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“The Texas THC Challenge: Top 10 THC Beverages in the Lone Star State”

This wasn’t a rushed tasting, but an exploration that spanned three hours. The students were provided with cheese, meats, and crackers as palate cleansers, allowing them to experience the>full spectrum of each drink’s profile before moving on to the next one. Each beverage was rated on four criteria: taste, smell, the presentation of the liquid itself, and the brand’s presentation. Taste and smell are, of course, the primary factors in any beverage’s appeal. But we also recognized that the visual appeal of a beverage – its color, consistency, and even the design of its packaging – can significantly impact a consumer’s overall experience. Once the blind tasting and scoring were completed, the brands were revealed, and the students could reflect on the impact of branding on their overall perception and experience. Here were the results…

1st Place – THC Lemonade (Blue Raspberry) by DANKK: A non-carbonated liquid sensation bursting with potent lemon aroma and the nostalgic taste of blue raspberry lemonade. The drink’s slight hint of cannabis flavor and a juice-like consistency with lemon pulp made it a favorite, securing a perfect score. A potent concoction containing 50 mg of hemp-derived Delta 9 THC, the THC Lemonade stood proud at the top of the ranking.

2nd Place – Lemonade by Smilyn: This carbonated beverage features a delightful blend of lemon and lime flavors, with a dash of sweetness and a hint of menthol aftertaste. Its cloud-like appearance similar to Smirnoff Ice and a simple can design mirrored its straightforward Californian roots. With 50 mg of Delta 8, it received a well-deserved second place.

3rd Place – Houston Juice: This ‘Zen, Focus, and Caffeinated THC Drank,’ packs a punch with 12mg of Hemp-Derived THC. Its sour Skittles taste and peachy aroma, coupled with a lively can design boasting Texas’s biggest city, had the students raving. This carbonated sensation won unanimous acclaim, earning a 5/5.

4th Place – Honey Suckle’s Nectar Seltzer (Strawberry Lemonade): Scoring a 3/5, this carbonated refresher emanates a berry-like smell, with a sparkling berry water taste and a hint of citrus. Its flavor profile, despite not aligning perfectly with its name, made a positive impression. The Strawberry Lemonade contains 5mg of hemp-derived Delta 9.

5th Place – F8ED’s Cosmic Blast: With a score of 3/5, the non-carbonated drink brings forth an
artificial orange flavor and smell. The vibrant orange color of the liquid matches the bottle’s
elaborate decoration, housing 25mg of Delta 8 THC within.

6th Place – Third Coast, Beach Break (Watermellow): A 2/5 rating reflected the unexpected blend of cucumber and melon taste and smell. Its beachy summer vibe can design encloses 5mg of Hemp Derived Delta 9 THC, making it a carbonated treat for the taste buds.

7th Place – Howdy, Paloma: Sporting a picturesque can featuring a bronco-riding cowboy, this carbonated delight, infused with 2.5mg of Hemp Derived Delta 9 THC, offered a genuine orange flavor. One student, hailing from the Valley, Texas, fondly commented that it tasted like home.

8th Place – Howdy, Ranch Water: Another from the Howdy stables, this carbonated drink also featured the cowboy-bronco logo on a green can. Despite its overwhelming smell, the bitter-lemon taste was appreciated by a student from the Valley. However, it gathered a modest rating of 1/5. 9th Place – “Lil Bit” by 8th Wonder (Canna-Berry flavor): The can, although described as bland,contained a carbonated liquid that unleashed an artificial berry aroma and wild berry taste. This Low-Dose THC Seltzer, with 2mg of hemp-derived Delta 9 THC, scored 1/5.

10th Place -Tejas Tonic: This carbonated, lime-centric drink, which garnered a 0/5 rating, stole the show with its can design. The testers agreed that while the beverage wasn’t unpleasant, it would better serve as a mixer. Three students appreciated the distinct taste of cannabis, aligning with the ‘terpene boosted’ advertisement on the can, containing 5mg of Hemp Derived Delta 9 THC.

Texas, with its expanding THC-infused beverage industry, is setting trends that other states might soon follow. These beverages, their unique flavors, and vibrant packaging are reflective of Texas’s dynamic culture, leaving consumers eagerly anticipating the next innovation.

