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Carlos Qualls: Revolutionizing the CBD Industry with Innovative Leadership and Strategic Growth

Leading with Vision: Carlos Qualls at the Helm of CBD Pros USA


In the dynamic landscape of cannabinoid products, CBD Pros USA emerges as a leading company in the United States, thanks in large part to the strategic leadership of Carlos Qualls, Senior Buyer & Vice President of Sales. His journey from Buckle to the forefront of the CBD industry is a story of visionary leadership and innovative strategies that are shaping the future of cannabinoid products.


A Strategic Shift to CBD Leadership


Carlos’s transition from his successful tenure at Buckle to CBD Pros USA was a calculated move. Recognized for his exceptional sales acumen and leadership qualities by Cody Fisher, co-owner of Buckle, Carlos was perfectly poised to take on the challenge of propelling CBD Pros USA to new heights. His decision to join the company marked the beginning of a transformative era in its history.


Redefining Industry Standards at CBD Pros USA


At CBD Pros USA, Carlos has been instrumental in establishing a culture that emphasizes education, unparalleled customer service, and leadership development. This approach has set CBD Pros USA apart, ensuring that every customer experience is consistent and enlightening across all locations. By fostering a team of knowledgeable leaders, Carlos has enabled the company to excel in balancing top-notch customer service with effective sales techniques.


Expanding Reach and Influence


Under Carlos’s guidance, CBD Pros USA has achieved significant milestones. When Carlos joined CBD Pros USA in 2019 they had one store. Currently, CBD Pros USA has 23 stores across the United States and 14 dispensaries in New Mexico. Strategic partnerships, such as the one with Cheech and Chong for NASCAR sponsorships, showcase the company’s expanding influence in the industry.


Quality and Transparency: The Cornerstones of Trust


CBD Pros USA stands out for its unwavering commitment to product quality and transparency. Adhering to third-party testing and securing certifications like USDA organic and GMP, the company ensures that customers have access to safe and reliable products. Carlos has championed these practices, understanding that customer trust hinges on product integrity and transparency.



Education and Training: The Foundation of Excellence


Recognizing the complexities surrounding CBD and cannabinoid products, Carlos has prioritized comprehensive education and training for all team members. This focus on knowledge empowers employees to provide insightful guidance to customers, further solidifying the company’s reputation as a leader in the cannabinoid market.


Navigating Challenges with Foresight and Resilience


Carlos’s role in navigating challenges, from public misconceptions to regulatory complexities, has been pivotal. His proactive involvement in the hiring process and strategic marketing ensures that CBD Pros USA not only maintains high standards but also actively educates the public about the benefits and safety of cannabinoid products.


Community Engagement and the Road Ahead


CBD Pros USA’s commitment to community engagement, evident in initiatives like food drives and volunteering, adds a meaningful dimension to its business model. Looking to the future, Carlos envisions leveraging the company’s growth for further expansion, particularly if legislative changes in Texas occur. His foresight and planning are setting the stage for CBD Pros USA to continue its trajectory as a national leader in the cannabinoid market.


Carlos Qualls’ Impact on CBD Pros USA and Beyond


Carlos Qualls’s journey at CBD Pros USA is not just about leading a company; it’s about setting new standards and driving growth in the cannabinoid industry. His story reflects a blend of strategic insight, unwavering commitment, and innovative leadership, positioning CBD Pros USA as a beacon of excellence in the United States’ cannabinoid market.