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From Rosin Roots to Global Growth: The Sweet Sensi Story

Sweet Sensi’s journey began with a passionate vision. Founded by Greg Autry, a pioneer in the rosin industry since its early days in Southern California, Sweet Sensi stands out as one of the first rosin companies globally. Greg’s dedication to creating products true to the plant’s essence, dating back to his early work with bubble hash in the 2000s, marks the brand’s commitment to authenticity and quality.


What sets Sweet Sensi apart in the crowded hemp and cannabis market is its focus on gourmet candy and beverages. Winning numerous cannabis cups for products like chocolates, gumdrops, and tinctures, Sweet Sensi attributes its success to a combination of home-grown hemp, minimal processing extraction methods, and the use of organic ingredients in their self-developed gourmet recipes. Their approach to flavor pairing enhances the cannabis taste rather than masking it, creating a unique sensory experience.


Sweet Sensi’s expertise in regulated cannabis products since California’s prop 215 in 1996 has equipped them with the knowledge to comply with local and state laws meticulously. Their patented process of creating high THC rosin from hemp without chemical manipulation has allowed them to expand legally into more states and countries than other brands.


The process of creating Sweet Sensi’s renowned rosin begins with rigorous testing of hemp plants for cannabinoids and terpenes. Utilizing low-temperature extraction and a heat press designed by Greg Autry, the brand ensures that every chemical compound in the plant is preserved, reflecting their commitment to delivering products that address their consumers’ needs effectively.


Sweet Sensi upholds the highest standards in product quality and safety, adhering to GMP standards and food safety management. With a team well-versed in these protocols, the company conducts comprehensive testing, including full panels, bacterial, and microbial tests, ensuring transparency and reliability.


Sustainability is a cornerstone of Sweet Sensi’s operation. From a water system that reuses nutrient run-off to using solid plant

waste for compost tea, the company is on a mission to become waste-free. Their packaging solutions are environmentally friendly,

emphasizing recycled materials, reusability, and compostability.

Sweet Sensi actively engages with the local community and the broader cannabis industry through events like their

Hemp Harvest Fest and numerous weekend activities. Their educational efforts extend to both retailers and the public,

fostering a well-informed community.

Sweet Sensi is at the forefront of innovation, with recent advancements like a preliminary patent for a water-soluble hash/rosin formula. Despite the regulatory challenges in the Texas market, they maintain a rigorous testing regimen to ensure compliance and product efficacy.

Sweet Sensi is gearing up for an exciting future, with plans including a new retail store on 607 Congress Ave, Austin, offering fresh infused pastries, small batch chocolates, and a cannabis cocktail lounge. Additionally, the brand is set to expand into Europe, underscoring its commitment to growth and innovation in the hemp and cannabis industry.

Sweet Sensi’s journey from its inception to becoming a leader in the hemp and cannabis market is a testament to its dedication to quality, innovation, and community engagement. As they continue to expand and evolve, Sweet Sensi remains a beacon of excellence and authenticity in the ever-growing world of cannabis and hemp.

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