ORCA by Hometown Hero

Hometown Hero is proud to introduce ORCA. Leveraging years of leadership in the Hemp industry, the Austin-based company has established a reputation for uncompromising quality cannabis products derived from organically grown hemp. Born from this expertise, ORCA is positioned to serve growth-minded consumers with high-functioning and active lifestyles.

With innovative form factors and suitable fast-acting THC micro-doses, ORCA is designed to activate the power to move unhindered and build resilience, starting with the mind. ORCA is launching in a form factor that is pared down to its essence: sugar-free, all-natural pills, surrounded by an entourage of wellness supplements curated for high energy, deep recovery, and relaxation needs. The ORCA launch collection is complemented by a recovery roll-on for topical use.

ORCA Energy pill: Orca Energy combines the benefits of water-soluble THC with a potent blend of essential nutrients to provide a natural boost of energy. Orca Energy is the perfect rapid onset micro- dose to amplify performance.

Boosted with:
–       Hemp-Derived Delta-9 THC for pain reduction and overall feeling of well-being
–       Biotin and vitamin B-12 to help convert food to energy
–       Zinc to reduce inflammation
–       Thiamine to help metabolize energy
–       Caffeine to enhance mental clarity and energize
ORCA Recovery Pill
Orca Recovery is an innovative fast-acting THC pill specifically designed to enhance post-
workout recovery. This groundbreaking formula is enriched with a blend of L-Theanine,
Riboflavin, Magnesium, and Manganese, which work harmoniously to provide exceptional
benefits. With Orca Recovery, athletes can experience improved muscle repair, reduced
inflammation, and enhanced relaxation, allowing them to bounce back stronger after intense
Boosted with:
–       Hemp-Derived Delta-9 THC for pain relief and overall feeling of well-being
–       L-Theanine for relaxation and stress relief
–       Riboflavin to help the body produce energy
–       Magnesium to help with muscle relaxation and recovery
–       Manganese to support overall wellness

ORCA Roll-on
The ORCA Max Strength recovery roll-on is intended to address pain, sore muscles, and joint discomfort. This soothing, non-greasy, fast-absorbing roll-on combines Menthol with our most potent blend of organically grown, Full Spectrum hemp extract. It offers targeted relief and promotes fast recovery after strenuous activities. The carefully formulated blend penetrates deep into the muscles, reducing inflammation, soothing joint pain, and alleviating muscle soreness.

Boosted with:
–  Hemp-Derived Delta-9 THC and Hemp-Derived Delta-8 THC to reduce pain and inflammation

  • Menthol for cooling sensation and healing properties.

Weed & Whiskey News: Texas Hemp Show

The Texas Hemp Show team is working closely this summer with Weed and Whiskey TV and Jerry “J-Man” Joyner in production of hosting more content with the news network from Dallas. Russell Dowden and his team Rachel Nelson and Carl Robinson will be occasionally hosting the Weed & Whiskey News Austin edition from the new studio in downtown Austin TX.

While the teams will share related cannabis content and news for fellow Texans on the ROKU platform, Joyner and Dowden will offer a “combo” Advertising Package with all their media services put together. The Texas Hemp Show airs on all podcast platforms globally, and its ESPN radio partners in Austin at 102.7 FM on Saturday mornings. Then with print media with the Texas Hemp Reporter statewide delivers to 800 CBD & Smoke-shops across the State 6 editions a year, while Weed & Whiskey.TV has over 90K subscribers watching their programing on ROKU devices and their YouTube platform.

The partnership was discussed in on Episode #41 of Weed & Whiskey News recently, kicking off the Austin TX downtown studios with Real News Networks. (see above).

Repo & Revenge: The Continued Adventures of Mr. Jackerman

Secured Transactions in Cannabis on Prohibition and Non-Prohibition Territory

Lacking federal oversight, industry players in the cannabiz would have the capacity to leverage cash influxes with on-hand inventory, to expand assets like equipment and land through secured loans, and generally operate not unlike many other businesses in our economy. A secured loan is basically receiving a cash front from a lender, with a specific item/s of your inventory identified as the leverage, which is repossessed if you default on the payments for your fronted cash.

