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Sweet Sensi’s 3rd Annual Texas Hemp Harvest

Festival Brings an Elevated Cannabis Experience to Austin
On Nov. 3-4, the aroma of hemp and jerk chicken filled Distribution Hall in East Austin.

Sweet Sensi’s Third Annual Texas Hemp Harvest Festival featured two days of live music,

Jamaican cuisine from Winston’s Kitchen and meaningful connections.

The event hosted an impressive lineup of reggae bands, from Austin’s Mau Mau Chaplains to national acts Passafire and 10 Ft. Ganja Plant. Greg Autry, owner of Sweet Sensi CBD, curates the bands based on his own playlist. He was especially enthusiastic about bringing Josh Heinrichs & SkillinJah to the event.

“The amount of enthusiasm that goes into their shows is just ridiculous,” Autry told the Texas Hemp Show Podcast on Episode 148. “These guys are just on fire when they’re on stage.”

The two-day festival also gave small businesses a chance to promote their products — everything from decorative straw hats and tie-dyed overalls to hemp-infused seltzers and honey.

“We’re doing this for the industry,” said Autry, who organizes the event with is wife, Tracy. “That’s why we started it was to bring attention to cannabis and the hemp industry.”

A gift basket raffle also took place with proceeds benefitting two local charities — Mobile Loves and Fishes and Forney Memorial VFW.

Although the event just wrapped, plans are underway for next year’s festival.

“We’re already thinking about next year,” Autry said. “We have some really big possibilities coming up. We’ve been invited by some local municipalities to apply or put our name forward for a huge venue in town. So, we’ll see what happens with that. We don’t know for sure yet. We’ve got our feelers out for bands that are bigger than what we’ve had.”

Visit to stay updated on future events, and check out The Texas Hemp Show Podcast’s live stream from the 2023 festival at

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