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Bayou City Hemp Co. Beverages in 2024

The Texas beverage scene is buzzing more than ever in 2024, thanks to an exhilarating wave of THC and CBD-infused drinks that promise not just refreshment but a novel sensory experience. Leading this vibrant surge are innovative Texas-based brands like HOWDY, 8th Wonder, and Beach Break. Each brand showcases a distinctive approach to cannabis beverages, offering flavors, dosages, and experiences that are as unique as they are enjoyable.


HOWDY: The Cosmic Cowboy of Cannabis Beverages

HOWDY has carved a niche for itself with its playful and pioneering range of cannabis-infused seltzers. Each beverage in their lineup is a testament to their commitment to quality and innovation:


Ranch Water & Paloma: Starting with a subtle 2.5mg of hemp-derived THC per 12oz can, these seltzers are perfect for those seeking a mild yet memorable buzz. The Ranch Water offers a refreshing twist on a Texan classic, while the Paloma is a citrusy delight, both packaged in convenient 4-pack boxes.


Sweet Tea & Lemonade: Soon to join the roster are these quintessentially Southern flavors, each with a slightly higher dosage of 5mg THC. Designed for those who prefer a slightly stronger effect, these drinks promise to deliver both comfort and a kick, all while encapsulating the essence of a laid-back, sunny afternoon in Texas.


HOWDY’s ethos is all about creating moments of joy and connection, offering a “cosmic” twist to the social drinking experience. Their beverages are crafted to be fast-acting and short-lived, ensuring you can easily find your sweet spot.

8th Wonder: Embrace the Wonder of THC Beverages

8th Wonder pays homage to Houston’s innovative spirit with its dive into the hemp beverage market. Each drink is a celebration of the city’s history and a step forward in beverage innovation:


Lil Bit: With Cherry Limeade and the upcoming Peach Mango flavors, these 2mg THC, 8oz cans are perfect for those seeking a mild touch of THC without having to drink 12oz of liquid. They offer a gentle introduction to THC beverages, marrying bright, fruit-forward flavors with a light, enjoyable high.


Wonder Water – Sparkling Lime: Wonder Water launched in 2021 as Texas’ first THC seltzer, and one of the first hemp-derived THC beverages in the country. Elevating the experience with 8mg of THC, this 12oz can is a bolder choice. The crisp, sparkling lime flavor is both refreshing, invigorating, and a great health-conscious option as it has zero calories. Wonder Water is ideal for those looking to dive deeper into the world of cannabis-infused refreshments.


8th Wonder’s journey from a brewery and distillery to a trailblazer of THC Seltzers is inspired by a partnership with Bayou City Hemp Company, blending the worlds of traditional brewing and beverage making with the innovative edge of cannabis extraction and science.


Beach Break: Escape with Every Sip

Beach Break brings an ethos of relaxation and quality to the fore with its sparkling THC beverages. Each flavor is a crafted escape, inviting you to unwind wherever you are:


Swell Berry & Watermelon: These flavors stand out with their 5mg THC content in each 12oz can, offering a medium-strength option for consumers. Swell Berry combines the nuanced tastes of berries and citrus, while Watermelon offers a juicy, refreshing dive into relaxation. Both are designed to transport you to your personal coast, be it a beach, a porch, or a city balcony.

Beach Break is meticulous about its craft, overseeing the entire process from seed cultivation to the final product. This dedication ensures that each can is not just a drink but a premium escape into tranquility.


As the THC beverage market continues to expand in 2024, Texas brands are at the forefront, offering an array of drinks that cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Whether you’re intrigued by the cosmic allure of HOWDY, inspired by the pioneering spirit of 8th Wonder, or in search of tranquility with Beach Break, there’s a cannabis-infused beverage out there for you. These brands are not just quenching thirst; they’re revolutionizing the way we experience cannabis, one flavorful sip at a time.




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Beach Break –  (coming soon)

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