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Top Funding Solutions for Hemp Entrepreneurs in Texas.

The hemp and cannabis industry in Texas is booming, with entrepreneurs eager to find funding for their new and expanding businesses. Despite facing unique challenges, several promising funding options are available to help these ventures thrive as listed below. Option #1- State and or (limited) Federal Grants

Hemp Businesses: Some agricultural grants are available, such as those from the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA), which supports industrial hemp projects. Programs like the Specialty Crop Block Grant Program (SCBGP) provide funding for research, marketing, and education for crops like hemp. Cannabis Businesses: Direct federal grants are limited due to restrictions, but some state-level opportunities may exist.

Option #2- Private Grants and Foundations

Organizations like the Hemp Industries Association (HIA) and the Foundation for an Informed Texas sometimes offer research, education, and business development grants in the hemp and cannabis sectors. These grants often support innovative and sustainable projects.

Option #3- Business Loans and Financing

Traditional business loans can be difficult to obtain for cannabis businesses due to regulations. However, some financial institutions and private lenders, such as North Bay Credit Union, First Citizens Bank, Safe Harbor Financial, or Affinity Federal Credit Union. Some of these banks are starting to offer loans and credit lines specifically for hemp and cannabis businesses.

Option #4- Crowdfunding and Investment Platforms

Crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and specialized sites like Fundanna allow hemp and cannabis businesses to raise money from the public. Investment platforms like ArcView Group and Canopy Boulder connect startups with investors interested in the industry.

Option #5- State-Specific Programs

Texas has specific programs to support hemp businesses, like the Texas Hemp Program managed by the TDA, which provides resources, licensing, and regulatory guidance. These programs help businesses stay compliant and can attract other sources of funding.

Finding funding for hemp and cannabis businesses in Texas can be tough, but there are many options available. By looking into state and federal grants, private foundations, specialized loans, crowdfunding, and state-specific programs, entrepreneurs may be able to secure the funding they need. However, keep in mind that some state, federal, or foundation grant agencies may not even review your grant application unless you are 501©3, an officially recognized nonprofit charitable, religious, or educational organization that received tax-exempt status from the IRS. It’s important to learn the grant process and familiarize yourself with grant writing. Most grants are almost always tied to a specific project and or program that helps to support either education or the betterment of the community. Stay tuned for basic tips on grant writing in our next issue. Staying updated on new opportunities and following regulations is key to long-term success.


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Testimony to the Texas Health and Human Services Commission

Comments on Proposed Rule Review Chapter 300

As the publisher of the Texas Hemp Reporter, I am honored to offer my testimony regarding the pivotal role our publication has played in advancing the understanding and development of the hemp industry in our state. Over the past four years, our comprehensive coverage has spanned across various media platforms, including our magazine, news website, and podcast, all dedicated to the thriving $25+ billion hemp industry.
Beyond our professional endeavors, the impact of hemp products hits close to home for my family. My wife, Jennifer, who battles Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis, relies on these products to alleviate swelling and inflammation. Additionally, my mother, Linda, found relief during her battle with lung cancer in 2020 and 2021, using CBD products as a complementary treatment alongside radiation and chemotherapy. Today, she stands cancer-free, a testament to the potential of hemp-derived remedies.
Throughout our journey, our business has served as an educational resource for farmers, entrepreneurs, and the general public, disseminating valuable information on hemp products for four years. We have distributed 350,000 copies of the Texas Hemp Reporter magazine across 26 issues, reaching communities in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, McAllen, Lubbock, Midland, and numerous smaller towns across central Texas. Furthermore, our podcast has aired on prominent radio stations such as ESPN and KLBJ, becoming a rare voice in terrestrial radio discussions on hemp-related topics in Texas.
Our efforts have not only informed but also influenced cultural conversations. We have conducted interviews with celebrities, lawmakers, agricultural commissioners, congressmen, industry leaders, and legal experts, shedding light on the burgeoning hemp sector. Our magazine has found its way into over 1,000 CBD stores and smoke shops, including major retailers like HEB, Randalls, and Whole Foods in central Texas.
While acknowledging the potential for improvement in Texas’ hemp and cannabis programs, it is imperative to recognize the state’s leadership alongside Tennessee and North Carolina in this industry. Texas has established a robust hemp program, paving the way for economic growth and job creation, supporting not only my family but also over 50,000 Texans employed in this dynamic field.
In conclusion, we express gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to the review of Chapter 300 and commend your commitment to exploring the vast potential of hemp. As journalists and media professionals, we take pride in our role in covering this topic and showcasing the remarkable benefits that this plant offers to our communities.
Thank you for your attention.
Russell Dowden
Publisher, Texas Hemp Reporter

