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Grunt Style: A Heroic Legacy of Patriotism and Healing


From the formation of the United States to the ongoing struggles that our veterans face today, Grunt Style embodies a legacy of patriotism, resilience, and unwavering commitment to America’s heroes. Grunt Style is not just a clothing brand – it’s a movement, a testament to the indomitable spirit of America’s military personnel and their families.

Dressing the American Spirit

“Who we are, to us, what you wear is more than just a necessity; it’s about attitude!” As stated on their website, Grunt Style has always been about instilling the fierce, fighting American spirit into everything they produce. With a dedicated team of nearly 400 people, their mission is to design and deliver the most patriotic apparel, ensuring that every American can wear their pride from head to toe.

However, this brand is not just about the clothes. It’s about the ethos – the unyielding commitment to freedom, the love for bacon, whiskey, and everything else that defines America. And as their iconic logo history suggests, each symbol and phrase – from the crossed 1792 Springfield muskets to the motto “This We’ll Defend” – reflects a deep-rooted reverence for America’s rich history and unwavering values.

Beyond Apparel: The Grunt Style Foundation

Founded in 2021, the Grunt Style Foundation takes the brand’s commitment to service members, veterans, and their families a step further. Recognizing the dire mental health challenges that plague the veteran community, this national nonprofit organization offers life-changing resources and experiences. Their core belief is simple yet profound: No veteran should ever be left behind.

Staggering figures underscore the urgency of their mission – in the last 20 years, 30,177 service members lost their lives not in combat but to the agony of suicide. As Tim Jensen, the President of the Grunt Style Foundation, emphasizes, “This is unacceptable.” Hence, the foundation is forging innovative paths, exploring alternative treatments like THC in Cannabis, Psilocybin, DMT, and Ayahuasca to combat PTSD and alleviate the harmful long-term effects of prescription opioids and opiates.

But the foundation’s efforts don’t stop there. Food insecurity, an often-overlooked challenge that military families face, is also at the forefront of their agenda. This Labor Day weekend, the Grunt Style Foundation aims to distribute a whopping 36 tonnes of food to active military members and their families, exemplifying their comprehensive approach to supporting our nation’s heroes.

A Leader with a Vision: Tim Jensen

Tim Jensen is not just a businessman; he’s a trailblazer. The U.S. Marines instilled in him invaluable leadership skills, shaping his journey from a serviceman to the co-owner of Grunt Style and a published author. His book, “Violent but True Bedtime Stories,” and the planned series is a testament to his dedication to preserving and sharing real military stories with a unique, tongue-in-cheek twist.

With Grunt Style’s apparel featured in over 17 retail locations and more than 4,000 wholesale outlets, including giants like Buc-ee’s, Academy, and Cabela’s, Jensen’s leadership has undoubtedly propelled the brand to great heights. Yet, at its core, Grunt Style remains committed to its roots, bolstering a lifestyle that champions patriotism and service.

A Call to Action

As we admire the vibrant, patriotic designs on Grunt Style’s apparel or browse their Instagram page, let’s not forget the deeper mission that drives this brand. Behind each t-shirt and each initiative lies a heartfelt plea – to remember, support, and uplift every American hero who has risked it all for our freedom.

Every American might not be a veteran, but every American can stand by them. Grunt Style reminds us of that duty, urging us all to defend the legacy and well-being of our nation’s bravest.

This We’ll Defend.

5 Lessons I’ve Learned in 5 Years in Texas Hemp

August 2023 marked 5 years of RESTART, the hemp based retail cannabis brand I own and operate with my two sisters in Central Austin (in addition to hosting the To Be Blunt podcast).

We hold one of the states original hemp licenses in what has grown to become a sea of operators ranging from dispensaries to wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, cultivators, labs and processors. 

We’ve navigated through two legislative sessions and countless other industry lawsuits like the smokable hemp ban that was imposed last summer, not to mention the ongoing attack on Delta 8 THC.

Since 2020 we’ve been executive board members with the Texas Hemp Coalition, which has enabled us to advocate and influence policy – In fact I just made my second trip back from D.C. where we got to meet with key federal stakeholders regarding pressing issues impacting hemp operators and retailers like myself. 

© David Brendan Hall /

And we lead by example and focus heavily on educating our team so that we can pass that education onto our customers.

I’m super proud of what we’ve accomplished, and as a native Texan, still a bit in disbelief that we have the opportunity to work in this industry in my home state.

It does come with it’s set of challenges from marketing, and banking, to compliance, but it’s also been rewarding pioneering in the industry and helping pave a way for this new market to exist. 

All I can hope is that the next five live up to the first five. 

