after any flower products, oils, tinctures, and even the salves you use on your joints. When they say ban the intoxicating substance grandma, they mean to ban the very thing that gives you relief at the chemical level, not the final product level.


The legislature doesn’t know of a way of banning just the end product without allowing some sort of base product that could be used in a way they don’t approve of. They just find it easier to ban the substance altogether. And this substance, it’s naturally part of the plant. All of the work spent creating viable crops with a market that would buy any end product, gone. Out the window. 5 years of hard work across an entire industry will be wiped out. You’ll be left with nothing to use, and the economy will take a giant hit too.


Oma, I’m telling you that over 19 billion dollars in economic action will take a major hit, if not wiped out from the ban. I know that nineteen billion sounds like a joke number to you at times. But one of those big economic firms called Whitney Economics with a load of qualified professionals, reported last year about these numbers. Over one and a half billion dollars was spent on wages in this state alone. That’s over a hundred million dollars in social security funds that are helping to cover your current check from social security. Yeah, you can be mad about it possibly running out, but it won’t help if the state is slashing funds going into the pool of money.

Grams, it won’t help if they cut 5,000 businesses from the market and destroy 50 thousand jobs. It will put a toll on the unemployment system and possibly take a major hit on increasing the homeless population. It will take a hit on families that started these businesses with everything they own as investment to see it succeed. The government isn’t going to bail out a business it tries to cut.


Abuela, I know that you had access in other states and in one of the places you lived before retirement that it was the equivalent of a parking ticket for getting caught. It’s not like that here in Texas. If you have flower it’s class B misdemeanor which means a huge fine and jail time. If you have the gummies and oil, it’s jail time from being a felony. Por el amor de Dios Abuela, te ruego que tomes esto en serio. Al estado de Texas no le importa un carajo tu vejez.


Older people are making up a bigger population of the prison system grandma, and it’s coming from new arrests and not just people getting old in the system. I don’t want to see you becoming one of them. Those people don’t get almost any of their proper meds. Your special diet for your heart and blood sugar, doesn’t exist.


I’m not asking for people to be able to sell to kids. It hasn’t really been an issue. I don’t think anybody would have a problem with requiring only adults to be able to purchase it over the counter. We’re not needing marketing legislation either, grandma, it already exists to stop companies from ripping off other products’ trademarks. We both know kids like anything flashy and shiny, but that doesn’t mean we ban everything flashy and shiny does it?

Just remember this for the next 6-7 months Grandma as election campaigns start asking for your opinion. You have to let them know you don’t want to lose your therapeutic hemp products. You have to remind them that addressing imaginary or minor problems with a ban doesn’t fix anything. Holding people responsible for careless behavior that hurts others, that’s a solution.


Anyways Grandma, I can’t wait to see you again and have some of those cookies and that tasty pecan pie you make every time. It’s my favorite. Has been since I can remember you making it for me back when you said I was a big boy that didn’t need a highchair anymore. Hugs and kisses.


Te amo abuela.




Jesse Williams




Building a Sustainable Texas, One Brick at a Time

Deep in the heart of Texas, a green revolution is slowly taking over.  This innovative change is being fueled by an unlikely hemp hero that is long celebrated for its versatility and sustainability, and ultimately a game-changer in the quest for eco-friendly construction and building materials.

As the development of hemp continues to flourish in Texas so does the need to construct a greener, more sustainable future. Traditionally, construction materials like concrete and steel have dominated the construction industry, but their production usually comes with a hefty price along with an additional environmental cost added to the price of building materials. Building and construction costs including cement have significantly increased since the COVID-19 Pandemic. Cement, which is a vital ingredient in concrete, accounts for a significant portion of global carbon dioxide emissions while interestingly enough, hemp offers a sustainable alternative that is renewable, biodegradable, and carbon-negative. Hempcrete will ultimately transform the construction industry for hemp farmers in Texas which are beginning to collaborate with their sustainable neighbors and consider investing their money in environmentally friendly construction materials for companies that manufacture hempcrete locally, leading the way toward sustainable building practices.

Photos: Paul Carbone

One of the most promising applications of hemp in construction is hempcrete, a lightweight, insulating material made from hemp fibers, lime, and water. This material uses hemp shives, aggregate, water, and a specific type of binder to act as nonbearing walls, insulators, plasters, and blocks.  Hempcrete offers several advantages over traditional building materials including superior thermal performance, great breathability, and resistance to mold and pests. Hemp fibers can act as a reinforcement in construction because it is known for their remarkable strength and longevity which can bolster concrete and plastics. This helps reduce our dependency on renewable resources such as steel and fiberglass. By incorporating hemp fibers into construction materials, we can reduce our carbon emissions and strengthen the resilience and durability of constructed edifices. Although the potential of hemp in construction is most obvious some regulatory and infrastructure constraints remain. Nevertheless, as our awareness grows around hemp and its benefits so does the continued environmental impact of conventional building materials. According to an article from de Zeen, “There has been mounting evidence that suggests the construction industry must adopt bio-based alternatives to common carbon intensive materials, such as concrete, to play its part in reducing emissions and limiting global temperature rises.”