ZAR Wellness on Podcast # 133

Our friends at ZAR Wellness come on the show and educate our team and listeners on the many products and benefits from CBD and cannabis wellness products, their business, and mission statement.
ZAR is a veteran owned family brand and are happy to help many communities through their storefronts and online store.

Veterans Text ‘Military’ to 254.226.5346 to verify military ID for 22% OFF Discount. No Medical Card Needed at ZAR Cannabis Dispensaries

Podcast # 131 with J-Man of Weed & Whisky TV

In this last weeks episode Jerry “J-Man” Joyner appears on the Texas Hemp Show to discuss his brand BUCK A BUZZ gummies, as well as talk about the health benefits of cannabis. Joyner has teamed up with Patriot Media Group to offer marketing services with the Texas Hemp Reporter.

Weed & Whiskey News: Austin

The Texas Hemp Reporter is excited to report on our partnership this Spring with Jerry Joyner aka “JMan” and our friends at the Dallas TX based Weed & Whiskey TV. The ROKU Platform offers cannabis content, and much more from its APP, YouTube channel, and website platforms. Viewers are now be able to access Texas Hemp Show content from the website but the networks staple show Weed & Whiskey News is also shooting weekly content from the new Austin TX based studio.

Joyner and Dowden will frequently appear together as well as separately from the new downtown Austin Texas facilities. Russell appeared on Episode 35 last month and has plans to collaborate on several projects with the Weed & Whiskey TV platform.

Click to watch Episode # 35 here on YouTube.

The Texas Hemp Show has also landed itself back on local air-waves in Austin TX with Waterloo Media and Austin’s ESPN flagship Saturdays from 8am-9am on weekends. The Podcast Audience is already growing on digital platforms, but the new edition of ESPN will only blossom the talk show into more listeners and a budding interest in business and opportunities as cannabis becomes more mainstream in the Lone Star State.

One Project Coming Soon from Weed & Whiskey TV & Patriot Media Group is a new News Program called “Paranoid America”

Former NFL Running Back Ricky Williams Launches Highsman Cannabis Lifestyle Brand

Every year since 1935, the Heisman Trophy has recognized the best American college football player. In 1998, the honor fell on University of Texas running back Ricky Williams.

Williams went on to play 11 seasons in the National Football League (NFL) and one season with the Canadian Football League (CFL). During his time in the NFL, Williams failed several drug tests for marijuana — which even spurred an early retirement in 2004. 

Williams returned to the Miami Dolphins in 2005 but was suspended for the entire 2006 season after failing yet another drug test (that’s when he spent a year playing for the CFL). In 2007, Williams returned to the Dolphins, where he remained until 2010. He spent a season playing with the Baltimore Ravens before retiring from the NFL a second time in 2011.

After putting his career on the line multiple times, it’s obvious Williams is a big fan of cannabis. Clearly, using the herb didn’t stop him from breaking NFL records. Now, Williams is encouraging others to “spark greatness” through his Highsman cannabis lifestyle brand.

Visit to browse Williams’ products, which include three categories of cannabis flower: 

  • Pregame: An energizing lineup of game-changing sativas with terpene profiles proven to promote motivation and alertness. 
  • Halftime: A balanced collection of unique hybrids with terpene profiles naturally designed to create a smooth, leveled euphoria.
  • Postgame: A roster of recovery-focused indicas fueled by terpenes that promote pain relief, relaxation and better sleep. 

Fans can also buy apparel on the site — from jackets and hoodies to beanies and sweatpants. Highsman also features an assortment of water bottles, stickers, rolling trays and more.