So in honor of that, here are five lesson’s I’ve learned in five years in Texas Hemp:

  1. Always Have a Backup Plan – Whether it’s a backup payment processor or a backup plan for packaging because your shipment of pop tops got held at customs, you must always be prepared due to unforeseen circumstances. Running a business is hard, but running a business in hemp/cannabis is like driving to a destination without GPS. You may generally know the direction you are going from A to B, but you have no idea what road closures or detours may be up ahead so you have to be prepared for anything to happen. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail, so be prepared and keep rolling with the punches and probably have a backup plan for your back up plan just in case.
  1. Evolve or Die – Things move fast, like super sonic. From science expanding, to laws changing, what we know about the boundaries of this industry are constantly evolving and to stay in the game you have to keep moving. When we first entered the marketplace in 2018 the primary product we were selling was CBD sublingual oils, which is a complete 180 to what my top product category is in 2023 (it’s THC edibles in case you’re wondering.) Plus, here we are five years later and we have a plethora of cannabinoids to choose from in addition to CBD like THC, CBG, CBN, and THCV. Of course, this could all change on the flip of a dime, which is reinforcing my motto to always have a backup plan and keep evolving!
  2. Don’t Believe The Headlines – In the spirit of our industry being so knew, there is going to be a lot of chatter and hype, and in reality misinformation. It’s always served me well to keep an open mindset and to pay attention to as much perspective as possible. As a Texas operator, what is going on in Texas is extremely personal to me, but other states looking in might not be able to relate to what’s going on and vice versa. We have an opportunity to make a real impact with this plant, but we have a lot of stigma to work through both inside and outside of the general hemp and cannabis community. Because this is a moving target the information is updating constantly so paying attention to the fine details and not getting caught up in headlines is key.
  3. Stay Curious – To succeed you must become a sponge! Talk to as many people as you can and learn as much as you can about the laws, the plant, the science, and the market. Talk to your peers, talk to your operators, get involved, watch the trends, and then apply that to your own business or brand. Putting on the To Be Blunt podcast over these last three years has enabled me to stay in tune with what is going on nationally while also allowing me to have a platform to share realtime updates about our market here in Texas. Additionally organizations like the Texas Hemp Coalition are invaluable for connecting key stakeholders together so that the rising tide can lift all boats. It’s been great to meet other operators and have a community of peers that are also going through the same things which feels empowering to know we’re not alone.

  4. Think Like a Consumer – At the end of the day, this industry is becoming a CPG (consumer packaged goods) industry and I put emphasis on the “consumer” part. The customer comes first, and if you’re smart, you’d actually talk to your customers and get their feedback. Especially here in Texas where, for example, a lot of our community is unaware of variances between Delta 8 THC and Delta 9 THC which causes us to have to overly educate and think through their challenges when engaging with these products. We should also take into consideration all the aforementioned information included in points 1-4 when it comes to bringing these consumer packaged goods to market. There is a legal landscape, a regulatory landscape, quality assurance and safety concerns, as well as efficacy that the consumer is seeking that all need to be taken into consideration if you want to succeed not only today but tomorrow too.

So the final piece of advice is to now figure out what that looks like for you, your brand, your business and then implement a plan to take the next best step forward to help you better navigate and understand the playing field.

Maybe that’s joining an advocacy group like the Texas Hemp Coalition, or pressing play on one of my many free To Be Blunt episodes which you can tune into Monday’s at

Whatever you do, don’t take your foot off the gas!

Does The Hangover Blocker by Sweet Sensi actually work?

As the years go by, I find myself drinking less and less because the hangovers keep getting worse and worse. But every once in a while, it would be nice to indulge in a fun night out without having to suffer the brutal consequences. 

This is exactly the problem Sweet Sensi’s new product solves. The Hangover Blocker is comprised of prickly pear, CBD and B12. I have heard that prickly pear is a magic hangover cure, but I brushed it off as an old wives’ tale. With Sweet Sensi’s new product hitting the market, I finally had the chance to find out for myself. 

It was a typical Saturday night, and I decided I wanted to go out and unwind with some drinks. I took the four capsules that make up The Hangover Blocker with 16 ounces of water as the package directs. The directions also advise taking the pills two hours before drinking, but I only waited one hour.

I wanted to put The Hangover Blocker to a true test, so I didn’t hold back. I had beers. Then, I had shots of tequila and whiskey followed by more beers. I indulged in what would normally result in two days of misery. But not this time.

When I woke up the next morning, I felt hungover at first. But the symptoms quickly faded. The next thing I knew, I was out enjoying brunch and a Bloody Mary at Bouldin Acres In Austin. Based on past experience, I would have without a doubt spent the day in bed if it weren’t for The Hangover Blocker. 

Needless to say, Sunday Funday got a little carried away, and the drinks kept flowing. When I got home that night, I took another package of The Hangover Blocker hoping it would save me. On Monday morning, I arrived at my office at 8 a.m. with a smile on my face and no hangover. 

I 10/10 recommend this product. Visit to try it for yourself.

ORCA by Hometown Hero

Hometown Hero is proud to introduce ORCA. Leveraging years of leadership in the Hemp industry, the Austin-based company has established a reputation for uncompromising quality cannabis products derived from organically grown hemp. Born from this expertise, ORCA is positioned to serve growth-minded consumers with high-functioning and active lifestyles.

With innovative form factors and suitable fast-acting THC micro-doses, ORCA is designed to activate the power to move unhindered and build resilience, starting with the mind. ORCA is launching in a form factor that is pared down to its essence: sugar-free, all-natural pills, surrounded by an entourage of wellness supplements curated for high energy, deep recovery, and relaxation needs. The ORCA launch collection is complemented by a recovery roll-on for topical use.