Photos: Paul Carbone

Texas lands offer fertile soil and favorable climate conditions that are perfectly poised to lead the way in hemp cultivation for construction. By harnessing the power of this versatile plant, the state is not only reducing its environmental footprint but also stimulating economic growth in rural communities. Texas is ready to leverage the agricultural benefits of hemp to foster innovation in construction materials by continued education and research, we can position ourselves as a trailblazer in sustainable construction. This quest will help make way for a brighter, cleaner future for generations to come as we emerge as a powerful ally in the construction industry.

Testimony to the Texas Health and Human Services Commission

Comments on Proposed Rule Review Chapter 300

As the publisher of the Texas Hemp Reporter, I am honored to offer my testimony regarding the pivotal role our publication has played in advancing the understanding and development of the hemp industry in our state. Over the past four years, our comprehensive coverage has spanned across various media platforms, including our magazine, news website, and podcast, all dedicated to the thriving $25+ billion hemp industry.
Beyond our professional endeavors, the impact of hemp products hits close to home for my family. My wife, Jennifer, who battles Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis, relies on these products to alleviate swelling and inflammation. Additionally, my mother, Linda, found relief during her battle with lung cancer in 2020 and 2021, using CBD products as a complementary treatment alongside radiation and chemotherapy. Today, she stands cancer-free, a testament to the potential of hemp-derived remedies.
Throughout our journey, our business has served as an educational resource for farmers, entrepreneurs, and the general public, disseminating valuable information on hemp products for four years. We have distributed 350,000 copies of the Texas Hemp Reporter magazine across 26 issues, reaching communities in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, McAllen, Lubbock, Midland, and numerous smaller towns across central Texas. Furthermore, our podcast has aired on prominent radio stations such as ESPN and KLBJ, becoming a rare voice in terrestrial radio discussions on hemp-related topics in Texas.
Our efforts have not only informed but also influenced cultural conversations. We have conducted interviews with celebrities, lawmakers, agricultural commissioners, congressmen, industry leaders, and legal experts, shedding light on the burgeoning hemp sector. Our magazine has found its way into over 1,000 CBD stores and smoke shops, including major retailers like HEB, Randalls, and Whole Foods in central Texas.
While acknowledging the potential for improvement in Texas’ hemp and cannabis programs, it is imperative to recognize the state’s leadership alongside Tennessee and North Carolina in this industry. Texas has established a robust hemp program, paving the way for economic growth and job creation, supporting not only my family but also over 50,000 Texans employed in this dynamic field.
In conclusion, we express gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to the review of Chapter 300 and commend your commitment to exploring the vast potential of hemp. As journalists and media professionals, we take pride in our role in covering this topic and showcasing the remarkable benefits that this plant offers to our communities.
Thank you for your attention.
Russell Dowden
Publisher, Texas Hemp Reporter

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Launching a Successful CBD/Smoke Shop in Texas

Starting a CBD/Smoke Shop in Texas can be a rewarding business venture, especially with the growing acceptance and legal status of hemp-derived products. This comprehensive guide is designed to help you navigate through the initial setup process, from obtaining the necessary licenses to stocking your shelves with products, setting up your physical space, and more.


Licensing and Registration

Obtaining a License In Texas, the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) manages the licensing and registration of consumable hemp products (CHPs) businesses. Depending on your business activities, you’ll need to obtain either a DSHS Retail Hemp Registration or a Consumable Hemp Product License.


DSHS Retail Hemp Registration is required if you:

  • Retail sell CHPs without making any changes to the product or its packaging.
  • Sell CHPs online without a storefront and make no changes to the products or packaging.


Registration applicants are not required to undergo an FBI fingerprint criminal background check. For the complete process, refer to the DSHS Retail Hemp Registration Guide (PDF).


DSHS Consumable Hemp Product License is required for activities such as:

  • Manufacturing CHPs, including preparing, compounding, processing, packaging, or labeling.
  • White labeling or private labeling CHPs.
  • Repackaging, labeling, or relabeling CHPs.
  • Selling CHPs in wholesale.


Both processes start on the DSHS Business and Professional Licenses webpage.


