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Podcast # 131 with J-Man of Weed & Whisky TV

In this last weeks episode Jerry “J-Man” Joyner appears on the Texas Hemp Show to discuss his brand BUCK A BUZZ gummies, as well as talk about the health benefits of cannabis. Joyner has teamed up with Patriot Media Group to offer marketing services with the Texas Hemp Reporter.

Weed & Whiskey News: Texas Hemp Show

The Texas Hemp Show team is working closely this summer with Weed and Whiskey TV and Jerry “J-Man” Joyner in production of hosting more content with the news network from Dallas. Russell Dowden and his team Rachel Nelson and Carl Robinson will be occasionally hosting the Weed & Whiskey News Austin edition from the new studio in downtown Austin TX.

While the teams will share related cannabis content and news for fellow Texans on the ROKU platform, Joyner and Dowden will offer a “combo” Advertising Package with all their media services put together. The Texas Hemp Show airs on all podcast platforms globally, and its ESPN radio partners in Austin at 102.7 FM on Saturday mornings. Then with print media with the Texas Hemp Reporter statewide delivers to 800 CBD & Smoke-shops across the State 6 editions a year, while Weed & Whiskey.TV has over 90K subscribers watching their programing on ROKU devices and their YouTube platform.

The partnership was discussed in on Episode #41 of Weed & Whiskey News recently, kicking off the Austin TX downtown studios with Real News Networks. (see above).

2 Brands of Blue Gummies Everyone Must Try

When it comes to covering hemp and cannabis in Texas, testing out new products is a perk of the job. Recently, I indulged in two brands of gummies that I highly recommend. Coincidentally, they’ll both turn your tongue blue. 

1. OnlyDank’s Forbidden Fruit Gummies

During the SXSW music festival in Austin, I ran into Albert, Founder and CEO of OnlyDank. OnlyDank boasts a collection of branded merch — including rolling trays, grinders and hats. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that this growing brand recently added edibles to its sleek product catalog. 

The Forbidden Fruit gummies by OnlyDank not only taste great, but they also reflect the quality the brand stands by. They are organic, vegan and manufactured through a solventless extraction process. They are also made in a Kosher Certified Facility.

The first time I indulged in one of these 10mg Delta 9 THC gummies, I noticed that it was fast-acting. I took it right before bed, and it quickly brought me to a mellow, contemplative place. While my mind was moving in an analytical way, I felt euphoric and not the least bit anxious as I dozed off into a tranquil slumber.

Based on my experience, I highly recommend heading to to make a purchase.

2. Blue Buzzberry Gummies from Buck’A Buzz 

It was through Texas Hemp Show’s recent partnership with Weed and Whisey TV that I discovered the Buck’A Buzz gummies. Jerry “J-Man” Joyner, the streaming platform’s frontman, is involved in the venture and gave me a pack to try.

I have to give this brand an A+ on its marketing. For one, the packaging is colorful and attention-grabbing. Furthermore, a 5-pack of 10mg Delta 9 THC gummies costs $5 (hence the name “Buck’A Buzz”).

Yes, the concept is amusing, but the effects are no joke. When I took a Buck’A Buzz, I found the experience to be rather uplifting. For the next few hours, I felt chatty and upbeat.

If you want a gummy that will provide a quality sesh for yourself and four friends at a value, Buck’A Buzz is for you. Find them at

Weed & Whiskey News: Austin

The Texas Hemp Reporter is excited to report on our partnership this Spring with Jerry Joyner aka “JMan” and our friends at the Dallas TX based Weed & Whiskey TV. The ROKU Platform offers cannabis content, and much more from its APP, YouTube channel, and website platforms. Viewers are now be able to access Texas Hemp Show content from the website but the networks staple show Weed & Whiskey News is also shooting weekly content from the new Austin TX based studio.

Joyner and Dowden will frequently appear together as well as separately from the new downtown Austin Texas facilities. Russell appeared on Episode 35 last month and has plans to collaborate on several projects with the Weed & Whiskey TV platform.

Click to watch Episode # 35 here on YouTube.

The Texas Hemp Show has also landed itself back on local air-waves in Austin TX with Waterloo Media and Austin’s ESPN flagship Saturdays from 8am-9am on weekends. The Podcast Audience is already growing on digital platforms, but the new edition of ESPN will only blossom the talk show into more listeners and a budding interest in business and opportunities as cannabis becomes more mainstream in the Lone Star State.

One Project Coming Soon from Weed & Whiskey TV & Patriot Media Group is a new News Program called “Paranoid America”