ORCA Energy pill: Orca Energy combines the benefits of water-soluble THC with a potent blend of essential nutrients to provide a natural boost of energy. Orca Energy is the perfect rapid onset micro- dose to amplify performance.

Boosted with:
–       Hemp-Derived Delta-9 THC for pain reduction and overall feeling of well-being
–       Biotin and vitamin B-12 to help convert food to energy
–       Zinc to reduce inflammation
–       Thiamine to help metabolize energy
–       Caffeine to enhance mental clarity and energize
ORCA Recovery Pill
Orca Recovery is an innovative fast-acting THC pill specifically designed to enhance post-
workout recovery. This groundbreaking formula is enriched with a blend of L-Theanine,
Riboflavin, Magnesium, and Manganese, which work harmoniously to provide exceptional
benefits. With Orca Recovery, athletes can experience improved muscle repair, reduced
inflammation, and enhanced relaxation, allowing them to bounce back stronger after intense
Boosted with:
–       Hemp-Derived Delta-9 THC for pain relief and overall feeling of well-being
–       L-Theanine for relaxation and stress relief
–       Riboflavin to help the body produce energy
–       Magnesium to help with muscle relaxation and recovery
–       Manganese to support overall wellness

ORCA Roll-on
The ORCA Max Strength recovery roll-on is intended to address pain, sore muscles, and joint discomfort. This soothing, non-greasy, fast-absorbing roll-on combines Menthol with our most potent blend of organically grown, Full Spectrum hemp extract. It offers targeted relief and promotes fast recovery after strenuous activities. The carefully formulated blend penetrates deep into the muscles, reducing inflammation, soothing joint pain, and alleviating muscle soreness.

Boosted with:
–  Hemp-Derived Delta-9 THC and Hemp-Derived Delta-8 THC to reduce pain and inflammation

  • Menthol for cooling sensation and healing properties.

Ride The Canna-bus

“The Farmacy Botanical Shoppe: Leading the Green Revolution on Wheels”

“The Farmacy Botanical Shoppe: Leading the Green Revolution on Wheels”
In the heart of the Lone Star State, nestled in the vibrant cityscape of San Antonio, Texas, there’s an extraordinary family-owned business making waves in the wellness community. Founded in 2019 by Carolyn and Ben Leeper, The Farmacy Botanical Shoppe is revolutionizing how people access CBD and cannabis products. This dynamic duo launched the business after CBD played a crucial role in alleviating Ben’s back pain. Today, their offerings extend not only to humans but also to pets, through their CBD oils and treats meant specifically for our furry friends.

However, their latest venture is the buzz of San Antonio, and it’s taking the form of a bus. On April 20th, 2023, the Leepers introduced their newest initiative, the Canna-bus, a mobile dispensary that is bringing cannabis products to the people in a unique, innovative, and exciting manner.

The Cann-bus Experience
Taking a step inside the Farmacy Botanical Shoppe’s Canna-bus, you’re greeted by a chill ambiance, an aesthetically pleasing interior, and a well-stocked, mini-indoor shop. This is not your ordinary bus, but a modern cannabis dispensary on wheels offering a wide selection of products from local Texas cannabis brands.

From the beginning, the Leepers were committed to supporting local brands, and that ethos is reflected in their Canna-bus. Their catalog includes many products made in the San Antonio area, affirming their dedication to the economic and social well-being of their community.

The Canna-bus isn’t just a shopping experience, it’s a relaxing lounge on wheels. Here, pets are welcome too! In this friendly, inviting atmosphere, patrons can learn more about cannabis products, their benefits, and how to use them. The Leepers believe in empowering their customers through knowledge, advocating for a more informed and open conversation about cannabis in our society.

This summer, The Farmacy Botanical Shoppe’s Canna-bus is set to make an appearance at the San Antonio Reggae Festival, a perfect setting to sample their popular hemp-based drinks. These refreshing beverages have become a hit for those looking to reduce their alcohol intake while still enjoying a delightful summer refreshment.

Beyond a Bus
The Farmacy Botanical Shoppe’s Canna-bus is more than just a mobile dispensary – it’s also a platform for private events, catering, and celebrations. Imagine hosting a party or event with the Canna-bus parked outside, providing your guests with a unique and entertaining experience!

Carolyn and Ben Leeper have transformed their personal experience into a community resource, one that caters to the needs of the individual and supports local businesses. With the Farmacy Botanical Shoppe’s Canna-bus, they’re driving a green revolution and redefining the way we think about wellness and cannabis.

A New Way to Shop
One of the unique aspects of The Farmacy Botanical Shoppe is its same-day local delivery service. The Leepers have turned convenience into an art form, offering same-day delivery in San Antonio from Monday through Friday for purchases of $25 or more. They are the only cannabis business in the city to offer this service, setting a new standard for customer service in the industry. Deliveries are made discreetly in an unmarked vehicle, so customers don’t have to worry about neighbors knowing their business!

For frequent shoppers, the Farmacy Botanical Shoppe offers product subscriptions, where customers can choose to receive their favorite wellness products on a recurring interval with a 10% discount. The company also honors Military, Veterans, and first responders with a 20% discount.

