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The Texas Hemp Show: Podcast # 1

Summary This is Show # 1 of the Podcast. Recorded at Take Off Terminal Studios in Austin. Show Notes: This week on the show we have John Kern’s of New Bloom Labs, Ben Meggs of Bayou City Hemp in Houston & Adam Jernigan Co-Founder COO | Sweet Sensi CBD. Great kick-off for the new Podcast, and our co-host is Jesse Williams of the Texas Cannabis Collective. We discuss the smokable Hemp ruling for Texas as well as the MORE Act of 2019. A great show for week 1 and we encourage you to support the Texas Hemp Reporter and the Texas Hemp Show by sharing the link with your social sites and friends. What is The Texas Hemp Show ? The Texas Hemp Reporter new Podcast: The Texas Hemp Show is now recorded every Tuesday at 5pm and is released each week on Wednesdays. For news and the latest information on the growing Hemp industry in the Lone Star State.

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