Williams’ new venture has caught the attention of major media outlets like Forbes, Market Watch and the New York Post. To Williams, it’s obvious Highsman is more than just another cannabis brand. The website describes it as “an elite mentality that is defined by an appreciation for greatness.”

Through the years, Williams has been vocal about his relationship with cannabis, revealing that it has helped him to manage his anxiety. 

“Ricky was scrutinized by the NFL and sports fans alike throughout his career, but he knew that restricting his cannabis consumption meant restricting who he truly was as an individual,” the website explains. 

Be sure to follow @highsman on Instagram to get the latest updates. 

April Edition / Digital Issue

April Edition of the Texas Hemp Reporter covers the current state of Hemp & Cannabis while the 88th Legislature is in session. Also covered are the medical benefits from many cannabinoids. Introducing “Tejas Tonic” the new terp-boosted THC beverage from Aaron at Tejas Hemp in Dripping Springs Texas. Weed & Whiskey TV also profiled & Texas Blues Legend Chris Duarte.

Texas Hemp Day at the Capitol

The Texas Hemp Reporter attended the first ever Texas Hemp Day at the Capitol and Rachel was there for a report with activity with lawmakers. Written & Produced by Rachel Nelson.

Texas Hemp Day at the Capitol was a huge success, marking the first time that Texas’ hemp industry came together at the capitol. The event provided an opportunity for members to interact with one another, as well as state representatives and senators. The work accomplished at the capitol is expected to benefit the industry in the current legislative session.

The Texas Hemp Coalition expressed their appreciation to all those who came to Austin to show their support for the coalition and the Texas hemp industry, and looks forward to seeing them again soon.

As the 88th Texas Legislature convened on January 10, 2023, the Texas Hemp Coalition’s tenant of “advocacy” is carried out during this session as they continue to fight for the industry’s prosperity. The final day of the legislative session is May 29, 2023, and the coalition encourages industry supporters to reach out to their State Representatives and Senators to voice their concerns and support for the hemp industry in Texas.

The coalition’s federal and state legislative priorities include protecting all cannabinoids for consumable hemp products, ensuring retailers and manufacturers are protected for future cannabinoid products for the market, advancing regulatory efforts towards legalizing hemp feed as a protein for animals for human consumption, urging the FDA to regulate CBD as a dietary supplement, protecting and fighting for farmers to have a more efficient program, updating legislation to reflect changes from USDA rules, passing a 2023 Farm Bill to reflect a more industry-supported hemp program, and giving agencies the ability to update statute per the 2023 Farm Bill.

In terms of Texas legislative priorities, the coalition is supporting SB 264 by Senator Charles Perry, which relates to the production, sale, distribution, delivery, and regulation of consumable hemp products, and SB 321 by Senator Charles Perry, which relates to the production and regulation of hemp, providing administrative penalties, and creating a criminal offense.

On the federal level, the coalition is supporting H.R. 6645: The Hemp Advancement Act of 2022 by Rep. Chellie Pingree, which aims to make it easier and more profitable for U.S. farmers to grow hemp while ensuring consumers of hemp are protected against unsafe products, the Safe Banking Act by Rep. Ed Perlmutter, which would protect institutions administering financial services to all legal cannabis businesses by preventing any penalization from federal regulators, and the Hemp and Hemp Derived CBD Consumer Protection and Market Stabilization Act of 2021 by Rep. Kurt Schrader, which would ensure that hemp-derived CBD and other non-intoxicating hemp ingredients could be lawfully marketed as dietary supplements.

Overall, the Texas Hemp Coalition’s legislative efforts are focused on supporting the growth and prosperity of the hemp industry in Texas, and they are actively engaging with lawmakers and stakeholders to achieve these goals.

Podcast# 117 Clay Moore Texas A&M Hemp Breeding Program

Clay Moore: Undergraduate Researcher | Hemp Breeding 
& Genetics Cannabis Hemp Innovation League  |  Texas A&M University/

Clay talks with us about his research in this Hemp Sciences at TAMU.
He also contributes to the magazine with a few articles a month.

What is The Texas Hemp Show ?