Shoppers can visit The Farmacy Botanical Shoppe’s retail store at 20655 Interstate 10 #104, San Antonio, TX 78257 or order on their website for local delivery and nationwide shipping at Don’t forget to follow them on Instagram [@farmacybotanical] [@cannabus_by_farmacybotanical]

Podcast # 131 with J-Man of Weed & Whisky TV

In this last weeks episode Jerry “J-Man” Joyner appears on the Texas Hemp Show to discuss his brand BUCK A BUZZ gummies, as well as talk about the health benefits of cannabis. Joyner has teamed up with Patriot Media Group to offer marketing services with the Texas Hemp Reporter.

Texas A&M Undergrad Awarded the Texas CHIL Scholarship

Texas A&M undergraduate student Christian Hunter Spearman has just been awarded the $2,000 Texas Cannabis Hemp Innovation League Scholarship. Sponsored by the Texas Hemp Reporter , The Texas Hemp Coalition & the Cannabis Hemp Innovation League, the scholarship recognizes Spearman’s outstanding essay on the topic of de-stigmatizing cannabis.

Hailing from Plano, Texas, Spearman is an Agricultural Leadership & Development major with a minor in Plant Breeding. He is also a talented athlete, playing for the Texas A&M University Hockey team. The award was presented to him at the last C.H.I.L. meeting of the semester by Clay Moore, the President of CHIL, undergraduate researcher and breeder in the Industrial Hemp Breeding Program at Texas A&M University.

In his winning essay, Spearman delves into the history of cannabis in American society, its harsh criminalization in the 1930s, and the negative reputation it has garnered as a result. He proposes three main methods to destigmatize cannabis: educational awareness, policy reform, and normalization through media.

Spearman advocates for dispelling common misconceptions about cannabis through educational campaigns, conferences, and classes that highlight the benefits and risks of its use. He addresses myths such as cannabis being a gateway drug, highly addictive, and causing lung cancer, which have been debunked over the years.

Policy reform is another key aspect of Spearman’s proposed approach to destigmatizing cannabis. By legalizing cannabis for medical and recreational use, he believes that this will open more business and job opportunities, ultimately contributing to a more accepting and destigmatized view of the plant. Spearman also emphasizes the importance of using media outlets to shift public opinion by promoting the positive effects of cannabis, such as its use for treating inflammation and pain relief.

Congratulations to Christian Hunter Spearman on this well-deserved achievement. His insightful essay highlights the importance of reevaluating societal perceptions of cannabis and offers practical solutions to create a more informed and positive image for this versatile plant. As the push for cannabis legalization and education continues to gain momentum, Spearman’s essay serves as a valuable contribution to this ongoing conversation.

Weed & Whiskey News: Austin

The Texas Hemp Reporter is excited to report on our partnership this Spring with Jerry Joyner aka “JMan” and our friends at the Dallas TX based Weed & Whiskey TV. The ROKU Platform offers cannabis content, and much more from its APP, YouTube channel, and website platforms. Viewers are now be able to access Texas Hemp Show content from the website but the networks staple show Weed & Whiskey News is also shooting weekly content from the new Austin TX based studio.

Joyner and Dowden will frequently appear together as well as separately from the new downtown Austin Texas facilities. Russell appeared on Episode 35 last month and has plans to collaborate on several projects with the Weed & Whiskey TV platform.

Click to watch Episode # 35 here on YouTube.

The Texas Hemp Show has also landed itself back on local air-waves in Austin TX with Waterloo Media and Austin’s ESPN flagship Saturdays from 8am-9am on weekends. The Podcast Audience is already growing on digital platforms, but the new edition of ESPN will only blossom the talk show into more listeners and a budding interest in business and opportunities as cannabis becomes more mainstream in the Lone Star State.

One Project Coming Soon from Weed & Whiskey TV & Patriot Media Group is a new News Program called “Paranoid America”

Mau Mau Chaplains’ Moe Monsarrat talks life, loss and legalization

For the past 15 years, 10-piece reggae act Mau Mau Chaplains has played Wednesday nights at Flamingo Cantina, a staple of Austin’s downtown live music scene. Singer and multi-instrumentalist Moe Monsarrat said people commonly refer to the standing gig as “reggae church.”

“It’s because it’s every Wednesday, and you can come and get a blessing from the music,” Monsarrat said. “We’re not preaching or anything like that. It’s nothing like that. We just play our stuff, and people feel like it’s kind of like a religious experience.

“To put it one way, I have a heart doctor, and I went to see him one day, and he said, ‘How’s the music business?’ I said, ‘It’s kind of like the doctor business.’ He said, ‘How so?’ I said, ‘Well, people come in feeling one way, and they leave feeling better.’”

Monsarrat’s love for reggae music began in the ‘70s. In his older years, he said he has stepped into a new level of confidence musically. 

“When you’re younger, you kind of wonder, ‘Am I really that good?’ You kind of doubt yourself,” he said. “I don’t doubt myself anymore. I’ve been doing it too long to doubt myself anymore.” 

Regarding cannabis, Monsarrat said the band partakes regularly and is happy to see the changes that are happening in Texas. 

“[Cannabis is] certainly part of our daily lives,” he said. “It’s something that’s important to all of us, and it’s something we’ve always had between us, and that’s where we stand. 

