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Best of the Texas Hemp Reporter: 2 Year Anniversary

In the past 24 months we have published some great information on the revolving door

that is Texas cannabis. From Chelsie Spenser smokable hemp ban coverage, to Lisa Pittman’s

interview with Sid Miller, the pages of the Texas Hemp Reporter have covered a lot in the last two

years. In honor of our 2nd birthday we thought it would be nice to recap a  “In Case You Missed It” 

article to commemorate the body of work thus far.

We discussed our History of Texas hemp in an issue discussing the story of George Trout, a

Texas pioneer in hemp production in Raymondville Texas in the mid 1930s. This was in

Issue # 3 of 2020 where we also covered the magical mystery tour of the DEA’s new

rules on Delta-8 with Andrea Steel & Lisa Pittman’s article,

 “Smokable Hemp Goes Puff”.

That same edition we also introduced Sweet Sensi in Austin Texas as they make the

candies that make us feel good. In fact, Greg Autry would later grace us with his

appearance on the cover of Issue # 5 in February of 2021. Our 2nd edition covered

Herring Bank and their experience in the cannabis-hemp industries of finance and

banking as well as profile Texas Dept. of Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller.

Sid has a great interview with me on Podcast # 37. 

Issue #4 covers the 1st Annual Taste of Texas Hemp Cup with Patrick & Liz.

The event’s artwork made the cover of the December edition of 2020. The Hemp Cup

was a celebration of Texas’ first harvest of “legal-cannabis” with an expert judging panel

like Kym Byrns, Leah Lakstins and Max Montrose. With live glass blowing, vendor tents,

food, music, and hemp tastings the Hemp Cup was a victory for Texans breaking ground

on the first year of producing legal cannabis plants.

Calvin Trostle, the Last Prisoner Project, Lee Vernon, Heather Fazio, Lisa Pittman,

Mr. Good Bud and his “Greg Autry method” would kick off the new year in February 2021

with an informative issue covering seed to sale and the supply chain, along with

hemp trademarks, and a preview of NOCO including the announcement of the

Texas Hemp Awards winners.

We also had time in 2021 to interview Steve DeAngelo, Tommy Chong,

Freeway Ricky Ross, Cheech Marin, James Belushi & Kymani Marley.

Earlier this year we spoke the all the Agricultural Commissioner candidates,

profiled Jack Herer and interviewed his son Dan, covered another Texas Hemp Cup

 and documented the history of 420 and the cannabis culture in our last edition.

A big thank you to all of our advertisers and our writers for making this publication possible.

We hope that you are enjoying having an actual real print product covering hemp and

cannabis here in Texas. Hang in there TEXAS, we will get there. The day of legal green

recreational cannabis is not too far down the road. We have already gotten our veterans

 and cancer patients medicine and will get chronic pain and doctors discretion in the

coming session. So keep on picking us up, support us if you can, and you can always

listen to the Texas Hemp Show wherever podcasts are available.

Remember, we are all affecting the culture. Make your voice heard, reach out and

say hello and tell folks about the Texas Hemp Reporter. Now, can someone

please put me in touch with Willie Nelson or Matthew McConaughey?

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