The Texas Hemp Show is the official podcast for the Texas Hemp Reporter Magazine: The Texas Hemp Show is recorded every Thursday at from 6 -7pm and is released each Friday. For news and the latest information on the growing Hemp & Cannabis industry in the Lone Star State subscribe to our magazine the Texas Hemp Reporter online and follow us wherever podcasts are available.

Greenhouse Goodness

Are you a plant lover looking to expand your collection yet concerned about your lack of green space? Look no further than the confines of your home.  It can be equally frustrating to expand upon your love of plants especially if you don’t have a yard.   You don’t need a green thumb as long as you have the right materials, setup, and proper care, you can turn your greenhouse dreams into an indoor paradise reality.

You should first decide where you want to put your plants and how large the setup should be. 

The location of your plants should be easily accessible, and of course, the size of your setup should be based on how much space you have and how many plants you want to grow. Most houseplants need bright, indirect light, although most will be happy with a window facing East, West, or South.  If you don’t have much natural lighting in your home, you will need to buy LED Grow Bulbs for your DYI greenhouse.

Secondly, it’s important to consider the type of material you will need.

Some examples can be wood, metal, or plastic framing depending on your goal. Select the right materials for your greenhouse to ensure proper ventilation, temperature, and humidity.  Glass or plastic is a great choice of material since it allows light to pass through quite easily.  Although if you don’t want to spend time building a greenhouse, you can store them in a vitrine or even a curio cabinet that may be ideal granted, they get light and are properly hydrated. A frame is essential to the foundation of your greenhouse. You can add ventilated plastic sheeting around the frame to trap moisture.

Next, plan your layout, including placement and any other additional features, such as shelving and/or lighting. Consider your path and ventilation system to ensure your greenhouse is easy to navigate to (if it’s large) and maintains a healthy growing environment. Adding shelving to your greenhouse may be best if you decide to grow your collection further.

Lastly, hydration is key, depending on the types of plants you have.  You should install a small humidifier and fan to help hydrate your critters in case you are not available to water your plants daily.  Greenhouses can be very hot during the day, so it’s important to have a cooling system in place to regulate the temperature. You can choose to have ventilated plastic sleeves around your shelving so you can easily lift them up to let air in.  

List of supplies you may need to get started:

Cabinet or shelving (price varies)

LED Grow lights… $35-45

Humidifier (price varies)

Small Fan $10-15

Power strip $5

Humidity meter $1

Plastic Sheets (in case you decide to use a shelf with openings)

Heavy Duty Stapler to staple the plastic sheets to the wood frame

Ultimately plants can be great pals for removing toxic agents in the air through a built-in air purification system they have. The addition of plants can also improve your health and has been known to sharpen your focus if you have an office or classroom. The level of difficulty to design your greenhouse is medium to low. An indoor greenhouse can help create a warm inviting space where your plants can thrive year-round. An indoor greenhouse is a great idea if you are out of town often or if you live in an area where it freezes during the winter months. You can easily control the environment of your DYI project and start enjoying your greenhouse vibes regardless of the weather outside. But remember that if you love your plants year-round, they will love you back with their endless potential! Happy Gardening!

CBD Delivery ATX Serves Customers in Austin and Beyond

Get a Variety of Products in 2 Hours or Less

By Rachel Nelson

In March 2020, before anyone knew the pandemic would drastically change the world, three Austinites launched CBD Delivery ATX. According to co-owner Liz Pruett, timing was on their side. 

“Delivery became a more important part of everyday life,” she said. “A lot of our customers have been with us since the beginning because for whatever reason, they can’t leave the house, don’t want to leave the house or feel intimidated about going into a head shop. So I think it does kind of fill a niche market of people who want to stay closer to home.”

Pruett and the other co-owners — brothers Rob and TJ Leonard — received their first delivery order a week prior to the COVID shutdown and say the phone has not stopped ringing since. Initially, the trio said they went with a delivery business model to save money on leasing a storefront, but they hoped to eventually grow into a brick-and-mortar location. However, they soon realized that “delivery was kind of the way to go,” Pruett said. 