“I’m really happy that Austin is kind of relaxed about it, and of course, the police are pouting because they no longer have a reason to search you. They know that even if they find weed, the [district attorney] won’t prosecute it, so it’s a waste of time. So give thanks for that, and give thanks for the medicinal legalization. We can only hope that the recreational part will be passed soon. We’re great supporters of Texas NORML, and I play their golf tournament. They have their meetings here at Flamingo when they have public meetings.”

Last year, tragedy struck the band when drummer Miguel Pankratz lost his battle with cancer. 

“It broke everybody’s heart, but you know, we’ve got to carry on,” Monsarrat said. “The show’s got to go on, and that’s the way he wanted it. So that’s where we’re at, you know? Jah bless him, you know, because he was our brother, and we think about him every time we get up to play. There are certain songs that were his favorite songs, and we try to always include those. It’s a difficult thing, but when you’re getting older, it’s around you more and more all the time — like more and more of your friends die.”

While Tom Leslie now leads the band’s rhythm section, Monsarrat said he will never forget the friend he shared the stage with for three decades.

“While we’re playing it’s pure bliss, and Tom Leslie is a great drummer,” he said. “We never have to worry about anything being on time or mistakes or any of that kind of thing, so we couldn’t really be in a lot better shape as far as the players go. But nobody could play it like Miguel because we played it for so long together, so sometimes I miss little things that he did that Tom doesn’t know about or plays it differently, which is the way it should be, but still I do miss certain things about it.”

Aside from Dreadneck Wednesdays at Flamingo Cantina, Mau Mau Chaplains can be spotted playing events and the occasional out-of-town gig. They also live-stream their Wednesday night performances on Flamingo Cantina’s Facebook page at 10:30 p.m.

“It’s a wonderful thing for us to perform. We’re very thankful to be able to still do that,” Monsarrat said.

Repo & Revenge: The Continued Adventures of Mr. Jackerman

Secured Transactions in Cannabis on Prohibition and Non-Prohibition Territory

Lacking federal oversight, industry players in the cannabiz would have the capacity to leverage cash influxes with on-hand inventory, to expand assets like equipment and land through secured loans, and generally operate not unlike many other businesses in our economy. A secured loan is basically receiving a cash front from a lender, with a specific item/s of your inventory identified as the leverage, which is repossessed if you default on the payments for your fronted cash.

In legitimate secured transactions there is no vig, so the cost of operations also goes down. This however isn’t possible, and the continued federal prohibition of cannabis has resulted in a lack of clarity surrounding how exactly financial transactions are to be conducted around the particular type of green that contains THC.

This reality also impacts our fictional composite dealer-stealer antihero Mr. Jackerman, and his continued efforts to build upon the stacks and bands in his safe, all the while evading the watchful eye of Big Brother and the crosshairs of his adversaries.

Having recently chomped a few duffel bags worth of Benjamin Franklin-stamped blubber off an industry whale, he is now the one being hunted. Mr. Jackerman is stressed out, man, he’s on edge, his business is volatile, and as a result so has been the mood of many of the players in his game. The fact that he’s robbed quite a few of them already, some repeatedly, doesn’t help to defray his sense of crackle, the quiet rumble, the heat.

Are clips sliding in and bullets being racked? Is the pleasant ringing of a machete’s steel sliding across a whetstone accenting the dewy, dusky air of a distant farmhouse? Do we have a crew of gentlemen in black skinny suits atop black Air Force 1’s under maroon ski-masks with white grinning demonic toothy grins drawn on, black minivan outside, waiting for a text containing the address of a certain Mr. Jackerman? These are questions businesspeople should not have to ask themselves.

The Notorious BIG’s 10th Crack Commandment & Business Development

Consignment according to the Notorious BIG, the “Black Frank White”, a reference to the classic Christopher Walken film King of New York, is “strictly for live men, not for freshmen”, and if “you ain’t got the clientele, say hell no”. This is because the higher ups in the crack game, BIG asserts, will want their money whether it is snowing, sleeting, hailing, or even, you guessed it, raining. The same is true for any other business, when products are provided on net terms with payment pending at some point in the future, payment is to be received or consequences are to be experienced.

A puddle of water is parted like the Red Sea by the tire of a blacked out Mercedes G-Wagon. Four pairs of black Air Force 1s connect with the concrete, a nondescript warehouse in a nondescript dead manufacturing district lies ahead. Curiously, a pair of parallel strings of hanging lights dance erratically down an alleyway into the darkness. Steel slides across leather, unholstered our hit team is on the move, oddly enough beneath the eerily incandescent string of lights the entire way towards their target.

Essentially consignment is giving product to another retailer without receiving full payment up-front, in the hopes that they eventually pay-up. Fronts are often more expensive than cash deals, but in the black market the risk is greater. The fronter may end up without their cash as the frontee has been arrested, or otherwise indisposed of.

When it comes to cannabis, ongoing federal prohibition precludes the free exercise of secured transactions in cannabis. I believe in secured transactions from a lender’s perspective, as the terms of traditional loans can be a bit too esoteric and imaginative for my liking. Securing a loan to a tangible asset with real value is the surest way to maintain your value and to mitigate risk.