Setting Up Product Inventory with AWS Wholesale

AWS Wholesale is a distributor where new shop owners can get their inventory. The setup process involves:


Registration: Navigate to AWS Wholesale’s website and click ‘Register’ in the top right corner. Fill in your business name, email, and password. It’s crucial to use the email associated with your business for all correspondence and registration.


New Customer Form: Before placing your first order, complete the New Customer Form/Pact Act here to get approved. This step is necessary to access pricing and order capabilities.


First Order: Note that the first order must meet a minimum of $500. This initial investment is standard for wholesale purchasing to establish your inventory.


Setting Up Rack Space and Shelving Solutions

To efficiently display your products, setting up rack space and finding the right shelving solutions is vital. AWS Wholesale partners with National Wholesale Supply for display cases. You can contact their representative, Nipul Sangh, at 737-497-6457 for options that suit your store layout and product display needs.

Acquiring a Sign for the Building

A visually appealing sign can significantly attract more customers to your store. In Austin, Sign Expo Austin comes highly recommended for creating business signs. They are located at 10210 N Interstate 35 Frontage Rd suite 200, Austin, TX 78753. Contact them via email at to discuss your signage needs.

Lease Assistance in the Austin Area

For those setting up shop in Austin, navigating the leasing process is crucial. Contact Rahim Kachchhi at 512-846-6000 or via email at for leasing advice and services. Finding the right location is critical to the success of your CBD/Smoke shop, and professional assistance can provide invaluable insights into the best spots and deals.


Starting a CBD/Smoke Shop in Texas involves a series of regulated steps, from licensing to setting up your storefront. By carefully navigating the regulatory requirements, partnering with reliable suppliers like AWS Wholesale, and investing in your store’s physical appearance and location, you can establish a successful business in this growing industry. Remember, the key to a prosperous CBD/Smoke Shop lies in compliance, quality inventory, and an appealing shopping environment.

Exploring the Lone Star State’s Green Frontier of Texas Hemp Farms, by Grace Gonzales

As the cultivation of hemp continues to grow, Texas is emerging as a frontier for innovation in the hemp industry.  With the legalization of hemp cultivation in Texas, there has been a rapid expansion of the industry which includes a surge of curiosity among consumers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts alike.

For those who are eager to take part in the journey of hemp, from seed to the final product, there are a handful of hemp farms that offer a unique opportunity to explore the world of hemp from the lens of processing to the innovative methods used in this expanding industry. Participants may have the opportunity to touch, smell, and even taste different hemp varieties, gaining a deeper understanding of the plant’s diverse properties and applications.

According to Texas Monthly Magazine, there are 1,123 licensed hemp growers in the state, but many of them have seemingly been reticent to fully commit to the crop. Only two thousand of the five thousand acres designated for hemp growing were planted in 2020, according to the Texas Department of Agriculture.

At most hemp farms, visitors can stroll through fields of swaying hemp plants, learning about cultivation techniques and crop management practices for hemp. They can witness the harvesting process of curing the hemp biomass for further processing and participants can observe the extraction of CBD oil and other valuable compounds, as well as the production of hemp-derived products. They can also learn about the latest extraction methods, quality control measures, and regulatory compliance requirements. Participants learn about the agricultural and environmental benefits of hemp cultivation, including its ability to improve soil health, sequester carbon, and reduce the need for pesticides and fertilizers. They also gain insights into the potential uses of hemp in industries that range from textiles and construction to food and fuel.

Here is a short list of hemp farms in Texas that may offer specialized tours and or hemp products for the hemp enthusiast. There may be an extensive list of hemp farms published in a later issue or you can go to the Texas Hemp Growers Association webpage for more information.

  • Pur Isolabs, Bergheim, TX- offers hemp CBD products made from plants that are grown on-site, according to their website. They are open from Monday through Friday, from 11 to 5:30 pm, and on Saturdays, from 11 to 3 and 5 pm. Call them for more information got to:


  • Bayou City Hemp Co-Houston TX- Their focus on quality begins at the farm and continues throughout the process. The company invites you to connect with them so that you can experience their commitment the product for yourself. To schedule a tour or for general information, you can go to:

  • Alamo Hemp Tours, San Antonio, -Alamo Hemp Tours is currently improving its tour experience and will update its schedule soon. For more information go to: /alamo-hemp-tours


  • VJ Farms, Palestine, Texas- According to their website, the story of VJ Farms begins in 1965 when the owner’s grandparents purchased land with the G.I. allowing them to purchase 72 acres in Anderson County that would initially serve as the family getaway. For more information or to schedule a tour go to:



  • CBC Texas Farms, Laredo TX- For five generations, the company has been a steward of the land, and their venture into hemp farming compliments the established ranching and deer operations and they continue the family tradition. For more information go to:

  • Power Bio Farms, Euless, TX-Power Bio Farms was founded to bring local, premium, legal, and licensed high-quality CBD to more Texans, hand-crafted small batch products from seed to shelf with the utmost care, quality, and transparency. For more information, go to:

Whether you’re a seasoned hemp enthusiast or a curious newcomer, these tours may offer valuable insights and new experiences, or opportunities for to learn all about the hemp industry. As the hemp industry continues to thrive in Texas, Texas Hemp Tours can be a vital lifeline for education and advocacy including community building that helps to shape the future of hemp in the Lone Star State and beyond.

Texas Hemp Tours have risen to meet this growing demand, providing an insider’s glimpse into the fascinating world of hemp production and innovation. You now have a chance to visit hemp farms first hand to witness the awe of the processing facilities, research labs, and limited product manufacturing sites to learn about every step of the hemp supply chain which includes the planting, harvesting, extraction, and product formulation of hemp cultivation. Some of these tours inspire participants to support the growth of the hemp industry and advocate for policy changes that foster its proper development.

By showcasing sustainable farming practices, responsible business ethics, and local entrepreneurship hemp tours can provide a platform for collaboration among industry stakeholders, fostering connections between farmers, processors, manufacturers, retailers, policymakers, and consumers. By bringing communities together, these tours catalyze innovation, stimulate economic growth, and build a stronger, more resilient hemp community in Texas.

 The Rise of Texas-Made THC Beverages

Welcome to the frontier of refreshment, where the spirit of Texas meets the innovation of hemp-derived THC beverages. Across the Lone Star State, a revolution is brewing, one tantalizing sip at a time. From the rolling hills of Dripping Springs to the bustling streets of Austin, Texans are embracing a new kind of drink—one that promises all the buzz without the fuzz. Let’s embark on a journey through the heart of Texas, where four trailblazing brands are crafting the future of leisurely sips.

Tejas Tonic: A Toast to Texas Tradition

First up, we mosey on down to Dripping Springs, where Tejas Tonic is stirring up something special with its new “Agarita Berry”. Imagine sipping on the essence of Texas, a drink so rooted in local tradition that it feels like a high-five from the Lone Star State itself. With 5mg of hemp-derived delta-9 THC, this carbonated marvel is the brainchild of folks who take “homegrown” to heart. No synthetics, no artificial flavors—just the pure joy of top-shelf THC and CBD, delivering a grin without the grimace of a hangover.

As Tejas Tonic expands, their commitment to natural, all-inclusive ingredients remains as steadfast as a Texas oak. It’s a drink that’s as friendly to the earth as it is to your taste buds, embodying everything from farm-to-table ethics to a laundry list of dietary considerations. If Texas pride could be bottled, Tejas Tonic would be it.

Restart CBD: A Zesty Texan Salute

Next, we shout “Hola!” to Restart CBD’s “Rita,” the non-alcoholic BFF you never knew you needed. Bid farewell to hangovers and hello to a zesty agave lime seltzer that’s as refreshing as a Texas spring. Crafted with the simplicity and purity of nature in mind, this blend of lime, agave, and 5mg of hemp-derived delta-9 THC is a testament to the art of minimalism. With every sip of Restart CBD, you’re not just drinking a seltzer; you’re imbibing the spirit of Texas innovation.

Cheech & Chong Brands: High & Dry in the Sky

From the legendary duo that needs no introduction, Cheech & Chong Brands brings you “High & Dry,” a beverage line that’s as iconic as its namesake. With flavors like Magic Mule and Raspberry Highball, these drinks are your ticket to a euphoric journey through the clouds. If ginger and lime had a love child, it’d be the Magic Mule, a drink so divine it’ll have you saying, “Dave’s not here, man,” because you’re too busy riding high on this fizzy concoction.

Oak Cliff Cultivators: Ease Into Texas Bliss

Oak Cliff Cultivators invites you to “Ease Up” with their Watermelon Lime flavor. It’s a symphony of taste, a perfect balance of sweet watermelon and tangy lime, infused with 10mg of hemp-derived delta-9 THC for that just-right buzz. This beverage is like a Texas sunset in a can—vibrant, unforgettable, and deeply satisfying.