“In the early days of our business we kind of thought it was going to die off when the pandemic was over, but it kind of went the other way,” Rob Leonard said. “It just became more, so I guess this is what so many businesses are doing because people love the convenience of it.”

The owners of CBD Delivery Service tout their assortment of locally sourced products as well as their diverse customer mix — from war veterans to soccer moms and massage therapists.

“We have some people that order bath bombs and others that want every type of THC that we carry that’s legal,” Rob Leonard said.

Compliance is a priority at CBD Delivery Service, and every customer must show their ID upon arrival. 

“We always ensure that it doesn’t get into the wrong person’s hands,” Rob Leonard said. 

While the owners of CBD Delivery Service steer clear of making medical claims about their products, their customers have boasted many healing effects — such as relief from pain and anxiety. 

TJ Leonard said his business motivation stems from wanting to help people consume hemp legally. He grew up in Maine and later moved to California — both legal states. Now that he lives in Texas, he said he hopes the business helps keep people out of legal trouble. Additionally, CBD Delivery Service aims to be fast and discreet. 

“When you go into a head shop, it kind of feels like you’re doing something illegal, even though everything’s legal,” TJ Leonard said. “With us, it’s as discreet as you can make it. We don’t wear uniforms, our cars aren’t decorated.”

The owners all say they are pleasnatly surprised at how busy they have been since the pandemic cooled off, and their delivery area extends beyond the Austin city limits. A map of the service area can be found at, and everyone who orders can expect to receive their products in two hours or less. 

Standard delivery is $10 but jumps to $20 for the extended delivery region. However, all customers who spend $100 or more receive free delivery. Additionally, every new customer receives 25% off of their order total. 

15 Stoner Celebrities You Wish Were in Your Blunt Rotation + Where to Find Them on Instagram

Remember the days when smoking marijuana was a secret hobby that people went to great lengths to conceal? Thankfully, those days are far behind us. With marijuana-shaming being a thing of the distant past, celebrities are being more candid about their love for cannabis than ever before. Besides just using it, they are advocating for its legality and concocting their own plant strains and canna-businesses. 

Here’s our list of the top 15 celebrity stoners in America today, according to their own words. 

1. Willie Nelson (@willienelsonofficial)

“I don’t know anybody that’s ever died from smoking pot. Had a friend of mine that said a bale fell on him and hurt him pretty bad, though.” — Willie Nelson to The Rolling Stone in 2019

Let’s go ahead and get Willie Nelson out of the way, as the man is a leafy-green legend. He has been extremely vocal about his cannabis use for decades, and he is even rumored to have smoked marijuana in the Texas Governor’s mansion. To celebrate his love for hemp, Willie launched his own CBD brand called Willie’s Remedy that sells infused coffee, tinctures, teas and more. 

2. Snoop Dogg (@snoopdogg)

“This weed is mine, get your own bag.” — Snoop Dogg’s Weed Iz Mine lyrics

Snoop is a famous rapper (not to be confused with blunt wrapper). But if the shoe fits, he will definitely wear it, because Snoop has never been shy about his cannabis consumption. He never misses an opportunity to blow huge clouds of pot smoke in his music videos or during public appearances.

3. Cheech Marin & Tommy Chong (@cheechmarin & @heytommychong)

“I take a toke, and all my fears go up in smoke.” — Cheech & Chong, 1978

We’ll go ahead and lump Cheech and Chong together, as it’s difficult to imagine one without the other. Everyone’s favorite Mexican-American pot-smoking duo has been entertaining people for decades. With nearly half a century of public weed consumption under their belts, they’re basically America’s stoned great uncles. Tommy Chong takes his stonership very seriously, which is why he launched his own cannabis brand, Chong’s Choice, in 2015.

4. Shelby Chong (@funnyshelby)

“Such a great charity event and so much fun when u take a gummy bear.” — Shelby on Instagram in  May 2019

Everyone knows that couples who toke together stay together, and Shelby and Tommy Chong have been married since 1975. Their relationship is filled with warm hugs and fluffy nugs, and Shelby’s Instagram is laced with many weed innuendos.

