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The Texas Hemp Show: How to Sponor & Be a Guest


  • These week on the show profiles a Harlingen CBD shop owner who speaks out about shop being raided. Trevor Kocaoglan owner of  Rio CBD on Jackson Street was raided by the Harlingen Police Department on June, 6. The Texas Health and Safety Code, established by House Bill 1325, says consumable hemp products are legal in […]
  • Ray Kadalri of the Hemp Building School discusses the growing opportunities for construction operations for public and private groups to learn how to build with Hemp. No three letter acronym for cannabis flower in this week's show. As Ray tells us that the industry is getting closer to fulfilling infrastructure for building codes and Home […]
  • Sweet Sensi presents the 3rd Annual Texas Hemp Harvest Festival November 3rd & 4th At Distribution Hall . . .  reserve your tickets today  . . . at Tracy and Greg Autry come on this week to tell about what they have planned for the Texas Hemp Harvest Festival at Distribution Hall this November. […]

Cannabis Law News

  • by Sean Hocking
    Here’s the media report А Веlіzе Сіtу mаn сhаrgеd fоr аllеgеdlу ѕmоkіng mаrіјuаnа іn рublіс mаіntаіnѕ hіѕ іnnосеnсе bесаuѕе еvеn thоugh hе wаѕ fоund wіth а јоіnt іn hіѕ hаnd, hе hаd nоt lіt іt уеt. Аlоnzо Муеrѕ, whо оnlу јuѕt turnеd 18 twо mоnthѕ аgо, wаѕ ѕроttеd bу роlісе соmіng оut оf а ѕtоrе […]
  • by Sean Hocking
    Interesting devlopment.. National law firm Husch Blackwell is pleased to announce that Hilary Bricken has joined the firm as a partner in the Los Angeles office and as a member of its Food Systems industry group. Bricken is a highly regarded cannabis law attorney who joins Husch Blackwell’s nationally recognized Cannabis practice team. She has more than a […]


  • by HempToday®
    Wolf Jordan, who transitioned from the world of traditional construction to become a fierce proponent of natural building solutions, and who inspired ecologically-minded builders the world over, has died at … Hemp builders mourn loss of Belgian innovator Wolf Jordan: ‘He glowed like light’ Read More »
  • by HempToday®
    Cannabis regulators from 45 states have called on the U.S. Congress to define “hemp” as a crop grown exclusively for industrial or agricultural purposes to close loopholes that have allowed … State regulators call on feds to close loophole that opened floodgates for delta-8 Read More »

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  • From MMJ to Special K September 12, 2023
    Federal cannabis patient uses ketamine to escape from the Land of Pain. The post From MMJ to Special K appeared first on Project CBD.
  • Memo to Congress: Fix the Farm Bill August 24, 2023
    Ideas for fixing the Farm Bill and advancing a robust CBD market that prioritizes public safety. The post Memo to Congress: Fix the Farm Bill appeared first on Project CBD.
  • ICRS 2023: Report from Toronto August 9, 2023
    The torch passes to a new generation of cannabinoid scientists. The post ICRS 2023: Report from Toronto appeared first on Project CBD.
  • Expert Gives Delta-8 THC Thumbs Down July 28, 2023
    Organic Chemist Mark A. Scialdone, PhD, warns about unregulated synthetic intoxicants being sold under the guise of "hemp." The post Expert Gives Delta-8 THC Thumbs Down appeared first on Project CBD.