In legitimate secured transactions there is no vig, so the cost of operations also goes down. This however isn’t possible, and the continued federal prohibition of cannabis has resulted in a lack of clarity surrounding how exactly financial transactions are to be conducted around the particular type of green that contains THC.

This reality also impacts our fictional composite dealer-stealer antihero Mr. Jackerman, and his continued efforts to build upon the stacks and bands in his safe, all the while evading the watchful eye of Big Brother and the crosshairs of his adversaries.

Having recently chomped a few duffel bags worth of Benjamin Franklin-stamped blubber off an industry whale, he is now the one being hunted. Mr. Jackerman is stressed out, man, he’s on edge, his business is volatile, and as a result so has been the mood of many of the players in his game. The fact that he’s robbed quite a few of them already, some repeatedly, doesn’t help to defray his sense of crackle, the quiet rumble, the heat.

Are clips sliding in and bullets being racked? Is the pleasant ringing of a machete’s steel sliding across a whetstone accenting the dewy, dusky air of a distant farmhouse? Do we have a crew of gentlemen in black skinny suits atop black Air Force 1’s under maroon ski-masks with white grinning demonic toothy grins drawn on, black minivan outside, waiting for a text containing the address of a certain Mr. Jackerman? These are questions businesspeople should not have to ask themselves.

The Notorious BIG’s 10th Crack Commandment & Business Development

Consignment according to the Notorious BIG, the “Black Frank White”, a reference to the classic Christopher Walken film King of New York, is “strictly for live men, not for freshmen”, and if “you ain’t got the clientele, say hell no”. This is because the higher ups in the crack game, BIG asserts, will want their money whether it is snowing, sleeting, hailing, or even, you guessed it, raining. The same is true for any other business, when products are provided on net terms with payment pending at some point in the future, payment is to be received or consequences are to be experienced.

A puddle of water is parted like the Red Sea by the tire of a blacked out Mercedes G-Wagon. Four pairs of black Air Force 1s connect with the concrete, a nondescript warehouse in a nondescript dead manufacturing district lies ahead. Curiously, a pair of parallel strings of hanging lights dance erratically down an alleyway into the darkness. Steel slides across leather, unholstered our hit team is on the move, oddly enough beneath the eerily incandescent string of lights the entire way towards their target.

Essentially consignment is giving product to another retailer without receiving full payment up-front, in the hopes that they eventually pay-up. Fronts are often more expensive than cash deals, but in the black market the risk is greater. The fronter may end up without their cash as the frontee has been arrested, or otherwise indisposed of.

When it comes to cannabis, ongoing federal prohibition precludes the free exercise of secured transactions in cannabis. I believe in secured transactions from a lender’s perspective, as the terms of traditional loans can be a bit too esoteric and imaginative for my liking. Securing a loan to a tangible asset with real value is the surest way to maintain your value and to mitigate risk.

Example: Lend a construction company $50,000 to buy a $50,000 truck, with the actual physical possession and title to the truck the security on the loan. The construction company pays $30,000, defaults, and the lender takes back the $50,000 truck, keeping the $30,000 in payments. Sounds almost illegal, yeah? No stick-ups involved, and if necessary ultimately an officer of the court, often a Sheriff, can be sent to take back what’s yours. Secured transactions are snazzy, but they are irrelevant when a product is illegal.

An End to Federal Prohibition is the Only Pathway to Peace

Mr. Jackerman understands that he has a certain knack for business, an innate hustle that he could apply to other industries, industries with lesser risk. However, Mr. Jackerman would rather own his schedule, sleep until whenever, go to the gym whenever, drink exclusively out of vintage Irish-mined Waterford Lismore crystal, and have more cash than he has ideas on how to spend it, with enough time to get into whatever. Barring one’s birthing with a silver spoon and a forthcoming payout on a trust fund, this simply is not possible without great ingenuity, and/or great risk. Mr. Jackerman is wise enough to know he is not ingenious enough, and so he’s accepted that his road to riches is the great reward through great risk pathway.

The Bootleggers of the 21st Century: for as long as cannabis is federally illegal, there will be businesspeople taking such an informed risk in pursuit of profit.