5. Matthew McConaughey (@officiallymcconaughey)

“Say man, you got a joint? … It’d be a lot cooler if you did.”  — Matthew McConaughey as David Wooderson in Dazed & Confused, 1993

As the man who was featured in one of the most well-known stoner flicks of all time, who didn’t see this coming? McConaughey’s pot use isn’t confined to the movies, though. In 1999, he was arrested for possession of marijuana, and his 2020 autobiography “Greenlights” contains several ganja references.

6. Joe Rogan (@joerogan)

“Marijuana has made me a more sensitive person. It’s enhanced my feelings on the positive aspects of community, and made me more affectionate and compassionate.” — Joe Rogan, 2019, via Instagram

Joe Rogan shares about his marijuana usage on all of his social media accounts as well as his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. Through the years, he has been a very vocal advocate for the legalization of marijuana. 

7. Seth Rogen (@sethrogen)

“I’ve never gone to a movie and thought, ‘man, I wish I was less stoned right now.” — Seth Rogen, 2008 on The Daily Show

As the mastermind behind Pineapple Express, it’s no secret that Seth Rogan loves to toke up. In 2019, he co-founded Houseplants, a cannabusiness that sells three of Rogen’s favorite strains: Diablo Wind, Pink Moon and Pancake Ice. The brand also sells home goods, like ashtrays and ceramics. 

8. Wiz Khalifa (@wizkhalifa)

“I’m rolling up another joint as soon as the weed’s gone.” — Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm Lyrics 

Wiz Khalifa is one of the most unabashed stoners around. His cannabis line, Khalifa Kush, sells flower, pre-rolls, vapes, edibles and concentrates. He also launched his own line of stoner munchies called HotBox by Wiz.

9. Martha Stewart (@marthastewart)

“Of course I know how to roll a joint.” — Martha Stewart to Andy Cohen in 2013

Let’s face it — hanging out with Snoop Dogg makes anyone a stoner by association. Through a partnership with Canopy Growth, Martha launched her own CBD line in 2020 that offers gummies, supplements and, most recently, beauty products. Even if Martha isn’t sparking up from sunup to sundown like her partner in crime Snoop, one thing’s for certain … if you ever get the chance to try her brownies, you better take it. 

10. B-Real (@breal)

“We always considered ourselves the champions of cannabis culture in terms of hip-hop and mainstream music. We reference it in the music whenever we get a chance. — B-Real, 2021,

The Cypress Hill frontman (whose real name is Louis Mario Freese) is very enthusiastic about his cannabis use. He chain smokes joints on the Dr. Greenthumb podcast, which is hosted on his YouTube channel, BRealTV. He is also a leading cannabis entrepreneur, owning six Dr. Greenthumb dispensaries.

11. Soleil Moon-Frye (@moonfrye)

“What is better than to get completely blazed and stare at the Starburst Galaxy?” — Soleil Moon-Frye, 2021 on the Dr. Greenthumb Podcast

You may know her as Punky Brewster. In 2021, she released a Hulu documentary about her life called Kid 90, where she spoke openly about blazing bowls with other 90s teen stars back in the day. While she didn’t partake in marijuana during her appearance on the Dr. Greenthumb podcast last year, she did admit to having a strong contact high and reminisced back to the days when she was known by the nickname “Punky Blunts.” 

12. Kirsten Dunst (@kierstendunst)

“I drink moderately, I’ve tried drugs. I do like weed.” — Kirsten Dunst, 2009 to Britain’s Live Magazine

Kiersten Dunst is ready to Bring it On. (The bong rips, that is). Although she admits she isn’t one to spend all day stoned, she has publicly advocated for the legalization of marijuana calling America’s laws against it “ridiculous.” 

13. Elon Musk

“Am considering taking Tesla private at $420. Funding secured.” — Elon Musk, 2018, via Twitter

In 2018, Elon Musk caught a lot of flack after he smoked pot on Joe Rogan’s podcast. He later called that decision “not wise,” but really — who cares what people think when you’re worth hundreds of billions of dollars?

14. Rihanna (@badgalriri)

“Kush rolled, glass full…I prefer the better things!” — Rihanna, 2012, via Twitter

Rihanna isn’t shy when it comes to publicly indulging in cannabis. The Barbadian singer and lingerie designer once rolled a blunt on the bald head of her bodyguard at the Coachella music festival. 