Example: Lend a construction company $50,000 to buy a $50,000 truck, with the actual physical possession and title to the truck the security on the loan. The construction company pays $30,000, defaults, and the lender takes back the $50,000 truck, keeping the $30,000 in payments. Sounds almost illegal, yeah? No stick-ups involved, and if necessary ultimately an officer of the court, often a Sheriff, can be sent to take back what’s yours. Secured transactions are snazzy, but they are irrelevant when a product is illegal.

An End to Federal Prohibition is the Only Pathway to Peace

Mr. Jackerman understands that he has a certain knack for business, an innate hustle that he could apply to other industries, industries with lesser risk. However, Mr. Jackerman would rather own his schedule, sleep until whenever, go to the gym whenever, drink exclusively out of vintage Irish-mined Waterford Lismore crystal, and have more cash than he has ideas on how to spend it, with enough time to get into whatever. Barring one’s birthing with a silver spoon and a forthcoming payout on a trust fund, this simply is not possible without great ingenuity, and/or great risk. Mr. Jackerman is wise enough to know he is not ingenious enough, and so he’s accepted that his road to riches is the great reward through great risk pathway.

The Bootleggers of the 21st Century: for as long as cannabis is federally illegal, there will be businesspeople taking such an informed risk in pursuit of profit.

Wood splintering at the hinges, a door that should have been better secured swings open with ease. Black skinny suits are coated in dust as the four filter through the door, spilling across the room towards doors and hallways, whispers of the word “clear” dropping like pins in the silence. Our entry room is empty, as is the entire structure…

The light-blue hue of a black-and-white screen flickers through crystal, prisming across Mr. Jackerman’s face, the screen showing empty rooms and gentlemen with devilish grins on their maroon ski masks searching in vain for nothing. Flicking off the screen, BIG’s 5th Crack Commandment rings in his head, “never sell no crack where you rest at”.

It is wise to maintain a separate, secret residence if one is a player with assets in the black market. The best I’ve seen in fiction is probably Pietro Savastano’s in the exceptionally fine Italian crime drama “Gomorrah”. Gustavo Fring on “Breaking Bad” had a similar setup you might recall.

Will House Bill 1937 Pass and End Texan Prohibition on Cannabis?

A recently proposed bill could result in fewer black market whales for Mr. Jackerman to harpoon when he’s feeling hungry. New Bedford, Massachusetts was once known as the “City that Lit the World” given their possession of the whaling industry at a time when whale blubber-sourced oil lit homes via lamps. As the whaling industry waned and flickered out, and much of the manufacturing in the area alongside it, the Captain Ahabs of the coastline found new occupations, but the town itself was slow to recover.

Locally the town was known to have become salty, scrappy, populated by the descendants of whalers, while the officers and captains made new lives for themselves across the bridge in Fairhaven. The foundation was set for a fine American novel, a tale of lustrous success and devolution to something else, a widening gap in wealth between members of a close-knit yet caste-like community, until Massachusetts woke up and legalized recreational cannabis.

New Bedford is now lit in an entirely different way, and is presently an on-the-rise coastal town with craft cocktails, trendy boutiques, and recreational cannabis. With cannabis comes community, and capital. Texas has recently stepped back into the dark ages in terms of women’s rights, it would be noteworthy if we simultaneously leapt into the future by establishing a recreational cannabis market.

Until next time,

Michael John Westerman, Esq.

Herban Bud Launches Blendz Disposable Vapes

AUSTIN, Texas – April 18, 2023 – Herban Bud, a premium provider of maximum strength cannabis products made from legal hemp plants, announced today the launch of its brand new disposable vape line, Blendz. The line includes three flavors, Grape Ape (indica), Super Lemon Haze (sativa), and Strawnana (hybrid) and can be purchased separately or in a bundle of three.

Blendz are created with a custom formula by Herban Bud that features the highly euphoric Delta-11 (11-hydroxy-THC), an HHC base, and 10% THCp aka the special ingredient that makes this blend so powerful and potent. Blendz Disposable Vapes are Farm Bill compliant and federally legal, and with two grams of oil in each vape, there’s plenty of juice to keep cannabis enjoyers lifted.

“Our new Blendz vapes are one of the strongest–if not the strongest–legal hemp vapes for sale on the market,” said Paul Trowe, founder of Herban Bud. “We carefully balanced our formula to create a product appealing to recreational and medicinal customers. The formula includes the growingly popular Delta 11 cannabinoid and added HHC and THCp to maximize on potency. This vape will hit you much harder than other cannabis products like Delta 9 and can also provide a stronger dose of physical relief for those looking to manage pain and promote relaxation.”

Once activated by heat, the Delta 11 (11-hydroxy-THC) cannabinoid is naturally created by the body as it breaks down Delta 9 THC. Delta-11 THC is a naturally-occurring cannabinoid within the hemp plant and not a synthetic cannabinoid. HHC (hexahydrocannabinol) is a hemp-derived cannabinoid that creates a similar body high to Delta-9 THC, but at a slightly lower potency (roughly 80% the strength of Delta-9). THCp (tetrahydrocannabiphorol) is a natural cannabinoid that bonds well with the user’s cannabinoid receptors, creating a euphoric high potentially 20 times stronger than Delta-9 THC. This vape is 10% THCp for potent physical relief and relaxation.