Wood splintering at the hinges, a door that should have been better secured swings open with ease. Black skinny suits are coated in dust as the four filter through the door, spilling across the room towards doors and hallways, whispers of the word “clear” dropping like pins in the silence. Our entry room is empty, as is the entire structure…

The light-blue hue of a black-and-white screen flickers through crystal, prisming across Mr. Jackerman’s face, the screen showing empty rooms and gentlemen with devilish grins on their maroon ski masks searching in vain for nothing. Flicking off the screen, BIG’s 5th Crack Commandment rings in his head, “never sell no crack where you rest at”.

It is wise to maintain a separate, secret residence if one is a player with assets in the black market. The best I’ve seen in fiction is probably Pietro Savastano’s in the exceptionally fine Italian crime drama “Gomorrah”. Gustavo Fring on “Breaking Bad” had a similar setup you might recall.

Will House Bill 1937 Pass and End Texan Prohibition on Cannabis?

A recently proposed bill could result in fewer black market whales for Mr. Jackerman to harpoon when he’s feeling hungry. New Bedford, Massachusetts was once known as the “City that Lit the World” given their possession of the whaling industry at a time when whale blubber-sourced oil lit homes via lamps. As the whaling industry waned and flickered out, and much of the manufacturing in the area alongside it, the Captain Ahabs of the coastline found new occupations, but the town itself was slow to recover.

Locally the town was known to have become salty, scrappy, populated by the descendants of whalers, while the officers and captains made new lives for themselves across the bridge in Fairhaven. The foundation was set for a fine American novel, a tale of lustrous success and devolution to something else, a widening gap in wealth between members of a close-knit yet caste-like community, until Massachusetts woke up and legalized recreational cannabis.

New Bedford is now lit in an entirely different way, and is presently an on-the-rise coastal town with craft cocktails, trendy boutiques, and recreational cannabis. With cannabis comes community, and capital. Texas has recently stepped back into the dark ages in terms of women’s rights, it would be noteworthy if we simultaneously leapt into the future by establishing a recreational cannabis market.

Until next time,

Michael John Westerman, Esq.

Herban Bud Launches Blendz Disposable Vapes

AUSTIN, Texas – April 18, 2023 – Herban Bud, a premium provider of maximum strength cannabis products made from legal hemp plants, announced today the launch of its brand new disposable vape line, Blendz. The line includes three flavors, Grape Ape (indica), Super Lemon Haze (sativa), and Strawnana (hybrid) and can be purchased separately or in a bundle of three.

Blendz are created with a custom formula by Herban Bud that features the highly euphoric Delta-11 (11-hydroxy-THC), an HHC base, and 10% THCp aka the special ingredient that makes this blend so powerful and potent. Blendz Disposable Vapes are Farm Bill compliant and federally legal, and with two grams of oil in each vape, there’s plenty of juice to keep cannabis enjoyers lifted.

“Our new Blendz vapes are one of the strongest–if not the strongest–legal hemp vapes for sale on the market,” said Paul Trowe, founder of Herban Bud. “We carefully balanced our formula to create a product appealing to recreational and medicinal customers. The formula includes the growingly popular Delta 11 cannabinoid and added HHC and THCp to maximize on potency. This vape will hit you much harder than other cannabis products like Delta 9 and can also provide a stronger dose of physical relief for those looking to manage pain and promote relaxation.”

Once activated by heat, the Delta 11 (11-hydroxy-THC) cannabinoid is naturally created by the body as it breaks down Delta 9 THC. Delta-11 THC is a naturally-occurring cannabinoid within the hemp plant and not a synthetic cannabinoid. HHC (hexahydrocannabinol) is a hemp-derived cannabinoid that creates a similar body high to Delta-9 THC, but at a slightly lower potency (roughly 80% the strength of Delta-9). THCp (tetrahydrocannabiphorol) is a natural cannabinoid that bonds well with the user’s cannabinoid receptors, creating a euphoric high potentially 20 times stronger than Delta-9 THC. This vape is 10% THCp for potent physical relief and relaxation.

The new line of Blendz disposable vapes includes:

●      Blendz Single Use Vape ($39.99) – This custom blend from Herban Bud features the highly euphoric Delta-11. With the addition of gentle HHC and 10% THCp, this blend is powerful and potent. Users report a fast onset of effects, with a strong euphoric lift and a floaty body feeling.