15. Lady Gaga (@ladygaga)

So I was weed for Halloween. BEST COSTUME EVER, IT’S SO FUN. Princess High the Cannabis Queen.” — Lady Gaga, 2012 via Twitter

Long before starring in the 2021 flick “House of Gucci,” Lady Gaga was using marijuana to get her creative juices flowing. During a 2011 60 Minutes interview, she revealed to Anderson Cooper that she smokes a lot of pot while writing music.

There are far more fine flower children that could be included on this list. In fact, Woody Harrelson, Brad Pitt and Chelsea Handler each get an honorable mention. Be sure to follow them all on Instagram to make your feed a little greener. 


Rachel M. Nelson

Writer, Videographer, Designer

Organic Search Specialist

A History of Celebrating 420 + 6 Ways to Spend The Holiday

We’ve all heard the term, “It’s five o’clock somewhere,” but what about 4:20? We turned to Wikipedia to get to the root of where the “420” stoner reference originated.

Legend has it that the number 420 first became associated with cannabis in the 1970s when five California high school students who called themselves “The Waldos” would meet at 4:20 p.m. to search for an abandoned cannabis crop. They used a treasure map provided by the supposed grower, and while their hunts were never fruitful, the term “420” stuck. 

Four-twenty became a world-renowned pot-smoking phrase after one of The Waldos, Dave Reddix, became a roadie for the Grateful Dead. They declared 4:20 p.m. as the acceptable time to smoke weed, and Grateful Dead followers helped to popularize the term.  

A rolled marijuana joint half burnt, isolated on white.

In 1991, High Times Magazine referenced the term “420” for the first time, and Journalist Steven Hager wrote a feature piece about The Waldos in 1998. 

April 20, a.k.a. 4/20, is now a popular counterculture holiday. It’s an occasion when stoners gather together to pass the peace pipe as well as advocate for the legalization of marijuana. 

Today, the spirit of 4/20 is alive and well. Here are five ways to celebrate.

1. Visit a legal state

As 4/20/22 approached, Max Juhasz, founder of Frisco-based Cannabiz Marketing Solutions, planned to celebrate by traveling to a state where cannabis is legal, like Colorado or New Mexico. 

“We can have a good old time without worrying about the nonsense,” he said. “It’s going to be a blast.”

2. Find a cannabis sale

Juhasz also shared that one of his clients in Oregon, Plain Jane, planned to have a special 4/20 sale on its hemp and CBD products.

“We usually have a huge party and celebrate,” he said. “If we can, we like to get all the farmers, growers and other people in the industry and celebrate all that we have done to help bring cannabis awareness and legalization to almost two-thirds of the country.”

3. Set out on a long road trip

This year, travel writer and marijuana enthusiast Hail Groo chose 4/20 as the day to embark on a weeks-long road trip across the western and southern United States, as well as western Canada, to explore the cannabis laws in each area.

“As someone who relies on CBD and medical marijuana and is a social media cannabis influencer, it’s essential to know the laws every place I go,” Groo said. “I’ll be walking my followers through the differences in each location, how I’m able to legally manage my disabilities and still have a great time as a solo traveler.”

Groo invites everyone to follow her journey via Instagram, where she goes by @the.cannabis.nerd.

A rolled marijuana joint half burnt, isolated on white.

4. Lounge around with friends

While 4/20 is just another day for many stoners, some people see it as a special occasion to parkake. Hannah Pierce, a media executive at Luciding, said the holiday has become an annual tradition.

“My partner and I aren’t really weed people, that is except for the 20th of April: the one day a year we let our hair down, go to a friend’s house and get high,” Pierce said. 

Pierce admitted she was nervous the first time she tried weed, but since the plant is now legal in her state, she decided to give it a go when she was invited to a 4/20 party by friends. 

“It felt like the perfect place to experiment and try it out whilst being surrounded by safe people in a safe environment. Since then, we’ve gone to that house every year, and every year it’s a great time. Everyone brings a ton of food, we vote on a ridiculous or crappy movie, and we lounge around in pajamas smoking and laughing all night. It’s amazing!”

