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420 Anniversary for Go Green Botanicals Inbox

Elevate Your 4/20 with Go Green Botanicals’ 6th Anniversary Party at Faust Brewery!
Join us for an electrifying 4/20 celebration at Faust Brewery this April 20th, from 4:20 PM to 10:00 PM. Go Green Botanical’s is marking its 6th year with a bang, featuring legendary performances, celebrity appearances, and exclusive brews in a party that promises to be this year’s highlight.
**Special Guests:** Grammy winner Sir Earl Toon from Cool and The Gang and Dallas football sensation Sam Williams will be igniting the stage, with the dynamic DJ Jesse Esquivel spinning tunes that’ll keep you on your feet. Don’t miss the chance to meet our Cheech impersonator, capturing the spirit of the day with uncanny resemblance!
**Exclusive Offers:** Dive into special drink selections by Faust Brewery and explore a variety of vendors, enriching your experience with flavors and finds like nowhere else.
VIP ticket holder gets a FREE gram, celebrating in true 4/20 style.
**Save the Date:** April 20th | 4:20 PM – 10:00 PM | Faust Brewery in New Braunfels
**About Go Green Botanicals:** A leader in botanical wellness, Go Green Botanicals is dedicated to enhancing health and happiness through quality products and community engagement.
**Join Us:** Don’t just hear about it; be there to experience it. Secure your spot for an epic celebration with Go Green Botanicals.

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