Choose from three strains:

○      Grape Ape (Indica)

○      Super Lemon Haze (Sativa)

○      Strawnana (Hybrid)

●      Blendz Bundle ($89.99) – Each bundle includes: 1 Grape Ape (indica), 1 Super Lemon Haze (sativa), and 1 Strawnana (hybrid).

Each product is carefully formulated with the best organic hemp products available. Unlike some brands, Herban Bud never pads its products with low cost cannabinoids, and that’s why its products are some of the most effective on the market. Herban Bud has the highest standards when it comes to cannabis products and all Certificates of Analysis are publicly available. 

Herban Bud also sells gummies, pre-roll joints, and loose flower in THCa, Delta-8, HHC, THCo and THCp products. For more information on other products sold, please visit the Herban Bud website.

For more information on HHC and hemp disposable vapes, its benefits and the current research, please visit the Herban Bud blog.


Herban Bud, a premium provider of maximum strength cannabis products made from legal hemp plants based out of Austin, Texas. The cannabis company makes and sells the strongest legal edibles, vapes, and THC flower in the forms of Delta-9, Delta-8, HHC, THCo, and THCa. Legal THC products are available online, or at hundreds of distributors nationwide. The brand’s current largest markets are currently in Texas, Florida and North Carolina. Follow the brand on Instagram at @herbanbudtx or visit the blog for more information on legal cannabis. 

April Edition / Digital Issue

April Edition of the Texas Hemp Reporter covers the current state of Hemp & Cannabis while the 88th Legislature is in session. Also covered are the medical benefits from many cannabinoids. Introducing “Tejas Tonic” the new terp-boosted THC beverage from Aaron at Tejas Hemp in Dripping Springs Texas. Weed & Whiskey TV also profiled & Texas Blues Legend Chris Duarte.

The Texas Green Machine


Texas Hemp Reporter recently wrapped a new delivery vehicle for making deliveries, attending special events and producing live remote podcasts at CBD business’. Another goal is to be present at events at the State Capitol for legislative activism, Cannabis events and to further marketing awareness about the Texas Hemp Reporter in the hemp and cannabis space.

What is The Texas Hemp Show ?

The Texas Hemp Show is the official podcast for the Texas Hemp Reporter Magazine: The Texas Hemp Show is recorded every Wednesday at from 6 -7pm and is released each Friday. For news and the latest information on the growing Hemp & Cannabis industry in the Lone Star State subscribe to our magazine the Texas Hemp Reporter online and follow us wherever podcasts are available.

If you are interested in having a Podcast of the Texas Hemp Show in your Event or Business contact the Texas Hemp Reporter.

Keep an eye out on the road for the Texas Green Machine and be sure to Honk at us for Legal Cannabis!

Russell profiling Tejas Tonic water on the Texas Hemp Show Podcast with Aaron Ownens at Tejas Hemp

Podcast# 117 Clay Moore Texas A&M Hemp Breeding Program

Clay Moore: Undergraduate Researcher | Hemp Breeding 
& Genetics Cannabis Hemp Innovation League  |  Texas A&M University/

Clay talks with us about his research in this Hemp Sciences at TAMU.
He also contributes to the magazine with a few articles a month.

What is The Texas Hemp Show ?

The Texas Hemp Show is the official podcast for the Texas Hemp Reporter Magazine: The Texas Hemp Show is recorded every Thursday at from 6 -7pm and is released each Friday. For news and the latest information on the growing Hemp & Cannabis industry in the Lone Star State subscribe to our magazine the Texas Hemp Reporter online and follow us wherever podcasts are available.

Pharmacology University and ZAR Wellness have co-authored the Tim Timmons Compassionate
Care Act

HOUSTON, TX, March 5th, 2023 -Pharmacology University and ZAR Wellness is currently
contacting Texas legislators to get its medical cannabis Bill sponsored and presented during this
legislative session. Contrary to the current cannabis laws of the state of Texas, this proposal would
add the following medical conditions:
• Cancer
• AIDS and Human immunodeficiency viruses (HIV)
• Multiple Sclerosis
• Epilepsy or other seizure disorders
• Glaucoma
• Alzheimer
• Autism
• Incurable neurodegenerative diseases
• Parkinson’s Disease
• Crohn’s Disease
• Fibromyalgia
• Inflammatory Bowel Disease or Ulcerative Colitis
• Substance Use Disorder (SUD)
• Hepatitis C with debilitating nausea or intractable pain unrelieved by standard treatments or
• Anxiety disorders, including anorexia, muscle spasms, spasticity, sleep disorders, and obesity.
• Post-traumatic stress disorder

• Intractable pain, unrelieved by standard medical treatments and medications endometriosis,
traumatic brain injury, migraine headaches and tension headaches, rheumatoid arthritis,
degenerative disc disease, central pain syndrome and neuropathic pain.