Hill Beverage – Snoop Dogg’s “Do it Fluid”

Introducing the sip that’s as smooth as the man behind it: Snoop Dogg’s “Do it Fluid” by Hill Beverage. It’s a bold statement in a small package, blending the tangy taste of Blood Orange with a pioneering NANO blend of hemp-derived CBD and delta-9 THC. It’s designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life—chill vibes, bold flavors, and a health-conscious buzz. At 8 ounces, it’s the perfect companion for any laid-back gathering or a solo night in, ensuring you’re enjoying the citrus zing with just the right hint of relaxation.

Sweet Sensi – Fizzy Lifters

Prepare for lift-off with Sweet Sensi’s Fizzy Lifters, the groundbreaking rosin drink. Greg Autry’s patented touch has given life to a beverage unlike any other—a symphony of natural flavors and potent, high THC Hash Rosin, crafted from hydroponically-grown flowers. Whether you’re unwinding or getting the party started, these fizzy delights, available in Pineapple Kiwi Express, Mellow Melon Berry, or Purple Tangie, are sure to elevate your day. A gentle buzz without the alcohol, this is what innovation in relaxation looks like.

Power Biopharms – Power House

Cheers to wellness in a can with Power House, the collaborative creation from Martin House Brewing Company and Power Biopharms. This sugar-free seltzer doesn’t just quench your thirst; it redefines it. With 5mg of hemp-derived Delta-9 THC per can, choose between the zest of Lemon Lime or the sweet kiss of Strawberry—or don’t choose at all and mix it up with a 50/50 split. Responsible enjoyment has never tasted this good, with every sip of this effervescent elixir reminding you of the power of plant wellness.

Drink Delta – “Delta Light”

Say hello to “Delta Light” from Drink Delta, the epitome of social sipping. This zero-calorie, sugar-free, Tropical Mango-flavored delight is your ticket to a relaxing, euphoric escape. Designed for micro-dosing, “Delta Light” is the go-to option for those looking to maintain the perfect social buzz with minimal impact on the waistline. Crafted with minimal and plant-based ingredients and 5mg of hemp-derived delta-9 THC, it’s the responsible way to savor a calming and delicious experience.

Legal Maverick Adam Reposa


In the vibrant city of Austin, Texas, where the boundaries of legal interpretations and personal freedoms often blur, Adam Reposa stands out as a figure of defiant clarity. Known for his unyielding and audacious presence in the courtroom, Reposa has navigated the legal system’s intricacies for two decades, becoming a symbol of resistance against perceived judicial injustices. His latest endeavor, however, ventures into the contentious arena of cannabis sales, drawing significant attention and law enforcement scrutiny to his operation, ATX Budtenders.


ATX Budtenders, boldly advertised through a website featuring a cannabis menu and contact information, operated out of a distinctive East Austin property marked by a pink ice cream truck. This setup, as provocative as it is transparent, prompted a dramatic law enforcement raid on the morning of January 22. The operation resulted in the seizure of cannabis, THC edibles, psilocybin mushrooms, firearms, and other items, though no arrests were made at the scene. Reposa, undeterred, claims the substances were CBD, a legal derivative of cannabis, challenging authorities to prove otherwise.


The raid, reportedly led by a coalition of the DEA, APD, and TCSO SWAT teams, has sparked debate over jurisdiction and the actual leadership of the operation. Reposa contests the notion of a DEA-led raid, pointing out the involvement of local sheriff’s officers, which, according to him, complicates the federal agency’s direct authority in the matter.

The backdrop to this latest episode is Reposa’s long-standing reputation as a provocateur, not just in legal circles but also in public discourse. His infamous viral marketing and confrontational stance towards the prosecutorial system have made him a divisive figure. Yet, Reposa’s current predicament with ATX Budtenders reveals more than just a legal battle; it underscores his broader critique of cannabis laws and the enforcement strategies that accompany them.


Reposa argues that the raid on his dispensary and the seizure of his products without subsequent charges exemplifies a deliberate attempt to disrupt the local cannabis market. By preventing entrepreneurs from establishing stable market positions ahead of potential legalization and licensing changes, authorities, he suggests, aim to maintain control over the industry’s evolution.

However, Reposa’s defiance goes beyond mere market concerns. He is openly challenging the rationality and justice of cannabis prohibition, questioning the government’s right to criminalize a substance increasingly recognized for its harmlessness. Through his legal strategies and public statements, Reposa seeks to provoke a broader discussion about liberty, rights, and the role of government in regulating personal choices.


While the future of Reposa’s legal confrontation remains uncertain, with Travis County District Court recusing itself from the case, the implications of his actions ripple through the community. Whether seen as a crusader for personal freedoms or a reckless agitator, Reposa’s saga with ATX Budtenders illustrates the ongoing tensions surrounding cannabis law and the quest for a more just and sensible approach to its regulation.