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Meet Elevated Trading

Meet Cody Sandone, Founder & CEO of Elevated Trading

Why did you get into the hemp industry?


In 2019, I was introduced to the industry by a family friend, and we invested in a large outdoor farm in Southern Oregon. I was expecting a capital return, but the farmer was having trouble selling the material, so my brother and I stepped in to sell the material and recover our investment.


While moving thousands of pounds of CBD flower, we saw a huge gap in the supply chain between farmers and retailers and quickly knew we could fix this problem. At the time, the industry was heavily plagued with bad actors, inconsistent products, failed business dealings, and a lot of frustrated retailers left holding the bag…literally.


We formed Elevated Trading in January 2020 on a mission to elevate the supply chain and build a reliable, trusted bridge from the farm to the retailer. I left my corporate sales gig in Cybersecurity in September 2020 to pursue Elevated Trading full-time, and I haven’t looked back. This industry is incredibly exciting, and I’m glad to be a part of it.


What do you think are the main challenges within this industry?


I see two big challenges in this industry. Legislation and infighting.


In such a regulated industry, there is always an underlying concern of business impacting legislation that could make it impossible to operate with the hemp industry. We fully support sensible legislation around consumer safety and age restrictions, but the vast majority of legislation that’s been introduced is seemingly done out of ignorance or malice.


The second issue is the infighting within cannabis (both marijuana and hemp). The fact is that we’re all participating in the cannabis industry in different capacities. There’s room for everyone, but, surprisingly, the vast majority of negativity surrounding the hemp industry seems to be launched directly from the marijuana world. Everyone needs to stay in their lane and focus on their customers instead of fighting so hard against other businesses that are all promoting access to cannabis.


What is the most important advice that you would give individuals who are looking to get involved in this industry?


Most people underestimate this industry. I’m a capitalist and believe in competition so I welcome anyone to the industry, but the vast majority of folks entering the cannabis space seem to believe this is a quick way to make a lot of money. There is a blindness for a lot of business owners entering this space because they are so connected with the plant. Having passion for the plant is a great attribute, but you need some business chops to play in this arena.


This industry is exciting and lucrative, but you need to differentiate yourself and your product set if you’re going to enter at this stage of the game. There are too many copycat vendors and products, and the consumers are starting to get wiser about the quality they expect from their products. Biggest advice is to do extensive market research, figure out exactly where you want to play, and go all in on that particular domain. Don’t try to be everything to everyone…that’s not how you win.


What do you hope to see for the future of the hemp industry in Texas?


Texas has a booming hemp market today, and I hope to see us continue to flourish and lead the charge on how a robust, mature hemp market should be operating. There are a lot of companies in the Texas market operating with integrity and putting the consumer first.


Everyone deserves the freedom to choose what they consume, and I firmly believe that the hemp program in Texas is a testament to watching the consumers vote with their dollars. Hemp is a game changer for Texas residents, and I’m stoked to be a part of it.


As the industry matures in Texas, we’re continuing to see the level of products and integrity among brands really increase which is exciting and encouraging for us who’ve been operating in Texas for a long time.


How to Utilize Elevation Trading:


At Elevated Trading, we’ve always specialized in wholesale bulk flower products, and we’re hyper-focused on our customer’s success. We have a very high touch sales process that allows us to learn a lot about our customers and really formulate a partnership that drives real revenue and growth to their bottom line. We look forward to learning more about your business.


Find Elevated Trading online at or call 972-373-4240 and mention Texas Hemp Reporter.


The Texas Hemp Coalition’s goal is to provide industry specific information to growers, processors and entities that are involved in the Texas Hemp Industry. We will serve as an advocacy, educational and networking liaison to reputable entities within the hemp industry. Visit for more information.


High Stakes and Hurdles: Navigating the Challenges and Charting Solutions in the Thriving Hemp Market of Today

Since Hemp was first legalized in 2019 Texas, it has been thriving as a hub for the prosperous hemp industry. The cannabis industry has grown dramatically in recent years in response to expanding legalization. Texas has had its share of leaps and bounds over the past few years as the Lone Star State embraces the potential of hemp cultivation.

There have been many challenges (and solutions) faced by those trying to maneuver the hemp market that either propel or discourage them from moving forward. Some of those hurdles include having to navigate through the tangled web of complex rules and requirements, excessive fees, marketing censorship, and even regulatory compliance issues, just to name a few.

The hemp market is a dynamic industry influenced by factors ranging from global demand to bad weather conditions. Most farmers are faced with the uncertainty of the market that discourages them from moving forward, yet misconceptions about hemp still persist, leading to a lack of awareness and education.


It’s important in any industry to arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible to face regulatory changes that affect the community, farmers, advocacy groups, and businesses which can lead to a more streamlined approach to concerns. Submerse yourself in the who, what, when, and how of the industry to stay up to date with current rules and regulations that allow for the exploration of diversification strategies. Bridging the educational gap is crucial for dispelling industry myths and also helps to raise awareness of the diverse uses and benefits of hemp. This helps to build resilience in the face of a constantly changing market and helps overcome misconceptions that lead to the development of innovative solutions. Advocates must engage themselves in community outreach programs, workshops, and even public events to better inform consumers and policymakers about the uses of hemp and its benefits.  If these events are not readily available in your community, you can consider hosting your own Hemp 101 forum or workshop and start from there. You can also inform advocates about the latest technology trends that optimize farming operations and help match researchers with industry players to help form collaborations to support the continued growth and improvement of the industry.

As growth occurs, challenges arise, and coming up with new and innovative ideas will be vital for continued growth. When industry partners work together, bonds are reinforced and growth occurs.  Texas continues to shape its identity in the hemp industry and implementing innovative solutions essential to sustaining its growth for years to come. By working together, staying well informed, and adapting to the evolving landscape, Texas can become a world leader in a thriving hemp market.