“Though we are incredibly grateful to our Texas legislators for providing cannabis laws allowing
some Texas patients to be able to receive cannabis medication for their illnesses, we cannot ignore
the fact that the law in its present form is definitely not working” says Anne Graham, Legal
Counsel for Pharmacology.

The Bill also segregates the licenses into different categories, if passed the law would create four
different licenses: manufacturing, growing, research and a dispensary license. This would help
diversify the industry as it would be easier for new actors to participate in the market with a smaller

In conclusion, the Bill is filthy rich with ideas that could help millions of people/patients in the
state of Texas, create a great amount of employment, small business opportunities, involve minorities and expand medical research possibilities. It’s time for Texas to medically and scientifically lead the nation with alternative medication in an honest and reputable process, the way Texas is accustomed to be: #1 and Texans are ready for proper leadership and big change.

For more information please contact:
Dante Picazo, CEO (214) 733-0868
Anne Graham (832) 548 5857

Texas Gives Nod to Hempseed Feed for Horses and Chickens

News Provided By SLV Hemp | February 22, 2023

Landmark memorandums from The Office of the Texas State Chemist, issued in January 2023, set the stage for Hempseed Oil & Meal to go to market.

DEL NORTE, CO, UNITED STATES, February 16, 2023 / — Texas became the third state to approve Hempseed Oil and Hempseed Meal as feed, launching what is expected to become a highly lucrative market segment for hemp growers, processors, distributors, and retail channels.

“The hemp seeds when made into feeds, support animal health with a naturally available plant-based protein that includes all 20 amino acids, plus Omega 3, 6, 9 & GLA fatty acids,” says Monte Robertson, owner of SLV Hemp in Colorado. “We’re honored to supply hempseed feed over the years to support the research trials for rabbits, horses, chickens, and rough stock bucking bulls at Tarleton State University (TSU) and the swine trials at Texas A & M University (A&M) that prove it. This historic decision in Texas will help unlock many large markets – paving the way for wider use of hempseed feeds in the US and throughout the world.”

In the Feed and Fertilizer Control Services (FFCS) Memorandum NO. 5-35 and FFCS Memorandum NO. 5-36, Hempseed Oil and Hempseed Meal, Mechanically Extracted, are the new ingredients approved in Texas as source nutrients in the diets of foals, mares, breeding and maintenance horses as well as for broilers, layers and breeder chickens.

The important FFCS memorandums are expected to accelerate the adoption of both these ingredients. Tests to define labeling, stability and shelf-life of these products are moving forward.

Graduate students from TSU and Texas A&M University started looking at Hemp Feed products from SLV Hemp to support their trials in the summer of 2020. It took a wide range of people and companies contributing over the years to make this approval happen.

The Colorado certified seed for the trials was donated by International Hemp, and was processed by SLV Hemp in Del Norte, Colorado. SLV Hemp has processed approximately 10 tons of finished products for the Texas universities’ trials to date. It is important to note the feed is made from well-cleaned Hemp seeds, not the greenery part of the plant that contains the higher levels of cannabinoids.

LMike Smith, a former rodeo professional and current Texas Realtor, generously contributed by making introductions between key researchers and hemp industry resources. To assist in reducing transportation costs and avoid delays, Smith also transported the processed Hemp Feed from Colorado to Texas for the A&M and some of the TSU trials.

“Our goal is to help educate the ag industry and expand availability of hemp feed processing plants for local markets across the country,” says Robertson. “We are genuinely excited about the ground-breaking progress by the universities in Texas.”