5. Try Delta-8

Spencer Beaudreault, founder of Hero Brands, said he was going to “chill out with our 20mg Delta-8 gummies” on 4/20.

Delta 8 is a cannabinoid like CBD. However, unlike CBD, Delta 8 causes euphoric effects like traditional cannabis. While Beaudreault launched his business to promote plants over pills, his website cautions users to “start low and go slow,” as the gummies can take one to two hours to take effect. 

6. Use caution

Chicago attorney Clyde Guilamo has a warning for those that live in states like Texas where recreational marijuana use is not legal. 

“Be careful on the drive home, as some states allow police to search your car based on the odor of cannabis,” he said. Guilamo shares more on his YouTube channel, Law Talk for Non-Lawyers.

The Possible Fate of Delta-8 in Texas

Texas advocates and business owners should be prepared at minimum to fight like hell if needed.

Texans turned out to the polls late October and early November to show who they favored to be stewards of Texas for the next two to four years.

The results are a largely unchanged Texas legislative landscape. Republicans still have a majority, a few new faces will appear, and statewide incumbents that ran kept their seats.

Last year, I chimed in on delta-8 in Texas. I noted that in this next legislative session we can expect to see varied interests coming out on all sides, including medical marijuana groups that are going to have input about this, and the hemp industry needs to be ready with answers and be ready to fight for their products. We are all in this together and we all need to push the industry forward together in a healthy and responsible fashion if we want this to work.

I think those words are still true today. With what everyone saw transpire in the 2021 legislative session, people should be ready for a war on the hemp front overall. Delta-8 is not the only thing on the line.

We watched as several bills moved over to the senate, to include one that dealt with penalty reduction measures for concentrates of marijuana. The hemp clean-up bill was involved in the mess that resulted in the death of both bills.

Take a look at the current planks for the Republican Party of Texas and you’ll notice that they mention hemp. That the party wishes to reduce the regulation of hemp in the state. How would that even be done in a state where the state is looking for its program to meet just the minimum federal requirements to stay as open as possible?

The program gets more restrictive is what takes place. How can removing regulation make things more restrictive you may be asking. Currently the state of Texas has a regulation as part of the law for the hemp program that keeps a county from banning hemp as a whole or in part. They cannot ban the transportation through their county, per federal law, but when has that stopped Texas from still arresting for the transportation of hemp and confiscating the plant?

Deregulating in that area would allow places like Montgomery County, Navarro County, and counties across the panhandle to explicitly ban the substance. It could be flower they ban, it could be oils that they ban. Edibles could go away, so could industrial hemp if they so desire. They could just say that hemp as a plant is banned there.

Delta-8 was the obvious target last session. It was setup in a way to cause factions between the hemp industry. Farmers vs shops was the dichotomy that was evident in the end. Both should be on the same team though. The farmers make money from their product currently being sold by shops as the industrial side is still getting set up to process mass product. Ending either side of that equation in the next few years will cripple the Texas hemp market even further.

Federally a court has ruled that delta-8 is a legal item on that level. That if congress intended for it to not be an item of legal availability, the body could have done something about it by now. There is nothing that explicitly states though that a state has to keep a specific isomer.

This should be expected in the upcoming legislative session. And it must be said as a big picture item that hemp bills are not the only place where hemp can get torn apart. The industry will have to pay attention to all of the cannabis bills put forward this session. Delta-8 could face issues in any number of bills.

Pay attention to the advocacy organizations in the state and when they are releasing updates about legislative items. If you’re a consumer, be ready to write letters and show up to hand out information or be available when a mass lobby day is announced. For business owners and consumers alike, be ready to testify at committee hearings that could be scheduled for 8am one morning and not have the bill heard until 9-10pm at night or possibly later.

If you are a business owner in this space, this is part of running your business from the start of the legislative session, until the end of said session in 2023. Your business is on the line, your farm is on the line, your processing facilities are on the line. If you are a consumer, your favorite products are on the line. Do not let this slip away without a massive push to keep it in place at a minimum.

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