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Testimony to the Texas Health and Human Services Commission

Comments on Proposed Rule Review Chapter 300

As the publisher of the Texas Hemp Reporter, I am honored to offer my testimony regarding the pivotal role our publication has played in advancing the understanding and development of the hemp industry in our state. Over the past four years, our comprehensive coverage has spanned across various media platforms, including our magazine, news website, and podcast, all dedicated to the thriving $25+ billion hemp industry.
Beyond our professional endeavors, the impact of hemp products hits close to home for my family. My wife, Jennifer, who battles Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis, relies on these products to alleviate swelling and inflammation. Additionally, my mother, Linda, found relief during her battle with lung cancer in 2020 and 2021, using CBD products as a complementary treatment alongside radiation and chemotherapy. Today, she stands cancer-free, a testament to the potential of hemp-derived remedies.
Throughout our journey, our business has served as an educational resource for farmers, entrepreneurs, and the general public, disseminating valuable information on hemp products for four years. We have distributed 350,000 copies of the Texas Hemp Reporter magazine across 26 issues, reaching communities in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, McAllen, Lubbock, Midland, and numerous smaller towns across central Texas. Furthermore, our podcast has aired on prominent radio stations such as ESPN and KLBJ, becoming a rare voice in terrestrial radio discussions on hemp-related topics in Texas.
Our efforts have not only informed but also influenced cultural conversations. We have conducted interviews with celebrities, lawmakers, agricultural commissioners, congressmen, industry leaders, and legal experts, shedding light on the burgeoning hemp sector. Our magazine has found its way into over 1,000 CBD stores and smoke shops, including major retailers like HEB, Randalls, and Whole Foods in central Texas.
While acknowledging the potential for improvement in Texas’ hemp and cannabis programs, it is imperative to recognize the state’s leadership alongside Tennessee and North Carolina in this industry. Texas has established a robust hemp program, paving the way for economic growth and job creation, supporting not only my family but also over 50,000 Texans employed in this dynamic field.
In conclusion, we express gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to the review of Chapter 300 and commend your commitment to exploring the vast potential of hemp. As journalists and media professionals, we take pride in our role in covering this topic and showcasing the remarkable benefits that this plant offers to our communities.
Thank you for your attention.
Russell Dowden
Publisher, Texas Hemp Reporter

Texas Hemp Show seeking “On Air” home in local Radio market.

The Texas Hemp Reporter is seeking advertising support and sponsors to take the Texas Hemp Show podcast to the next level ; “on air”. 

The producers of the local podcast in Austin are seeking help from advertisers to make the leap to the local Airwaves on Talk Radio 1370 AM here in Austin or KLBJ 590 AM.

The team has approached both local stations and are seeking an on-air weekend talk program format for the Texas Hemp Show. The podcast now has 26 shows already profiling growers, laboratories, seed companies, soil experts, genetic engineers, and financial professionals in the Hemp Industry. 

Co-hosted by Coleman Hemphill of the Texas Hemp Industries Association, Jesse Williams senior contributor of the Texas Cannabis Collective and Russell Dowden Publisher of the Texas Hemp Reporter magazine; the trio recently attended the NOCO 7 Hemp Expo in Denver where they networked and did two podcast from the event last March. 

With guest from around the U.S. and the state, the weekly radio show will profile farmers, processors and professionals from the growing hemp industry while taking calls from the public.

If your business would like to be a part of one, if not THE first hemp talk show on “Radio” in the Lone Star State, contact Russell with the Texas Hemp Reporter to advertise your product or service on the upcoming new local radio show format. 

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