For more information contact: Monte Robertson, SLV Hemp, , (719) 299-5000

#HempFeed #HempSeedProcessing #HempOil

About the Office of the Texas State Chemist
The Texas Feed and Fertilizer Control Services (FFCS) of the Office of the Texas State Chemist regulates the manufacture, distribution and sale of feed ingredients and feed. Texas Commercial Feed Control Act §141.008 authorizes to FFCS approve new ingredient definitions for hemp in commercial feed: Hempseed Meal and Hempseed Oil, Mechanically Extracted, are new ingredients for use as a source of nutrients in the diets of foal, mare, breeding and maintenance horses and for broiler, layer and breeder chickens.

About SLV Hemp
The San Luis Valley Hemp Company® (SLV Hemp ) specializes in processing Hemp feed and oil products at their facility in Del Norte, Colorado. They advocate education in all aspects of the Hemp industry, and provide consulting based on lessons learned since 2014.

About International Hemp

International Hemp provides certified seed and cultivation advise to farmers across the country interested in growing Hemp for both the grain and fiber markets.

Press Contact: Monte Robertson, SLV Hemp, , (719) 299-5000

Monte Robertson
SLV Hemp
+1 719-299-5000

Dr. MAK’S Apothecary

Native Austinite Embraces The Budding Hemp Industry

By Rachel Nelson

Marco Krause began experimenting with cannabidiols after a high school baseball injury left him with chronic shoulder pain. Today, he’s an entrepreneur, hemp activist and aspiring chemist. 

Krause launched Dr. MAK’s Apothecary, an Austin-based e-commerce store, in 2019. With his chemistry background and help from his dad’s lab — Krause Analytical — he has formulated an assortment of natural therapeutic products. 

Dr. MAK’s signature formula is its Magic Pain Juice (MPJ), a mixture of natural monoterpenes, alcohols and herbal extracts that provides several hours of pain relief. Eventually, Krause decided to add a hemp extract to the formula and dubbed it MPJ Extra Strength, or MPJXS. 

While Krause admits that he laughed about the concept at the time — saying the name sounded like a gimmick — the product quickly gained popularity. 

“It blew up like crazy,” Krause said. “So we started thinking, why not sell it to the CBD stores?”

Currently, MPJXS is sold at several central Texas locations.

After MPJXS took off, Krause said he began to experiment with making cannabidiol-infused gummies. Because he heard many horror stories about gummies melting in cars and warehouses, Krause said he saw the need to create a heat-resistant product. He formulated gummies that are able to withstand temperatures of up to 170-degrees fahrenheit. 

“Even though they’re heat-resistant, they do dissolve, and people can digest them,” Krause said. 

Perfecting his gummy formula, combined with the release of MPJXS, led to the launch of Krause’s hemp-focused brand — Underground Alchemy. In addition to specializing in the business-to-business wholesale of its own products, Underground Alchemy helps other businesses create and manufacture their own custom product formulations.

“We’re very small, but we end up doing what five- to 10-man companies do with custom formulations, and we can do it cheaper because we have less overhead,” Krause said. 

To date, Underground Alchemy has helped hemp entrepreneurs create high-quality tinctures and edibles.

Beyond running his two businesses and working to complete a chemistry degree, Krause has championed hemp farming at the state level. In 2021, he testified in front of the Texas Senate Committee on Water, Agriculture and Rural Affairs, speaking out against a bill that would have placed stricter guidelines on hemp faming in Texas (like limiting THC levels to 1% rather than 3%).

“Thankfully, that never made it through,” Krause said. 

Moving forward, Krause plans to continue making a name for himself as a pioneer in the Texas hemp space. 

“It’s been fun navigating the waters and finding out exactly what’s coming forward,” he said. “It’s impossible to stay ahead of this market.”

Podcast # 107

Listen to the Show Here.

Texas TRU Distribution is a local distributor that features Craft and Organic spirits and our
services include importing/warehousing and logistics. Founded in 2010, our goal is to focus
on the growth and development of quality products in the state of Texas.

We also talk about the new car we are offering around town for Live Remote Recordings.

What is The Texas Hemp Show ?

The Texas Hemp Show is the official podcast for the Texas Hemp Reporter Magazine: The Texas Hemp Show is recorded every Wednesday at from 6 -7pm and is released each Friday. For news and the latest information on the growing Hemp & Cannabis industry in the Lone Star State subscribe to our magazine the Texas Hemp Reporter online and follow us wherever podcasts are available.

