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  • Scientists say that climate change was likely to have made the rains that unleashed catastrophic flooding across Bangladesh worse. While South Asia's monsoon rains follow natural atmospheric patterns, the rains will become more erratic and torrential as global temperatures continue to climb, scientists say.
  • Over the past month, Rani has been exhausted all the time. As the mercury has soared beyond 42 degrees Celsius in Delhi, life in her tin-roofed, poorly ventilated home made from mud and corrugated iron has made it difficult to sleep.
  • Humans have a tendency to believe everything will be pretty much the same in the future as it has been in the past. No surprise since generally speaking that was pretty true in the past and while things changed, they did not change so radically or with such severe consequences as they are now.
  • Rising temperatures are melting the Arctic sea-ice on which polar bears hunt, limiting their access to food. A recent study has found a remote population of polar bears that have adapted to hunt on chunks of glacier ice.

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