The new line of Blendz disposable vapes includes:

●      Blendz Single Use Vape ($39.99) – This custom blend from Herban Bud features the highly euphoric Delta-11. With the addition of gentle HHC and 10% THCp, this blend is powerful and potent. Users report a fast onset of effects, with a strong euphoric lift and a floaty body feeling.

Choose from three strains:

○      Grape Ape (Indica)

○      Super Lemon Haze (Sativa)

○      Strawnana (Hybrid)

●      Blendz Bundle ($89.99) – Each bundle includes: 1 Grape Ape (indica), 1 Super Lemon Haze (sativa), and 1 Strawnana (hybrid).

Each product is carefully formulated with the best organic hemp products available. Unlike some brands, Herban Bud never pads its products with low cost cannabinoids, and that’s why its products are some of the most effective on the market. Herban Bud has the highest standards when it comes to cannabis products and all Certificates of Analysis are publicly available. 

Herban Bud also sells gummies, pre-roll joints, and loose flower in THCa, Delta-8, HHC, THCo and THCp products. For more information on other products sold, please visit the Herban Bud website.

For more information on HHC and hemp disposable vapes, its benefits and the current research, please visit the Herban Bud blog.


Herban Bud, a premium provider of maximum strength cannabis products made from legal hemp plants based out of Austin, Texas. The cannabis company makes and sells the strongest legal edibles, vapes, and THC flower in the forms of Delta-9, Delta-8, HHC, THCo, and THCa. Legal THC products are available online, or at hundreds of distributors nationwide. The brand’s current largest markets are currently in Texas, Florida and North Carolina. Follow the brand on Instagram at @herbanbudtx or visit the blog for more information on legal cannabis. 

April Edition / Digital Issue

April Edition of the Texas Hemp Reporter covers the current state of Hemp & Cannabis while the 88th Legislature is in session. Also covered are the medical benefits from many cannabinoids. Introducing “Tejas Tonic” the new terp-boosted THC beverage from Aaron at Tejas Hemp in Dripping Springs Texas. Weed & Whiskey TV also profiled & Texas Blues Legend Chris Duarte.

Texas Hemp Day at the Capitol

The Texas Hemp Reporter attended the first ever Texas Hemp Day at the Capitol and Rachel was there for a report with activity with lawmakers. Written & Produced by Rachel Nelson.

Texas Hemp Day at the Capitol was a huge success, marking the first time that Texas’ hemp industry came together at the capitol. The event provided an opportunity for members to interact with one another, as well as state representatives and senators. The work accomplished at the capitol is expected to benefit the industry in the current legislative session.

The Texas Hemp Coalition expressed their appreciation to all those who came to Austin to show their support for the coalition and the Texas hemp industry, and looks forward to seeing them again soon.

As the 88th Texas Legislature convened on January 10, 2023, the Texas Hemp Coalition’s tenant of “advocacy” is carried out during this session as they continue to fight for the industry’s prosperity. The final day of the legislative session is May 29, 2023, and the coalition encourages industry supporters to reach out to their State Representatives and Senators to voice their concerns and support for the hemp industry in Texas.

The coalition’s federal and state legislative priorities include protecting all cannabinoids for consumable hemp products, ensuring retailers and manufacturers are protected for future cannabinoid products for the market, advancing regulatory efforts towards legalizing hemp feed as a protein for animals for human consumption, urging the FDA to regulate CBD as a dietary supplement, protecting and fighting for farmers to have a more efficient program, updating legislation to reflect changes from USDA rules, passing a 2023 Farm Bill to reflect a more industry-supported hemp program, and giving agencies the ability to update statute per the 2023 Farm Bill.

In terms of Texas legislative priorities, the coalition is supporting SB 264 by Senator Charles Perry, which relates to the production, sale, distribution, delivery, and regulation of consumable hemp products, and SB 321 by Senator Charles Perry, which relates to the production and regulation of hemp, providing administrative penalties, and creating a criminal offense.

On the federal level, the coalition is supporting H.R. 6645: The Hemp Advancement Act of 2022 by Rep. Chellie Pingree, which aims to make it easier and more profitable for U.S. farmers to grow hemp while ensuring consumers of hemp are protected against unsafe products, the Safe Banking Act by Rep. Ed Perlmutter, which would protect institutions administering financial services to all legal cannabis businesses by preventing any penalization from federal regulators, and the Hemp and Hemp Derived CBD Consumer Protection and Market Stabilization Act of 2021 by Rep. Kurt Schrader, which would ensure that hemp-derived CBD and other non-intoxicating hemp ingredients could be lawfully marketed as dietary supplements.

Overall, the Texas Hemp Coalition’s legislative efforts are focused on supporting the growth and prosperity of the hemp industry in Texas, and they are actively engaging with lawmakers and stakeholders to achieve these goals.

Podcast# 117 Clay Moore Texas A&M Hemp Breeding Program

Clay Moore: Undergraduate Researcher | Hemp Breeding 
& Genetics Cannabis Hemp Innovation League  |  Texas A&M University/

Clay talks with us about his research in this Hemp Sciences at TAMU.
He also contributes to the magazine with a few articles a month.

What is The Texas Hemp Show ?