Live from the Texas Hemp Summit

The Texas Hemp Reporter magazine and the Texas Hemp Show are a proud media sponsor for the Texas Hemp Summit Nov 11th – 12th at the Texas A&M Agrilife Center in College Station.

Many guest speakers talked on Hemp, Genetics, testing, media, farming, marketing and other panels. Hosted by the Texas Hemp Coalition the first annual event has been a successful gathering of industry leaders and those in the rising cannabis industry in the Lone Star State.

The newly elected Texas AG Commissioner now serving in his third term; Sid Miller was the Keynote speaker on Saturday and discussed the possibility of the future industrial Hemp in Texas as well as the rise in American companies going green with electric cars, sustainable energy and sustainable development in farming in the coming years. Industrial Hemp will hopefully pick up the pace in emerging technologies in science especially in construction and building one panel shared on Friday with a focus on Building with Hemp.

Veterans in Hemp also shared a panel on Friday as well as the panel hosted by Dr Russell Jessup who runs the Hemp breeding program at Texas A&M University. Several of the grad students spoke on genetic programs and research into hybridization of Cannabis in interbreeding among the types of strains.

In all, the event is a great success and will explore more opportunities for Hemp in Texas. We are members of the Texas Hemp Coalition ourselves and also encourage you to consider a membership of you have interest in participating in the Blooming cannabis space in Texas.

for mmore information about the event and the Texas Hemp Coalition visit them online at

Texas Hemp Summit

Texas Hemp Coalition, the premier advocacy group for the hemp industry in Texas, is hosting its inaugural B2B industry event, The Texas Hemp Summit, this November 11-12, 2022 at the Texas A&M Agrilife Center in College Station.

The event is poised to bring together B2B industry leaders from all across Texas and beyond to discuss farming, processing, cannabinoids, fiber, and retail topics concerning hemp operators through educational conversations and presentations.

The goal of the summit is to address trending issues that are directly impacting our state’s hemp operators, as well as be a learning opportunity for those looking to get into the industry and scale.

Anyone who is interested in getting more involved in the industry, launching a brand, scaling their business, or who may be seeking job opportunities is encouraged to attend.

During these two days, the Texas Hemp Summit will pack keynote presentations, panel discussions, as well as networking opportunities for attendees to get plugged into the most pressing subjects relevant to their passions, and business interests.

Confirmed speakers are:

  • Keynote with the Texas Department of Agriculture, Sid Miller
  • A legal fireside chat with Lisa Pittman of Pittman Legal and Cameron Field of Michael Best
  • Overview of Texas A&M University Hemp field research with Dr. Russell Jessup

And more to be confirmed, so check the website for more details.

The event has industry support from: Flex Payment Solutions, Shimadzu, Tejas Hemp, Caprock Family Farms, Sweet Sensi, Drops of Life, Boveda, Agilent, Hemp Industries Association, Hemp Building Ventures, Michael Best, Haus of Jayne, and more who will also be in attendance to meet you and answer your questions in person during the summit.

Tickets are on sale now for $110 at the Early Bird rate until October 24th, 2022 when they will increase in price, and the event is FREE to all students with valid student ID.

To learn more about the event, and purchase tickets visit:

If you would like to explore membership opportunities, the Texas Hemp Coalition holds regular meetings to discuss pressing topics and would love to invite you to join us as an official member to help champion and advocate for hemp in Texas


Russell speaks with Chad the founder of the Lucky Leaf Expo. The two discuss opportunities in the New Mexico recreational market. Russell recording live from the Albuquerque Convention Center at the Expo. Many vendors and industry insiders are present. Russell introduces the magazine to New Mexico NOT as the Texas Hemp Reporter, but as MJ Monthly in the land of Enchantment. We are seeking articles and story content for business and cannabis news in both Oklahoma , New Mexico & Texas!

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Podcast # 99

Podcast # 99 Of the Texas Hemp Show:

Rachel & Russell talk about the Harvest Edition of the Texas Hemp Reporter magazine as well as discuss
the Texas Hemp Awards nominations, including our coverage of many upcoming events like The Lucky Leaf Expo, The Texas Hemp Summit, Texas Hemp Harvest Festival and finally the Taste of Texas Hemp Cup are all covered.

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