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Episode #14 – Hydroshack Hydroponics

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Hydroshack Hydroponics is a hydroponic, aquaponic, and organic supply store located in the Houston Heights. They have a large variety of growing media, nutrients, lighting, heirloom seeds and organic soil. Additionally, they offer the only 100% biodiesel fuel pump in Houston. Known for our customer service, the owners and employees of Hydroshack are happy to offer advice to get you started in your hydroponic growing adventures! Not in Houston? Check them out on-line at and on Facebook at

Chris Powers talks with Jessie & Russell about the 2020 season and what we can expect with the
upcoming spring grow for Texans in 2021. For more information on Chris and his staff send an email to or call them at 713-292-1921.

Hemp Growing, Hydroponics, Hydroshack