The Texas Hemp Show is the official podcast for the Texas Hemp Reporter Magazine: The Texas Hemp Show is recorded every Thursday at from 6 -7pm and is released each Friday. For news and the latest information on the growing Hemp & Cannabis industry in the Lone Star State subscribe to our magazine the Texas Hemp Reporter online and follow us wherever podcasts are available.

Pharmacology University and ZAR Wellness have co-authored the Tim Timmons Compassionate
Care Act

HOUSTON, TX, March 5th, 2023 -Pharmacology University and ZAR Wellness is currently
contacting Texas legislators to get its medical cannabis Bill sponsored and presented during this
legislative session. Contrary to the current cannabis laws of the state of Texas, this proposal would
add the following medical conditions:
• Cancer
• AIDS and Human immunodeficiency viruses (HIV)
• Multiple Sclerosis
• Epilepsy or other seizure disorders
• Glaucoma
• Alzheimer
• Autism
• Incurable neurodegenerative diseases
• Parkinson’s Disease
• Crohn’s Disease
• Fibromyalgia
• Inflammatory Bowel Disease or Ulcerative Colitis
• Substance Use Disorder (SUD)
• Hepatitis C with debilitating nausea or intractable pain unrelieved by standard treatments or
• Anxiety disorders, including anorexia, muscle spasms, spasticity, sleep disorders, and obesity.
• Post-traumatic stress disorder

• Intractable pain, unrelieved by standard medical treatments and medications endometriosis,
traumatic brain injury, migraine headaches and tension headaches, rheumatoid arthritis,
degenerative disc disease, central pain syndrome and neuropathic pain.

“Though we are incredibly grateful to our Texas legislators for providing cannabis laws allowing
some Texas patients to be able to receive cannabis medication for their illnesses, we cannot ignore
the fact that the law in its present form is definitely not working” says Anne Graham, Legal
Counsel for Pharmacology.

The Bill also segregates the licenses into different categories, if passed the law would create four
different licenses: manufacturing, growing, research and a dispensary license. This would help
diversify the industry as it would be easier for new actors to participate in the market with a smaller

In conclusion, the Bill is filthy rich with ideas that could help millions of people/patients in the
state of Texas, create a great amount of employment, small business opportunities, involve minorities and expand medical research possibilities. It’s time for Texas to medically and scientifically lead the nation with alternative medication in an honest and reputable process, the way Texas is accustomed to be: #1 and Texans are ready for proper leadership and big change.

For more information please contact:
Dante Picazo, CEO (214) 733-0868
Anne Graham (832) 548 5857
[email protected]

Greenhouse Goodness

Are you a plant lover looking to expand your collection yet concerned about your lack of green space? Look no further than the confines of your home.  It can be equally frustrating to expand upon your love of plants especially if you don’t have a yard.   You don’t need a green thumb as long as you have the right materials, setup, and proper care, you can turn your greenhouse dreams into an indoor paradise reality.

You should first decide where you want to put your plants and how large the setup should be. 

The location of your plants should be easily accessible, and of course, the size of your setup should be based on how much space you have and how many plants you want to grow. Most houseplants need bright, indirect light, although most will be happy with a window facing East, West, or South.  If you don’t have much natural lighting in your home, you will need to buy LED Grow Bulbs for your DYI greenhouse.

Secondly, it’s important to consider the type of material you will need.

Some examples can be wood, metal, or plastic framing depending on your goal. Select the right materials for your greenhouse to ensure proper ventilation, temperature, and humidity.  Glass or plastic is a great choice of material since it allows light to pass through quite easily.  Although if you don’t want to spend time building a greenhouse, you can store them in a vitrine or even a curio cabinet that may be ideal granted, they get light and are properly hydrated. A frame is essential to the foundation of your greenhouse. You can add ventilated plastic sheeting around the frame to trap moisture.

Next, plan your layout, including placement and any other additional features, such as shelving and/or lighting. Consider your path and ventilation system to ensure your greenhouse is easy to navigate to (if it’s large) and maintains a healthy growing environment. Adding shelving to your greenhouse may be best if you decide to grow your collection further.

Lastly, hydration is key, depending on the types of plants you have.  You should install a small humidifier and fan to help hydrate your critters in case you are not available to water your plants daily.  Greenhouses can be very hot during the day, so it’s important to have a cooling system in place to regulate the temperature. You can choose to have ventilated plastic sleeves around your shelving so you can easily lift them up to let air in.  

List of supplies you may need to get started:

Cabinet or shelving (price varies)

LED Grow lights… $35-45

Humidifier (price varies)

Small Fan $10-15

Power strip $5

Humidity meter $1

Plastic Sheets (in case you decide to use a shelf with openings)

Heavy Duty Stapler to staple the plastic sheets to the wood frame

Ultimately plants can be great pals for removing toxic agents in the air through a built-in air purification system they have. The addition of plants can also improve your health and has been known to sharpen your focus if you have an office or classroom. The level of difficulty to design your greenhouse is medium to low. An indoor greenhouse can help create a warm inviting space where your plants can thrive year-round. An indoor greenhouse is a great idea if you are out of town often or if you live in an area where it freezes during the winter months. You can easily control the environment of your DYI project and start enjoying your greenhouse vibes regardless of the weather outside. But remember that if you love your plants year-round, they will love you back with their endless potential! Happy Gardening!